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I just wanted to ask everyone a question or two since my interpretation of the end is different than what seems to be the most popular opinion. While it seemed plenty obvious to me at the time, the fact that the majority of the people who finish the game think differently makes me wonder if I've missed something.

1: What are the dream creatures doing around the site of her death at the end?

2: Where's the body (or even parts thereof)?

My theory was this: http://ny-image3.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.111206859.jpg

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File: 1272667839339.jpg -(135.2 KiB, 397x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Japanese fan art seems to cast them as buddhist priests, and when you interact with the jellyfish they sound what could be a death knell. That said, you also encounter them near dead people (Shitai, for instance). Therefore, the jellyfish at the end may just be symbolism for Madotsukis death. And the blood stain conforms that Mado lost a lot of blood when she fell. If the fall caused her to lose so much blood, is it not safe to assume that she died from it?

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I'm one of the people who thinks Madotsuki is already dead and with that theory the 'death chime' jellyfish people become the silent authority of her dream world. They appear near scenes of death like a reminder and move in when she finally accepts her life and disappears. The lack of body about the bloodstain could then either be the bloodstain being symbolic of 'another passed on person' in the jellyfishes' register or that since she actually killed herself prior to the game it's the last remaining evidence of her living body after cremation and the final connecting piece in the afterlife.

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The question wasn't how much blood she lost, it's why there isn't a body or anything. It isn't there, which would seem to imply that she was still trapped in the dream world after "waking up" the last time (or maybe the entire game was a dream). Throwing herself off the balcony and falling to her "death" in the dream would have forced her to wake up, which would explain why she isn't there.

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I see it more as the death of her dream world, and maybe her body's just left the dream as she presumably does when she pinches her cheek and wakes up. Maybe it was still a dream when she jumped and she just needed to sort her mind out before she could fully leave.

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i was messing around in numbers world yesterday and thought about some things. i'm sure some other people have thought of these but here they are:

#1: numbers world represents fear of overpopulation.
madotsuki seems disconnected from society, obviously, so why wouldn't she be afraid of this? the long lines of deliriously smiling faces on the walls in numbers world reminds me of a stereotypical view of a crowd of people - all stupid and happy "herd animals". the numbers on the floor could easily be tied into the constantly exponential growth of humanity's population. the large area full of beds, too.

and of course, the stabbing room. it's impossible to navigate without killing the creatures, which is probably what madotsuki feels/felt like when she's been in a crowd trying to get somewhere. not to mention they're all blocking off a blue reservoir-looking thing. fear of losing vital resources, like fresh water, maybe?

#2: old ghosts from elementary years.
the whole layout reminds me of a school, seen through a very twisted eye. perhaps madotsuki had trouble learning the concept of numbers in itself, and felt like the overenthusiastic "happiness" of a typical classroom was mocking her. hence the strange wallpaper. there's also the stabbing room, again, which could be her "classmates", which the blue thing is the concept she's trying to understand.

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I like the first theory, which would explain why the background is the same as the foreground.

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this is just kind of a random thing, just on my mind.
when those flowery creatures are by the blood splatter after madotsuki jumps, i get the impression that madotsuki was surrounded by her dreams, even in death, or that the only thing she had was her dreams....

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maybe, maybe...
Madotsuki didn't get raped.
that all the sexaul stuff was her sexual fustration, only as we all know her mind warped it. Kyu-Kyu-kun might have been the representation of someone that she had sex with maybe a partner maybe just a one off but all the same they might of had sex. Kyu-kyu-kun embodys this as a patner who had strange sexual fetishes (i would also think that Madotsuki isn't without her own) and he or she might have been particularly creepy but it's what mado settled for. now madotsuki either eventaly agreed to have sex with him or her or they just did it. he or she whent too far with it and carried on even though madotsuki was tired and she eventauly blacked out. or she obliged to one of there fetishes and it got out of hand and he or she knocked her out.
i know it doesn't seem like that atall and i do agree with some aspects of the rape theroy but i thought i might aswell share it.

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Kyukyu-kun is a vibrator.

He wiggles in your vagina and then rubrubrubs your clit.

Just sayin'.

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rwhen you think about the effects this adds up, strange non the less.
blond hair, long/down hair, cat ears and tail
-gag- fat or jiggle effect...

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i'd buy that for a dollar

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Soooooo does this mean FACE is the most fucked up orgasm in the world?


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File: 1271488051679.png -(44.1 KiB, 480x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Here's an odd theory I've been thinking about: KIKIYAMA is a female.

Thinking about Yume Nikki, I notice certain things (Be kind now, I know a lot of these have flaws):

1.This game is pretty deep in its symbolism. wombs, staring, and groping hands seem the most prevalent while there are very little male counterparts besides kyukyu.

2.Speaking of male counterparts, there is very little focus on male characters in this game and all the male characters are more distorted looking than their female parts, like e-guy or even masada. Most female authors usually have less focus on their male characters, because they can't make a good realistic male character, just like most men cannot make realistic female characters. Women understand women, while men understand men, we sorta half-understand each-other.

