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>Did you know, that you dream about people you probably saw on the street, but never met? Or maybe someone on TV in a commercial?

So maybe Madotsuki didn't know any of these people at all. For Monoko and Monoe, she saw them in a black and white movie. Same with Masada.

Poniko could have been in a scary movie, Uboa involved somehow.

Before Madotsuki's TV stopped working, she saw all these movies.

Discuss? pic not related

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There's no constant evidence of rape, I think that it's all imagined.

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I guess I worded that wrong. I meant to say how it seems that everyone seems to be obsessed with interpreting everything as rape. You'd have to have a pretty messed up mind to see most of it.

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Madotsuki was a huge fan of Earthbound, hence areas in her dreams based on Earthbound. She read about the game, and the story of the black and whit emovie that inspired Giygas and became obsessed with black and white movies, trippy videogames, and crazy theories. Then she dreamnt about it.

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Thank you. You do not need trauma to have screwy dreams.

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/t/ is that way

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I like that image.

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I don't think you like Yowwie. Just a guess.

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who's the dick that went for the power dot

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Hello, /t/, as I said in /y/ I would make a theory for this room here. I'm not sure that anyone else has said it before, but I think it's a good theory here so here it goes:

It's a small room because it shows that Mado doesn't have much happiness in her life, and there's not much happy places in the game so that also shows that she hasn't had a very happy life.. the music the guy is singing? I don't know, maybe she used to have Flute lessons and her teacher always sang as she played, she might've also had piano lessons (Seccom Masada), she might have always wanted to be a musician or always listened to alot of music.

Half the theory had to do with the room but oh well, hope you liked the theory though.

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I heard the song is a Japanese folk song, but I don't know the name.

My theory:

This is a therapist's office and Madotsuki is there because her parents are worried about her. Since she's supposedly a Hikkikomori, I'm guessing this was before she went full blown hikki and was starting to talk less and less, for some unknown reason (probably something traumatic) Her therapist suggests she takes up music and gives her a flute and teaches her a bit. Mado's parents also hire Masada to teach her piano, thinking she should express herself through music.

I didn't think of the small room.

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There's a lot of puking imagery in this game, some things seem to be throwing up what looks like blood.

I find the image of throwing up quite powerful so I'd like to make a connection here.

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They could be puking because they're, well, sick things in a hospital.

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that or it's cough syrup. Now that sounds dumb but bear with me.

Cough syrup is hallucinogenic, but drinking a lot of it causes hallucination AND puking. And believe me... the things in her dreamworld are not that far off from a bad trip on nyquill or something.

On a much more believable note, with better connection to the game... There are a ton of things eating in addition to a ton of things puking. Devour, hurl, repeat. Now I hate to go to automatic TEEN GIRL SYMBOLISM but hey, bulemia is pretty rational when you put those two pieces together.

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Cough syrup is less far fetched than you think. Drug laws are pretty tight in Japan, so when teens experiment with drugs, they're going for OTC dissociatives and deleriants, not marijuana, opiates and amphetamines. The bleak and surreal nature of the dream is closer to a DXM and DPH fueled hallucination than the effects of other kinds of drugs; most notably, the lack of speech would suggest some sort of dissociative is involved if any drug is.

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I wasn't sure about how it fit with Japanese stuff so, it's neat to hear that theory actually works! I mean lots of people talk about "DRUG THEORIES" in YN and I'm kinda like "huh this game kinda gives me dxm flashbacks"

Especially the puking )%

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I want to start

See this chipset I uploaded? it's for the world which is represented on the Nexus by a star and a crescent.

I played that world and I noticed the two props of a king and queen but I haven't found the castle (or maybe it isn't there) and I found out that as of YN 0.091b2 you can find the rainbow there.

There are a number of other props similar to the King and Queen, but they are fallen over, props for rocks and trees can be found too.

The music in this world slows down and speeds up in a cycle.

What do you think this means?

I think the two king and queen props represent Urotsuki and a boy she knew and possibly liked, and this particular dream world represented their "secret world" or something. And after a time the boy either went away or left Urotsuki but in general, absent.

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It makes sense. There's no explanation to the wallpapers except this. Since dreams are a very personal thing, I doubt anyone else would have drawn them.
Not that it bothers me, but we'd then have three artists in the fangames...

...That, or she has access to Pixiv.

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Looking for images of yourself on Pixiv is a bit... what.

Last edited 10/07/12(Mon)18:35.

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Am I the only one who thinks Uro's shirt looks a little... "butch"?

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I was thinking about the little boy you see in blue-trees world. Like the place with the painting that teleports you and stuff.

Well about that boy whos sitting on the bench I think that he was a guy who was waiting for his parents. Though his parents died in a car-crash but he didn't know that.

He was very stubborn, he knew his parents would come back, so he sat there everyday, and Urotsuki passed him on her way to school or something. When she tried to tell him that his parents are dead, he wouldn't believe it. Urotsuki sat next to him, waiting for the bus everyday. They were good friends.

Made that up as I went on. I know it sucks.

