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I have a theory.

If Madotsuki is sleeping the entirety of her dreams, how did the steps to the balcony get there? She was sleeping, and the door was locked.

I propose that the steps were another dream sign, that meant she was either in another dream world.

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That is a pretty good point, unless she had them before and... I dunno. Sleepwalked to push them out there? No idea.

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The chord that plays on the keyboard in the space ship is a Dm (If you ignore the very top note. With the top note it is a Dm(#11). Dm is the vi chord of the F major scale, and is a very important scale degree.

The song Life On Mars? by Bowie is in F major.

Only logical conclusion: Masada is David Bowie.

But what does this mean for the story of the game?

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is not

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There's a thread about this in /seccom/, which includes Masada in a Jareth wig.

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Looking at the David Bowie thing though, think about it. Everyone has said Masada is like, piano-teacher.

What if it's as simple as he is a representation of a popstar/musical artist Madotsuki saw? Or a music video? Or an old black-and-white B-Movie? His ship does look awfully retro, afterall.

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*theory drank

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Aztec Rave Monkey is Madotsuki's reality check. Sort of.

He's there, to remind her that she's dreaming - since her dreams are so lucid, that's the only thing she haas to tell her what is dream and what is reality.

He appears in almost every world, so that Mado knows she's still asleep.

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Oh hey look, actual lucid dreaming technique theory : D you made me so happy with this theory, you don't even know man.

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I love you too, anon. :D

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Yume Nikki is a game about dreams. So why is there not a Carl Jung thread yet? He's one of the biggest-name psychologists when it comes to psychology involving the collective unconcious, the human subconcious, dream interpretation and cultural archetypes and symbolism.

A lot of the stuff in /t/ has looked pretty Freudian (sex, sex, sex, trauma, sex, gender, sex), so I'm going to get a couple of theories I've had involving Jung's archetypes down here, and if anyone else has any I'd love to hear them.

Yeah it's Wikipedia but for those who don't know about him here's some of Jung's stuff:

Archetypal Psychology: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archetypal_psychology
And more importantly to YN Fans, Dream interpretation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream_interpretation#Jung

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Theories about Jungs archetypes as they relate to Madotsuki.

The Shadow:
The dark sides of personality that we deny ourselves and project onto others. This could be Poniko/Uboa and/or the Toriningen, possibly even the Demon in FC World? It could even be, FACE, KyuKyu or the various vast wilderness dreamscapes.

In a more abstract sense, the Alley Demon, the Knife Effect , various monsters and even the Witch effect could be Madotsuki's shadow.

The Toriningen/Poniko really reflect this the most obviously, though.

The Animus:
Males meet the "Anima" or female/fem qualities, and females meet their "animus", which is likewise the male sorts. This could be Masada and/or the Demon, since they are most often portrayed as male. It could also be E-Man or the Midget, or Shitai.

Shitai especially could be a sort of mirror of Madotsuki's own end, but the really obvious answer would be Masada. All of the characters percieved as "Male" could fit into the various types of Animus Evolution Jung presented.

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What is the meaning of the ending in Yume Nikki?
Why did she collect all those odd things, then drop them all, and commit suicide? What is the metaphor, the hidden meaning?
Theories please!

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/t/ is here you nincompoops. 8I
now answer OP's question marks.

Last edited 10/07/16(Fri)01:16.

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Okay okay, well to answer OP's question, there is no defined meaning. It's something a lot of people speculate about (thus this board) but it may not mean anything at all. It's up to you what it means.

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I always thought of them as pieces of herself she dredges up to come to terms with herself, sort of mentally putting her shit in order before she offs herself.

That, or it's just the creator subverting game conventions; In a normal game, you'd do all that work and gain all those powers, likely dying several hundred times along the way, to get a satisfying ending to what has likely been an engaging plot. Not only does YN have no plot to speak of, but the role of all the effects is speeding you towards the only death in the game.

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Hey /t/, I'm not sure if anyone's brought up this one before, or if it's a completely stupid idea, but here it goes.

The other day in my Psychology course, we were studying mental disorders, schizophrenia included. Now, I can't pull up the information we were studying anymore (my teacher took down the powerpoint we used to study for that chapter), but something about the symptoms, and also, the art patients that suffer from schizophrenia would make, made me wonder; could Madotsuki be a schizophrenic?

How each world in her dreams seem to be so drastically different, all of them very...out there. Her lack of any sort of emotional response. Her social withdrawal. Sounds to me like a disorganized schizophrenic. Anyone have thoughts on this?

For symptoms and a bit more about disorganized schizophrenia, here's some copypasta from Google Health:

"Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that makes it difficult to tell the difference between real and unreal experiences, to think logically, to have normal emotional responses, and to behave normally in social situations.
Schizophrenia may have a variety of symptoms. Usually the illness develops slowly over months or even years.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 10/05/13(Thu)13:27.

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I've always been under the assumption that Madotsuki was schizophrenic. I mean, there are tons of theories about rape, assault, murder, even transgender surgery for crying out loud. As possible as those are, I'm not swayed by those theories in the least. The most I can believe is the car accident in which Corpse-kun and Monoko might be involved in. That, and the rest, can be explained with schizophrenia, in which nothing CAN be explained. It's all the messed up mentality of a kid.

Oh, and I saw that picture that looks like a lion (to me) in a Psych. book when I took a course in high school.

