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Anyone ever think about the hands or other things may represent people looking for her?
She may of went to a boarding school, and she had much trouble in math, without any friend at all, really.
Then one day as she is walking out in town she is kidnapped (hence the hands in many places throughout the game, trying to grab her as she runs away) due to the fact that her parents are very rich people, and her kidnappers want money, lots of it.
her kidnappers put her in a small place (toringen) refusing to let her out,
whenever she tries to get out though, she succeeds, but soon becomes terrified. She recognizes nobodys faces, looks at a tv screen an a store and sees a murder story concerning her friends(girls from the white desert), except for the one friend that went overseas (poniko) in terror, she runs around frantically, just to be caught by her kidnappers again. At this she starts wishing she had a disguise, SOMETHING as a disguise. (many effects that merely change her appearence in the game)
so she gets locked up again, without any way out.
Isolated, locked in the room, she begins wishing for lots of things, maybe to hear her mother play the flute again, or that she could somehow find a knife that could help her get out of the place.
She wants to leave, but she cant, the door is locked, and blockaded. (which is why, when she is awake, she wont open the door and shakes her head instead, this looks more like a "I cant" gesture than "I wont")
There are people below her, when she goes onto the balcony, she tries to call out to them, but they cant hear her, close, but she cant reach them (toringen girls partying in the desert, she can see them, but not reach them). Eventually, she starts purely sleeping all the time, reality and hopes distorted in her dreams. Whenever she gathers all that she had wished for over the past time, she realizes its mere dream, that she will die if she doesent actually do something(ghost effect,ghost of her in a blood vessel stream, others call it hell maze, but I think it looks like blood vessels), it isnt real, so she drops them in the nexus, inside eggs, somewhat like her stuck in the same room. At the end of the game, the step ladder isnt there, she merely jumps over, hoping somebody will see her and catch her before she dies, because she no longer cares which way it is, there is more hope jumping than staying in that room without anything to eat or drink. The stairs were a representative of her thoughts finally climbing to that conclusion. she is caught, but still seriously injured, and taken away by an ambulance, leaving bloodstain on the street. The jellyfish for her dreams come in at the end because inside her dream world that we experienced, she is dead, never to go back to those dreams again.

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Okay, I noticed that the Nasu game isn't there when Madotsuki is dreaming.
Why do you think it's gone?
And what do you think it would have done if it was there and you played it in the dream?
I have no clue why it's gone, but maybe if you played it in the dream, it would bring you to some kind of different world.
Idk if this is in the right board. OTL.
And if something about this has been posted already tell me.

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Both video games and dreams are a method of escape for mado.

Dreaming is definately a more powerful measure, so much so that the though of playing video games altogether vanishes from her mind.

But if it was there, that might mean she would have some affinity for the character/game Nasu (his absence would suggest that she doesn't care much for the game, unless you consider the rainbow parakeet a colorful dream version of Nasu)

Instead, on her dreamworld TV, she sees an Eyeball/riceball thing, or the Kalimba. What those could represent while being on the television I'll leave to other people to interpret.

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from the evidence...

Poniko was probably Madotsuki's best friend, judging by how grand yet serene the place Poniko lives in (big pink castle with a normal girl's room inside). but take how hard it is to find Poniko's house, this may mean it was difficult for Poniko to spend time with her because she has no other friends and Poniko is a pretty, well adjusted girl with lots of things to do that involve other people that Mado never goes near. now, Madotsuki in her dream can turn off the lights; this may mean that she likes to re-enact something she used to like to do; perhaps she liked Poniko... REALLY liked Poniko, and would turn off the lights and ... do stuff.

as for Uboa ... this is where i think things get really messed up. it probably symbolizes a time when they were "having some fun" and perhaps Poniko got realllly into it. I think that Uboa's face is of ecstasy, twisted by Madotsuki's dark view overshadowing. Madotsuki's jealousy of Poniko's happiness in life had erupted to the surface and caused her to smack or punch the shit out of Poniko! Thus the befuddled/swollen/struck face Uboa makes when Mado stabs (attacks) it. The place that Mado gets transported to is endless and impossible to escape, and shows a giant creature searching the water/blood for something that it can never find. Mado's symbol of a hurt friend lies nearby, but underwater, inaccessible forever, but Mado feels powerless and alone. this may symbolize that they lived very near eachother, perhaps next door, and perhaps the reason they were friends is because they grew up together.

