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What does Sabitsuki do on her computer when she's going into flow?

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She could be playing a very strange computer game. Some immersive RPG or sorts.

She could be browsing shock sites, as she seems the type of be sickly interested in that sort of thing.

She could just be letting her mind wander while typin' up a story.

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New theory:
Sabitsuki's .flow's creator

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I am totally late to replying to this thread but I DONT GIVE A SHIT

Have you guys ever watched the anime Lain? the idea of a computer in .flow reminds me of it. If you haven't watched it, in a few episodes Lain gets wrapped up into the computer world, and soon her life becomes entwined with it. This is what i think happens to Sabitsuki.

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So she browses Tvtropes?

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Okay, here's something. I dunno if it's been said before.
I hear a lot of Madotsuki jumping because she couldn't take her dreams or something.
Maybe that's not it. Maybe she loved those worlds, and whenever she woke up she hated life. That explains why you just go back to sleep. Maybe she jumped because she believed that if she died, she could live in her dream worlds forever.
I dunno, just throwin' something out here the day that I finished the game.

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I think she does hate her life life. I actually like to think that the entire game is just her writing her suicide note and you're playing the game through her dreams in which you see the events which leads to her eventual suicide.

That's just a silly theory of mine, as there is no proof at all that she writing a suicide note, but I'd like to think of it as that.

to me, I don't think she liked her dream worlds, per se. I mean, if you think about it, even the dream world is a very lonely place. She can't talk to anyone, the creatures only gives growls and beeps and no one actively wants to interact with her, except the toriningen and they aren't nice at all.

Some people she can't even interact with, which I find even sadder because it gives me the impression that there are some things beyond her control, even in her own dream world.

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I think she hated the real world and tried to create the dream world as an escape. However, dreams are more subject to the whims of our minds than our conscious decisions; she wanted to create a world where she could be happy, but her subconscious, already damaged by whatever trauma caused her to become a shut-in, came along and started warping everything.

Maybe the effects were the tools she tried to use to change her dream world. Some of them, the ones that just change her appearance, turned out to be duds, but ultimately all of them, even the most useful one of all (the knife), are useless. No matter which effects she uses, no matter what she kills, all she has to do is exit the dream world and go back, and everything is back to the way it was.

She looked all over the dream world trying to find the effect that could allow her to regain control (finding all of the effects takes a lot of exploration and takes Madotsuki almost everywhere in the dream world), but none of them worked. She had long since abandoned the real world, and her own mind betrayed her and destroyed the last place she could escape. Thus, she felt there was nothing she could do but end it all.

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I agree with this to a point. I think that the effects themselves were motivators to get out and explore. Once she's found all of them, that's it. She's seen and gotten everything, so dreaming does nothing new and exciting for her anymore.
And once she wakes up to the banality of real life, she realizes the futility, and ultimately offs herself.

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Maybe Madotsuki committed suicide because her dreams were so fucked up she couldn't handle it anymore.

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That'd be too boring.

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For once, a different Poniko theory. =3=

Poniko was a popular girl at Madotsuki's school/neighborhood/whatever that Mado wanted to be friends with, but couldn't because she wasn't popular enough for Poniko to notice her. Mado started to become obsessed with becoming popular and befriending Poniko, but one day saw Poniko and the other popular people doing drugs or stealing or something. Poniko found Mado sneaking around before she could run away, and threatened Mado if she told anyone. Mado's then stuck between doing the right thing and telling the cops, and keeping her mouth shut to be safe from Poniko.

So, whaddya think? Sorry if it sounded stupid or something...

Last edited 10/06/27(Sun)18:50.

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okay, i know i'm not the only one wondering what the purpose of Yuki-Onna is other than getting the snow effect, and i haven't seen any speculations on her so far, and so i'd like to offer my thoughts.
My prediction is that Poniko, Yuki-Onna, and Madotsuki were all friends, and during the winter they were playing around on the ice, Madotsuki went to go see something for a bit and left them alone, and Poniko fell in the ice and died of hypothermia, and Yuki-Onna couldn't help her somehow, and then started pacing waiting for Madotsuki or someone else to help Poniko, and thats why Poniko's house is accesible through a hole in the ice world, and i think that Uboa is a destorted version of Poniko's frozen face, and the sound with uboa is Madotsuki's scream when she saw Poniko's frozen face. i also think that uboas messed-up face is the face Poniko probably made when the ice broke (distorted, of course) and the world you go to when you go close to uboa is probably a drawing Poniko made, and Madotsuki remembered it when Poniko died, but this is just a theory

