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The bloodstain you see in the ending doesn't have Madotsuki in it.

It's because it's not her blood, it's symbolizing the death of the dream because she woke up!

Pic semi-related, it's people who are alive like Madotsuki.

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[nitpicking smartass]And who don't wear any pants, also like Madotsuki who, however, at least wears a skirt.[/nitpicking smartass]

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Madotsuki was a red pill.

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I see undies in the picture.

what the hell.

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I guess that's what happens when you stumble upon a group of animal-girls who live in a society which apparently attaches some sort of stigma to wearing pants. Or something.

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okay gaiz you need to bear with me for a sec k

what if liek,

all the shit in the dreams and shit

isn't ad ream

but when madotski is in her room,


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o oh isn't that.
oh man i must be doing something wrong with my life

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I'm pretty sure this theory of Mado NOT dreaming has been mentioned many times before.

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i'm pretty sure this theory isn't about mado NOT dreaming.

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Ever since my brother mentioned that Mario's cape somehow manages to stick to his feet, it's really bothered me.

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ive never seen any theories posted on the towel effect. anyone got any?

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Madotsuki got sick alot. The "towel" is just engrish and its really a blanket.

in b4 Blankie from Brave Little Toaster

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it was called a "towel" in the Japanese version too.

And that movie scared me.

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it was actually "taoru" in katakana, meaning it was the japanese spelling of the english word towel, so it could still very well be engrish.

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i have a theory that i havent seen posted anywhere yet. i think that maybe madotsuki had parents that were alchoholics and always drunk, and when they are drunk they abuse and beat her. she refuss to leave her room because she fears if she does they will hit her. since her prents are always drunk they throw up a LOT and dont clean it up, so that could be another reason she wont leave is all the vomit disgusts her. this causes all the vomiting things in her dreams. i also think that maybe her drunk father might have molested her. it could explain kyukyukun, a nice appy loking character, but is getting ready to RUBRUBRUB madotsuki, and then the happy familiar kyukyukun face turns into the terrifying FACE with hands reaching out to touch you. poniko could be a cousinor something that has nice parentsand is happy, but madotsuki is angry at her for having a nice life and wants to hurt her, hence uboa. Masada could be her older brother, was the only person in her life that cared for her. he tought her piano and would let her sleep in his bed when she got scared. but he got into drugs and started to be like his parents, and had a "crash" so madotsuki felt betrayed by her brother and would no longer even leae her room to go see him out of fear he might be like her father. maybe one night she went to her brothers room and found him high, and ran out of there and hid and cried, hence Mars-san. monoe might be a girl from school that acts like madotsukis friend one minute, then ignores her and pretends she doesnt know her the next. im not sure about monoko... well thats a theory i came up with :D

OH and the toriningen could represent adults, the crazy ones are her parents mean drunk friends and the normal ones are people like teachers at school that arent mean, but ignore her. and the flute room at the mall could be like the counselors office at school where she is frequently sent and the counselor has her play the flute to relax her.

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i meant i haddent seen anything about having abusive drunk parents. i havent seen any theorys involvig her having any living parents. and i said masada is her BROTHER. not her father. every other one talking about rape just says she was raped. it doesnt say who. i have never seen kyukyu kun to represent a rape by her FATHER. people just say rape in general. and everyone i see just says masada is a piano teacher she has a crush on. i said he is her brother.

Last edited 10/08/11(Wed)12:54.

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nehhh i dunno
Didn't everyone say that her family life was really messed up already?

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i always hear tha everyone in her family is dead for the most part 0__o

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well i guess that they'd either be dead or just very very uh
out to lunch.

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Uboa sorta looks like the scream, in that horror movie 8O

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..... doesn't everyone know that?

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File: 1277419587535.jpg -(13.7 KiB, 360x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

No, Uboa looks more like this one

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Also,another thing I was thinking about. Does anyone have any idea what Madotsuki actually writes in her diary? And I was thinking maybe the first thing she wrote down in it was the instructions to remind herself on going through her quest in the dreams. I think she planned on having those dreams and committing suicide ahead of time and that the diary was simply there to keep her sane and focused on her goals.

I for one wouldn't mind reading a well-written fanfiction filled with Madotsuki's diary entries.

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Sometimes I think she is not always writing new experiences in her diary, just keeping track of things she sees and has already seen.

That is, a great deal of what she sees is probably recurring, being an environment that has been with her for a long time now. If she really wanted to stop seeing these things, she wouldn't be trying to remember them.

But that's exactly what she's doing by going back to that diary. She's looking back on everything she's already seen and saying "yep, I saw that FACE and it stopped my dream again", as an example.

For all we know, she could be opening the diary as a form of self-punishment, a masochistic cycle of recording trauma and then refreshing her memory of those past traumas in order to continue the dream. She could be spending more time reading her past entries than writing new ones, especially since her past entries have become her entire existence at the point you begin the game.

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Or, on the other hand, maybe her experiences aren't traumatic at all, and she constantly returns to the diary because she really, really likes it.

In that case the only reason why the end happened the way that it did is because she was attempting to make the dream and all the experiences in her diary a permanent reality.