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So, Madotsuki in a closet. Any one ever thought this could symbolise her being 'Closeted' in some way?
Like a closet lesbian or something, idk.


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She feels like shit and wants to to curl up and feel better in a closet. Lots of people do it...

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>>1144 Then again, there's the DearS one...

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Anon, you don't know how happy I am for knowing that I'm not the only one who noticed it. You know, everybody is so busy speaking about Kyukyun-kun, Uboa, and all, and was this closet thing that bugged me.

Once I saw a movie in which the protagonist, as a kid, saw his mother having sex while he was hidden in a closet, and that was really bad for him because he thought that his mother was getting hurt. What if Madotsuki saw something really bad while hidden in a closet? Maybe it's stupid, but I just wondered.

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I've been toying with a theory that actually implies the complete opposite, that she's so obsessed with cock that she's disgusted by her own female body. It sort of goes against the grain; my speculation here is that she become a hikki in the first place because she was unable to act on romantic feelings due to this disgust with herself (leading her to think that a boy would be equally disgusted). Going from there, KyuKyu-kun is a representation of phallic glee, the Toriningen's dual personalities are a representation of female emotional volatility (hormonal mood swings during menstruation?) and Poniko is actually a pornographic actress from a film Madotsuki had the misfortune to watch and Uboa is the bukkake ending (the inescapable area "he" transports you to representing Madotsuki's idea that it's women's inescapable fate to be semen receptacles).

Stemming from this, I arrived at a less controversial theory that Madotsuki is disgusted by the idea of gender itself, both male and female. This can draw support from the nightmarish iterations of both sex's reproductive organs peppering her dream, and also supplies an interesting take on Masada: While other obviously human NPC's are almost certainly female, Masada is much more sexually ambiguous; his being in a spaceship might represent a desired alternative from the sexual tumult of the "world" left behind and the crash might represent this alternative's unattainability.

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haven't posted here in a while but here's a theory i haven't read about yet;
As much as i love all the rape/murder mystery theories, i thought of this. What if Mado was in a car accident and her whole world is a dream inside of her dream. what if SHE WAS IN THE HOSPITAL THE WHOLE TIME. then when she killed herself in the end, it's when her real body just died. i always thought that block world looked more like a school, but it could be a hospital. also, black and white are the dominant colors in most of her worlds. maybe she was rushed there before she lost consciousness and fell into a coma. i think that hat and scarf girl was probably someone that witnessed the accident, maybe it was her that brought mado there and then maybe she stayed there with her because she was worried and wanted to see her recover, sometimes staying there until she fell asleep (hospitals get cold!). hmmm...can't really think of anything else right now. :/

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okay the monochrome thing is my favorite part of this theory. Also, FACE could tie into that too.

Like she got DEFIBRULATED or something. However you spell that word.

The Scarfgirl thing makes a lot of sense too, even without the "sitting there watching her recover" part... sometimes a traumatized mind will make thing slow down due to adrenaline and latches onto a single thing/person and sometimes translates them weirdly(only the hat and scarf visible being a "false memory"... yay psychology!)

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thats a really great theory :B

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I was thinking. You know when you turn of the lights and leave the room in Poniko's room. but the turn on again, when you enter. Maybe she actually goes and turns them on again while your out.

But when you kill her, and turn of the lights, UBOA gos and turns on the lights.

idk, what do you guys think when the lights reset themselves?

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>But when you kill her, and turn of the lights, UBOA gos and turns on the lights.
>and turn of the lights, UBOA gos and turns on the lights.
>UBOA gos and turns on the lights.


On topic, I just realized when you kill Poniko, how does she come back?

>> No.1320   [Delete]   [Edit]


When you kill anyone in the game, how do they come back?

Last edited 10/07/21(Wed)17:28.

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I've had that dream before. it's rather frustrating.

respawn is rarely logical

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Small, insignificant theory.

There are theories of Poniko being a friend to Madotsuki, that was killed in an accident. So, Uboa could be a grayscale (simplified to two tone) photo of Poniko's mangled face, like a post-mortem photo. ALSO when you use the lightswitch there's a flash, like a camera flash.

I'm not very sure, i only started playing YN a while ago, i haven't actually encountered Uboa yet.

That was longer than expected.

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my theory is maybe Poniko had been playing around in the snow and fell in the ice and died of hypothermia, which is why you can get to her house from the snow world, and maybe Yuki-Onna was a friend of theirs that had been with Poniko at the time, and couldn't help Poniko, so she was pacing around waiting for someone to try and help, and i think Uboa is a distorted image of her face when they saw her body afterwards, and that the noise Uboa makes is the sound either Poniko made when she fell in, or Madotsuki made when she saw her friends face

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Once I saw this, I couldn't unsee.Or should I say... FACE doesn't scares me anymore.

>> No.1315   [Delete]   [Edit]

that would make sense if snow lady wasn't a YOKAI

>> No.1323   [Delete]   [Edit]


well, maybe she symbolizes the actual girl who was there!

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