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._. ... oh dear, i agree...

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I like the last part of the theory, very good symbolism with Cancer.

I just can't find myself agreeing on some of the first part, but that is mainly because of my personal views on Mado's and Poniko's ages.
(I have it in my mind that Mado is a kid/young teen, and Poniko is an older teen/young adult. Then again, sometimes age doesn't factor into things.)

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I have had this idea in my head for quite some time, in fact, 2 ideas.
Both revolve around the fact there might be different "levels" of sleep, based on the fact that I have managed to go to sleep in a dream, have an internal dream there, wake up from that dream, and wake up quite some time later into the real life (or so I hope, eh?)
One of them is that the whole game, BUT the final part, was a dream. I have very little in the way of basing it on anything in the game besides the fact that the stairs at the balcony weren't there before. This also leads me to:
The second theory, based on the same idea, is that the end was a mid-phase between the dream world and the real world. Realizing that (possibly because of the stairs), and the fact that she couldn't wake herself up, she turned to jump down. This can be shown true by the 2....well, whatever those are, showing up.
By the way, I wonder if anyone's ever tried the door in that part. I wonder if 010 was the intended final version, too. Whether or not there was a good ending planned and so on......

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Well, Ive heard plenty of theories about the world ending in Yume Nikki..or that Madotsuki is insane..But, I was thinking..
Maybe Mado lives in Japan during WWII. Maybe her apartment was just barely far enough from the nuke sights that she just got poisoned. Her dreams being a side effect of the poisoning.
Maybe collecting the effects is her subconscious wanting her to get supplies so she can live, just morphed into different, fairly useless objects.
The reason she can't leave her room? Maybe a tremor knocked down a part of the ceiling infront of the door. Or maybe she's too scared to see what's happened to the rest of the world. Maybe the staircase was an illusion from the poisoning. Instead of walking off the stairs, she simply leaned over the edge of the balcony and..well. You know.
The jellyfish things could have been the last delusional thing she saw when she hit the ground.

^^; Just a theory though..I hope it makes sense.

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wow, i really like this theory! it's the first i've seen of its kind, and i can see where you're coming from and it makes sense. nice job :D

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Famicom? Colour TV?

Would be cool though, but doesn't seem plausible. Maybe it's some other kind of war or just a disaster. Like an earthquake or something.

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I'd say not WWII, but some other disaster like another poster said, with a slight difference.

She's still a hikkikomori, and instead of cutting off her access to the outside world, it has prevented the few people who still care for/visit her from seeing her, leading her to her downward spiral/BAD END.

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Random question, /t/, but how long do you think Madotsuki's been in her room prior to you starting the game? What's she been doing the whole time? She can't have been dreaming all the time before you control her, because she hasn't found any of the effects.

theories gogogo

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I think perhaps she has been grounded by her parents?

Whenever I'm sent to my room or whatever, I pass the time by sleeping. She may have reacted badly, or she was sent up there for a very serious reason, and she feels horrible about it, and attempts to drown it out with sleep? That could explain the suicide at the end, perhaps she realises her dreams are not helping, and the guilt is driving her mad? The game could take space over simply one day, perhaps even a few hours. That's how i'd imagine it anyway.

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I think she just started having these dreams.

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Okay, this has probably been theorized before, do I'll keep it short.
What if Mado killed herself under the assumption that if she did, she could be in the dream world, or someplace like it forever? Perhaps she was a shut in because she was bored with the world as it was, so when she went into her own mind and found a world specially tailoured to her thoughts and experiences she became increasingly agitated when she had to awaken to the real world again. Eventually she would have figured that there was only one way to never wake up again-- death. She took a leap of faith from her balcony in the belief that she would get to be in that world for eternity afterwards.

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I dunno man,
She woke up mighty startled when she saw FACE.

>> No.853   [Delete]   [Edit]

Wait, she did? Does she wake up differently somehow when FACE? I was too busy screaming and mashing buttons to notice it myself.