Either way, she was committing herself either to her own personal Heaven or Hell, depending on if you think she enjoys the dream.

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I kind of like the thought of a masochistic Madotsuki, gives a bit of an out look on the dreams as if she were punishing herself for something.

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I always got the impression that she drew stuff in her diary.

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Effect theory P:
Maybe Madotsuki was never actually fat during any time in her life, but she might have felt so. In my version of the game you get the fat effect from the red man in the docks. I might just be seeing him wrong, but I always thought he was tall and thin :X and he kind of seems really, really hungry. Maybe Mado felt fat and maybe a little guilty because she might eat good, maybe a little too much once in a while, and she knows there's people out there with no food, who are bone-thin, unhealthy...and she saw herself as, well, fat. The only problem I have with my theory is that I've heard in older versions you get the fat effect from the mirror in hell, but that's another guilt thing I might throw in.
And why do you think this effect is placed in the docks in the newer versions?
...pic's not really related.

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I hadn't even thought about this. There is a lot of imagery in the game that seems to be drooling or puking. Makes me think of the hospital room in the mall.
That's actually not bad. What with the place he sends you to and all.

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Uboa is anorexia nervosa? holy shit

>> No.1457   [Delete]   [Edit]

In an older version you get the fat effect from a mirror in Hell, so maybe it's just any insecurities she has, regardless of whether or not they are true.

>> No.1458   [Delete]   [Edit]

That's most likely, but...
I'm here because I think too much :9

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Theory: There are no theories.

Madotsuki never really does anything that you don't do. There aren't any scenes of her doing something that didn't come from you pressing the button. The only time that you press a button and you don't move or pick up an object seems to be the end. All the events that you don't control the interactions with have nothing to do with Mado.

She doesn't linger by any of the characters like they're friends or even recognized in any way by her unless you sit there. Ultimately, all the reactions and emotions that could possibly be connected to anything are in your own perception.

The whole thing is a dream and nothing more.

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in reality this takes more faith to believe than even the most crackpot theory.

Note that I'm not saying it's not true, but it's highly unlikely, given that humans by nature inject meaning into things without even realizing, and Kikiyama is no exception.

>> No.1442   [Delete]   [Edit]


>Ultimately, all the reactions and emotions that could possibly be connected to anything are in your own perception.

I think that's the whole point.

>> No.1443   [Delete]   [Edit]

I support this theory.

>> No.1451   [Delete]   [Edit]

So you're saying Maddysuki is going to wake up and go "man, that was one fucking weird dream?"


I support

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(Pic completely and utterly disrelated.)
Matsudoki was an orphan. Possibly an orphan who'd had a good role-model, and was a strong girl who often went her own ways. But in a flurry of foster homes and orphanedges(coughnumbersworldcough), a good personatlity and strength can only take you that far. Perhaps she was intelligent for her age, but grownups in those kinds of places tend to look down on children. It's not like kids are, y'know, actual PEOPLE. The Toriningen and their spooky way of following Matsu around until they catch her fcan represent how the grownups were smiling and saying they just wanted the best for each child, perhaps while actively chasing down those who tried to escape the grownups falsehoods. Troiningen represent grownups. The few "good" toriningen just ignore Matsudoki, whatever she does.

Also, the mall and the psychologists office: The mall is full of people that see her. They respond a little to her. But she can never, never be one of them, becuase she's an orphan. Possibly disowned by her foster parents and maybe shut into a mental home due to being violent, probably because sitting in an orohanedge teaches kids to always distrust their peers, and since she had no suitable gronwup role models, her inner self is a child. She is probably around 15-16, but everyone just treats her like she's a small child, so she can't interact with the enviroment.

The other kids are harmless, but they're becoming far too many for her to keep track of. Coming and going, coming and going, they all start to look the same~(Sheild world and the wierd casino-like blinking world)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I was sitting on Nico Nico the other day, watching Yume Nikki, and then this crazy (or not so crazy) theory popped in my head.

So like, Poniko, Monoko, Monoe and Madotsuki, were all friends, and they were having a great time and stuff. Then some creepy drug dealer was like, trying to make them try drugs and Poniko, Monoko and Monoe decided to take them.

Madotsuki was a good girl, and didn't take them, but they tried to make her take them. Monoko though was trippin out and stuff though, so she got hit by a car, and Monoe blamed it on Madotsuki (for whatever reason) and now always just smiles and walks away from Madotsuki from that day. (explaining what happens if you interact with Monoe.) Poniko though would not back down, she would always try and lure her in with that smiling face, but beneath it would be Uboa. So Madotsuki locked her self in her room from the pressure, and whenever she would gather the courage to open up the door, she would just back down again.

Soon, all of this stress went into her dreams. Dreaming about all the pain and terror from her friends, until she snapped and committed suicide.

So, what do you think? Sorry if this has been thought of before, but this was in my head, and I had to write it down.

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bump. I really like these theories.

>> No.1357   [Delete]   [Edit]


But I'll do it to amuse you.

>> No.1420   [Delete]   [Edit]

She's Japanese...because the game is Japanese...

>> No.1445   [Delete]   [Edit]

It's a theory.
Anything goes~

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