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i wonder how madotsuki takes a shit or eats
does she have a kitchen. i mean she's in the room all the time
i bet she shits in a small bowl or something and tosses it out the balcony
i mean, i wonder if she has a living room beyond that door
i mean she HAS to, right?
or it's a pretty crappy apartment lol
i wonder how she pays her rent
yeah but the landlord would knock on her door or at least bust in someday
i wonder what she does if her journal runs out of pages
she'd be like "oh shit" and then
huddle in a corner of the room or something
i wonder how she handles her period
i bet she does that in a bowl and throws it out the balcony too

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She eats her shit so she won't starve.
Just kidding.
She probably goes out when it's absolutely necessary. I think there might be a hole to a kitchen on another wall or something that we can't see or enter. It's just a video game; it's up to you to decide weather or not she even poops or eats.

Last edited 10/06/24(Thu)21:37.

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Possibility 1: the doors to bathroom and kitchen are on the left side of the room, but can't be seen due to view angle.

Possibility 2: she dreams of being locked up in her room with nothing else to do other than sleep, walk to the balcony, play games and read/write her diary.

Possibility 3: Her whole life is someone's dream (in other words, never existed).

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Just a silly little theory I came up with.

KyuKyu-kun represents a lucid dreamer. Perhaps rubbing the pole is his reality check? Anyway.
When you walk up the stairs and open the door (or wake up and open your eyes, hrrrmmmmm?), you are confronted with a HOLY MOTHER FUCKER WHAT THE HELL IS THAT FFFF -99999999999999999999999999-"

FACE is the hallucination you see upon opening your eyes when sleep paralysed.

I know I could word this better but I woke up like 20 minutes ago.


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I actually like that theory a lot more than a bunch of the ones I've seen. KyuKyu COULD just be the reality check himself, since he's just kind of weird. But hhhhhh oh man. Sleep paralysis, been there done that and FACE is a lot like that.

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Theory friend made up first time he saw KyuuKyuu like about 30 minutes ago: Is that a condom? Because I could totally see that as a condom.

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File: 1276143753254.png -(19.5 KiB, 356x448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>DJ Masada
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File: 1276620706801.png -(41.5 KiB, 810x944) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

DJ Masada in da house.

Yeah i'm bored.

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That actually makes alot of sense.

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And this is the power of ass-pulling.

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What if Madotsuki isn't a hikkikomori? What if she's under home confinement (house arrest)?


Think about it. Maybe Madotsuki was jealeous of Poniko, she thought of Poniko as being a spoiled little princess, therefore the castle-like place where she lives. Then she killed her, and Uboa represents the madness and everything she had to endure for doing so (she also gets stuck on a place after touching Uboa).

Has this been discussed? Hope I'm not too late slowpoke.jpg

>> No.1143   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, that sounds like it could work, but house arrest is a bit... small-time for murder.

However, it could be attempted violence of some sort, with the whole Poniko thing in her dreams being the -desire- to finish the job.

It would be quite easy to see Mado as psychopathic murderer due to her dreams. (she dreams the dreams of a deranged individual).

Makes me wonder how the ending would fit into it, though...

Possibly the fact that she can't kill Poniko makes the world a tainted place to her, and she'd rather not live in it?

>> No.1145   [Delete]   [Edit]


Yeah, you're right.. but I really think Mado is jealeous of Poniko for some reason.

About the suicide in the end, this theory is only about Poniko/Uboa, I don't think the suicide has to do with it..

IMO, she was deeply depressed and that's why she jumped.

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Well, this is a bit of an unusual theory, but here goes.
Madotsuki is living under a fictional Totalitarian government/in a (fictional) police state. Thus explaning the eyes and a sense of being watched in dreams.

The TV is a reference to George Orwell's 1984, a telescreen, explaining the eye appearing on the screen.

And so, Mado is locked up in her room, away from the the watchful eye of The Man.

>> No.1129   [Delete]   [Edit]

That could be rather feasible, actually.
I don't have anything to add onto that, myself, though.

>> No.1133   [Delete]   [Edit]

that really..
kindda.. makes sense..

>> No.1140   [Delete]   [Edit]

hey this is really plausible actually

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