3. The kind folks at uboachan! Is it just me, or are there a LOT of girls here? Women seem drawn to Yume Nikki, or perhaps they stand out more.

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KIKIYAMA is both. :V

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KIKIYAMA is a female

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naw, i'm pretty sure that kikiyama is a dude. i also am pretty sure that you're american and don't understand japanese aesthetics

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Well, don't leave me in the dark cave. Explain.

Last edited 10/06/04(Fri)04:19.

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Here's my theory.
Kasei is Mado's Mother... Perhaps her constant empathy for tragic events in Mado's life imprinted an image of her constantly crying from one eye. The foot-like image can represent some sort of terrible death she experienced. (Mado's last image of her mother was her uncovered leg in the hospital, riddled with gangrene)

After (Or before) Kasei's death, her Father (Let's call him Kyu), may have... well, raped her. This may have been a very good reason for Mado to become depressed, causing her to reason out the rape as "I'm responsible for mom dying some-how, that's why he did it" or something like that. However, if this occurred before Tasei dying, then perhaps he had a mental disorder... The constant "rub" of the metal pipe may have been something Kyu was constantly doing to pre-occupy himself. (Cleaning?)

Pic related.

Last edited 10/04/18(Sun)00:07.

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File: 1272082517691.png -(108.2 KiB, 600x610) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hey guys...
Imagine your mother in the hospital, at night-time.
There is only one doctor on duty.
He allows you to stay over-night, as your father cannot stand the sight of you.
Your mother is not weeping, her leg does all of that for her.
The leg has been consumed by gangrene, she is scheduled to be operated upon quickly; but not quickly enough.
The gangrene has progressed enough that the bacteria in her leg cause gas bubbles.
There is a large abscess above her kneecap, full of putrid blood invaded by the bacteria.
It ruptures.
You hear the beeping of the instruments signaling something has gone wrong.
Your mind goes blank as you scream for help.
The doctor comes in with a terrified look on his face.
You get out of the bed and enter her room.
The equipment is foreign and intimidating to you.
You see what has happened.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 10/04/23(Fri)21:23.

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Seeing this, it may have been that the leg has been amputated and Mado's mother has changed since then. Perhaps she got more depressed or refuses to see Mado as well. Mado may start to recognize the leg as having more of her mother's love than the woman. Despite having a diseased form, she'll still sit next to the leg and look at it.

>> No.869   [Delete]   [Edit]


>depressed or refuses to see Mado as well

Maybe she was on heavy painkiller after the amputation and got addicted to it.

>> No.1058   [Delete]   [Edit]

omg OP, that is sooooooo close to what i was going to post as a theory, i'm glad i read through it first. i was going to say though that it was poniko that was mado's mother who was mentally ill and allowed mado to be raped by her father (who isn't represented as a character per se but as the thing in the back ground after uboa). i was going to go on to say that the lack of interest that poniko shows was something that hinted towards that and that uboa is how mado saw her mom when she didn't nothing to stop it. the change in expression on uboa seems to show some confused concern. i think that maybe kyukyu could have represented her father and that FACE is how she saw her father afterwards (as opposed to being gentle and comforting as kyukyu is). there seems to be a pattern with these events where there is a transition from one extreme to another, like it was all very shocking/traumatic when it happened. i'd like to think that after the events mado was sent to a city to live far away from her family so that she wouldn't be able to tell anyone about what happened, either that or for her own protection. i always thought that masada and kasei represented the same thing or person because masada plays piano and kasei makes piano noises. maybe that was an interest of mado's but she had to leave so suddenly for a new town that he was a heartbroken wreck.
ah, that's just my crazy theories.

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File: 1273628649811.png -(433.7 KiB, 719x385) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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S'up Uboachan.
I've got a theory for you. I've already posted it on the Yume Nikki WMG page on TV Tropes, but I thought I'd share it here too.

The world has ended and Madotsuki, The Chosen One, is the last person on Earth. Now that the old world ended a new world has begun to appear, but it technically doesn't' exist yet; it's in Madotsuki's head, of course! The inhabitants of this new world, Uboa, Monoko, Masada, etc, are all manifestations of mankind's fears, evils, primal memories and emotions, etc. Kind of like the characters in Gregory Horror Show, if you've ever seen that.
Madotsuki's mission as The Messiah is to enter this world and conquer all of the horrible things inside it by collecting the Effects, which are whatever Madotsuki wishes them to be.
What's most important though is what she does with them in the Hub, or the Center of the "New World", at the end... She places the effects in the Center of the New World and they become eggs, we all know. So finally Madotsuki can go back to the Old World one last time... to leap off her building. By doing this she leaves the Old World behind, and ascends to a higher plane of existence as the God of the New World. The eggs hatch, sealing away all the demons and such in the New World, purifying it so life can begin again. The blood stain left behind doesn't represent Madotsuki dying, but instead the death of the Old World, which no longer exists.

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I like this a lot. It's a bit on the far-fetched side, but at least it's more logical than most theories tend to be.

Hell, I'd like it just for the OP picture.

>> No.956   [Delete]   [Edit]

Haha, thanks. I got the idea for the picture about a minute before I posted this and just had to make it. I thought it might make a few people laugh.