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After reading this topic, I'm pretty sure I'm schizophrenic.
I just need a new hairstyle and some nice lucid dreams, and Im all set.

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Just the beginning of it. the number stuff reminds me of the lizard men and the number world. Her names January (aka Jani) Schofield and she was born a schizophrenic. I unno it kinda makes me think :S

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Wow, this video is really interesting. If we're looking at Madotsuki as in the younger end of the spectrum of guesses about her age, a lot of this seems to fit. She's alone in her apartment, after all, kind of like how the family had to get two apartments to keep the schizophrenic child away from the normal one. Really sad, but that could be Madotsuki's situation. She also personifies numbers, which could explain why Madotsuki encounters weird creatures, they're her personifications of concepts like the ones Jani says are her friends. Maybe the effects even have something to do with that, since they're usually personified and move around.

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Vince Noir is Masada.

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And Mado is Howard. Mars-san is the Moon. Monoe is Naboo. Monoko is Bollo. Poniko is Old Gregg.

And Uboa is her mangina.

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Madotsuki is a psyker. (As the Warhammer-inclined would know, psykers are forced to view the horrors of the Warp when they go to sleep every night.)

She jumped off the balcony because she was possessed by a daemon.


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She was a Grey Warden who didn't pass the test, but still lived.

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I have a theory, and I know it's probably not what the creator intended, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Expect some rambling.

What if Madotsuki is not a Japanese girl? What if she is, for instance, an American? If she couldn't speak Japanese it would explain her inability to dream up more than sounds and numbers.

And, on top of that, it would make the trauma theories involving other characters that much more heavy. Imagine if the only people you were comfortable talking to, let alone even ABLE to talk to, were suddenly gone from your life? For instance, if Monoko got in an accident, if Monoe simply moved too far away to maintain a relationship, if Seccom overdosed ("crashed"), if Poniko was drowned, etc. Although any theories, not just these, involving these characters are equally likely in this scenario. Also, I think Poniko is also a definite non-Japanese character. Ironically, Madotsuki and Poniko are the only characters who have a "normal" room. Poniko is not black and white, which could mean she is a fresher memory, or perhaps Madotsuki connected with her the most, being both foreigners.

Either way, these characters cannot speak to her anymore and that is traumatic. For whatever reason, Madotsuki is unwilling to find new people that she can communicate with.

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That makes a ton of sense to me.

Especially considering isolation does funny things to your head whether you're awake or asleep...? If she's foreign, isolated and/or stressed, and is fairly intelligent, she doesn't necesarrily need direct external trauma to create horrifying nightmares. Your mind does all the work itself.

I speak from being in a similar though not nearly so extreme situation. You can get some really vivid dreams without even needing to really "sleep" in cases of sustained isolation.

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After a few videos, I came to realize the following:
*The background of the balcony during the "last dream" and the moment you go to end the game are the same (at least in the ones I watched)
*The TV's behavior in her room when she wakes up ready to "die" is very strange (flickers the color bars, as if possessed or UNREAL)
*The end got no siren or anything to point out she really suicided.
*The background of the balcony is always "empty", as if she's in a VERY high building.

And some other things I realized based on my "dream experience":
*Dreams of reality are real, and they are always limited by something (in this case, her room's door)
*She sees her hub EVERY time she dreams (a lucid dreamer capable of changing the tides of her dreams without ANY restriction)
*Death is the ultimate escape of the dream world. And so, by suiciding in her dream she broke free from the endless dreaming.
*Electronics always behave strange in dream world. (A DS that plays nothing other than minigames (in my case) a TV that flickers, computers with programs/games you never ever heard of, mobile devices that rings to tones you'd never use or that you never heard of, repetitive game scene, etc.)

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And so does sounds/feels death in dreams. I was stabbed in the chest in a dream about two times and I could still feel the pain on my right lung a little after I woke up, I drowned sometimes in my dream and I woke up with that very horrible feel... Dreams mostly fails to recreate reality, but when they do it is exactly as it was supposed to.

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>Electronics always behave strange in dream world. (A DS that plays nothing other than minigames (in my case) a TV that flickers, computers with programs/games you never ever heard of, mobile devices that rings to tones you'd never use or that you never heard of, repetitive game scene, etc.)

You know, that's not all that true. By saying that to yourself, you are setting that standard for yourself, so when you're in a dream, and you're not sure in you are, you might go, "Oh! I know how to check - I'll get my DS". You can see this in the movie Waking Life - which I recommend to everyone on this chan - where the guy is told to try a lightswitch (saying if he is dreaming, it won't work) to see if he's dreaming, and then he tries it and it doesn't work. Since discovering this I haven't been able to dream lucidly. Every time I realize a dream is occurring, I wake up. This might be due to the fact that I tend to want to exit my dreams (last one I had was really weird and melancholic), but I dunno

Edit: I just realized how disjointed this little rant is, but I don't feel like fixing it. It's 4 in the morning

Last edited 10/07/04(Sun)03:57.

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I said the objects behaves oddly, not that they are reliable for reality checking. And what I means of the TV is in Madotsuki's room before you go to the balcony to jump to "death". If you look at the TV, you'll notice it'll flicker for no reason.

Could anyone try checking if that Nazo game still works when the TV flickers?

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Yeah the NASU game still works.

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