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File: 1272462773971.png -(1.5 MiB, 1000x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


She just walked out of her bed for me

Also, your idea's more popular than you may think.


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Might be worth mentioning that when you die your brain gets a huge dose of something that is probably a hallucinogen (at least, it is present when you dream iirc)

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Just writing some random thoughts on the ending and on the way this game is in general.

Why did KIKIYAMA create the ending the way he did? To get to the ending, you must go through the twelve doors and collect 24 effects. You drop them off in the nexus, leaving you only with the instructions. You pinch yourself and wake up and go out to the balcony to see something that's never been there before: Stairs. You jump and the game ends.

People say she is alive and she was still dreaming, but if this is true, why does she still refuse to go out in the end, and why does pinching the cheek not work in this case and this case alone? Madotsuki can escape any closed area by pinching her cheek in the dream world, why does it not work now?

Now as for the balcony, why did KIKIYAMA create this place? This place serves no purpose besides going into the dream world and the ending. In a way, this area is the most important place in the game that kikiyama HAD to make as this is where it all /really/ begins and ends. If kikiyama felt lazy about making another ending and wanted Mado to live all along, couldn't he just scrap the balcony altogether and make it so when you sleep, it goes to the nexus?

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File: 1274702735052.jpg -(196.5 KiB, 600x872) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Oh don't worry about the tl;dr. Get ready for this shit son (or daughter)!

>1) I feel like she could have originally died a lot of different ways depending on how you interpret the things you find in her dreams.

Um, that doesn't work out too well for me. If what you said is what kikiyama was thinking, then there was one way she died and this would be apparent throughout the entire game.

>If I'm not mistaken, the knife is one of the first effects you can find. That could make it significant. Remember how you have to stab a wall to meet Kyukyu-kun? He smiles and rubs a staircase railing. He could be a version of the man who leered down at her from her apartment staircase and eventually stabbed her with a kitchen knife. Remember that this section of her dreams is really important because it's the only time she bolts awake out of sheer terror.

There is no order to get the effects.

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Debates and arguments, intriguing points from both sides, I love you /t/! Intrigue me further!

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Where does everyone keep getting this "Dame, Muri" thing from?
I know it means something like "It's hopeless... It's useless..." or something like that, but I not only see it in fan art, but am constantly hearing it.

>> No.1077   [Delete]   [Edit]

It's what the game/Mado supposedly says when you're trying to do an action that can't be done. Like... pinching yourself when you have the Stoplight or Severed head effect on. You hear some squeaks which sound like "Dame, Muri".

p.s so TLDR, but a normal discussion on /t/ for once, to I'm enjoying this thread woo

Last edited 10/06/09(Wed)16:42.

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I only recently started playing Yume Nikki and I have a theory that I haven't seen anyone mention..
My theory is that Madotsuki has Amnesia and In a way she is affraid of her past that she has forgotten thus she doesn't want to go out of the house,because he memories might not be that pleasant and perhaps her dreams are a distorted and twisted version of her memories like Uboa could be someone that bullied her or etc[that is just an example] Poniko perhaps her friend that did something horrible like betrayed her or something..and in the end when she gathers all the effects perhaps she got all her memories back and thus did suicide because of something she did not want to face

>> No.1074   [Delete]   [Edit]

I mean I have herd a lot of theories but the one you made seems to make sense in a lot of points.
After all dreams are almost never with a straight forward meaning.They are always twisted and distorted so this theory actually does make sense......To me at least XD

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Guys, I just had a thought.

What if Madotsuki really doesn't know anything about what's in her dreams?

What if she's nothing but a NEET that just has weird dreams? And even she doesn't realize what they represent? I mean, we have dreams, but they sometimes don't really mean much, do they? I'm probly just spewing shit here. Also this is one of those "don't take it seriously" theories

pic unrelated(?)

Last edited 10/05/08(Sat)23:53.

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Yeah pretty much.

>> No.934   [Delete]   [Edit]

said that on the website right?

>> No.1056   [Delete]   [Edit]

haha. your theory would be funny if true. she wanted to start a dream journal and then couldn't remember any of her dreams to put into it so she jumped out of frustration. lol

>> No.1073   [Delete]   [Edit]

Probably true, but what fun is that?

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