>> No.984   [Delete]   [Edit]

This is a truly awesome take on the game. Playing with that mindset puts everything in a new perspective. 10/10 Amazing.

>> No.1055   [Delete]   [Edit]

i like this. i like this theory a lot

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"No choice" here. I'm a glutton for punishment so I guess I'll put up another post before bed. I don't wanna derail that other thread so I'll put it here. Number 293 from the post this was originally extracted deleted theirs, probably having seen my amendments. I like where this is going so... here goes =3

First of all, I have a Japanese friend I confirmed this with them about the website saying there was no other purpose or meaning to the game beyond simply being exploratory. He could have meant specifically the game play, but its wording seems to strongly imply there is no backstory. Do any of you know about Ben Yahtzee? If you play 1213 with commentary he explains how he came up with all these complex ideas and symbolism. At the end though he openly admits it was all really bullshit and the imagery actually didn't even emerge in his own head till after he had actually examined the game himself. A game HE made. I think this is also the case of Yume Nikki (and a lot of games). In a way it's our own story. Sometimes our vision is unrealized by even ourselves until the product is done.

So... of my opinions regarding the rapist theories that are floating around...

Let's start with Kyukyu-kun. I can easily understand how someone can attach sexual connotations to him. When I think about all the other weird and totally ambiguous things in this game though I just can't see the relation. For everything that someone attaches a weird rape theory to there are like ten other things that serve zero purpose. Kyukyu-kun is really no more or less ambiguous, save for he's animated and stroking the railing on a staircase.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I don't think neurology matters. It certainly wasn't in kikiyama's mind when making this game, that's for sure.

There's a plethora of evidence that shows death as a theme (I think life moreso), dreams as a theme, escapism as a theme and possibly rape as a theme. Neurology and how it affects the mind of certain individuals? I see none of it.

I understand what you're saying; she could just be anti-social and depressive. You don't need to provide neurological evidence to come up with that. In fact, I agree with you that she is those two things.

However, take away the neurology and you essentially have a theory that isn't any better than mine. Possibly worse, since you aren't looking at his choice in music, sound, colors and symbolism that point to more than just anti-social and depressive feelings. Unless you're going to say Kikiyama made this game for the purpose of showing this neurological phenomenon, then by all means.

Last edited 10/06/03(Thu)08:10.

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Here we go again.

>> No.1053   [Delete]   [Edit]

how about just basic psychology in general? why do you think that it's just "neurology". if that were the case then why such detailed dream sequences? thoughts and feelings have so much to do with the way mado goes through her dreams, it's not just biologically driven.
If you want to talk about biology, then you can have this; if she had a genetic disposition to having a mental illness (such as depression or any other mood-related disorder), she still would have had something trigger the onset. (though i know this isn't always the case, it is more common with mood disorders). also, one can't simply feel loss if they never had anything to lose to begin with. i know people that are shuts ins that are happy because they simply don't like people and actually enjoy being alone. it's not something that's simply programmed into the human mind. i would like to support the theory that something else did happen to mado. what that thing is is for you guys to figure out.

first post in theories. feels good man.

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Knowing my luck, this has probably been thought of before, but I think the falling objects (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiosUkPf-yM) and the UFOs (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysHdKALbszo) are the severed heads found in the white desert, seen here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh5mS5fRjig).
I'm probably either WAY off, or like a billion people have thought of this before. Idk. :c

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>> No.1033   [Delete]   [Edit]

My only support for this is the fact that, yes, they move similarly. They're also similar in shape, if you consider that in the white desert, all you see of the face is white, and the rest of the shape is filled in with negative space.
If you look at it when it's inverted, with the black replacing the white (http://i45.tinypic.com/f20qwp.jpg), the shapes there and the shape of the falling objects are remarkably similar.

Last edited 10/05/26(Wed)18:12.

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There is definitely something to be said for this! Is the similarity between the photoinverted image and the other your idea? It's by far the most interesting thing I've ever seen on this chan!

>> No.1035   [Delete]   [Edit]

I can safely say I came to the conclusion on my own. As far as other people having thought of it already? I've no idea.

>> No.1047   [Delete]   [Edit]

I do enjoy thinking it's Yuyuko from Touhou, but that's a pretty good idea~

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File: 1275460650211.png -(63.1 KiB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Maybe the reason why Masada is stuck up on his little spaceship there is because he doesn't know how to fly it. :I

It would explain why he crashed.

Pic related.

>> No.1044   [Delete]   [Edit]

why am I laughing
But anyway. Yeah. I always thought he had trouble piloting his spaceship, what with being a cross-eyed noob who also has to find time to play the piano. Then Madotsuki comes along, distracts him with her Madotsukily ways, gtfo's to sleep, and poor Masada is too nervous now to even steer the ship away from giant planets.

That, or the semi-obvious assmption that he flies the ship by playing his piano.

>> No.1045   [Delete]   [Edit]

Which would also be cool, but I guess I like to think that Masada is the ultimate failure when I'm bored. IT WOULD MAKE SENSE. He's kind of that adorable failure that screws up everything when he doesn't meant to.

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