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"A girl and her friends at school have decided to start writing dream diaries just for fun (her friends are presumably the three girls found in the various dreams, the ones that have been described as "duck-girls"). However, by exploring and recording her dreams, she slowly finds more and more out about herself.
For example, there is one scene in the Wilderness; a dream, I believe (where you get the towel), in which she hears music and sees her friends having a good time, but can't join them. Also, she realizes how isolated she really is, and this isolation is symbolized by things such as the stranger on the train, a representative of all the people she sees every day but can not interact with, such as strangers on a real train.
Over time, she starts to meet very kind beings (the ones who give her effects), and after getting all 25 effects she realizes just how much more fantastic and exciting this dream world really is. As such, she decides that it is better to live forever in the world of dreams, and she enters an eternal state of slumber by killing herself."

not my theory. it was something someone gave to somebody telling them it's the plot of the game. what do you guys think?

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Honestly, my theory...is rather strange. Maybe, you could say it isn't but I just really don't know. Yume Nikki gives me a really eerie feeling (Doesn't it give everyone that?). What I'm thinking is that Mado was already dead. She wanted to be alive but she couldn't be. She was another girls nightmare. Her nightmare that she could control. I believe the whole game was a dream, and that Mado got a mind of her own towards the end. Because she couldn't come in terms with being dead already in the real world she killed herself thinking it would change something but it obviously wouldn't. Now, your going to ask 'But Nikki! How do you explain the rest of the game?!' Well I have a theory for that too. Mado, even though she was a dream DID have a life before. One were she encountered all of the characters. I'm thinking that those characters she met when she was alive banished her to the dream world (Or killed her) which explains why all of them are morphed in some evil way. Because they are evil people. The other images, are from the dreamers life. (Gender confused? Pregnant? It doesn't really matter) When their two problems collide its the end of the game and mado realizes she isn't alive anymore.

This is just my theory and I know its far-fetched but I hope you guys understand ^^.

Last edited 10/08/11(Wed)17:25.

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This doesn't make any sense. Madotsuki was dead but she wasn't, some other unexplained girl is dreaming her up because "they" banished her to the dream world? Using what, super sugoi magic powers? What do you even mean by "dream world"? And then Madotsuki kills herself because even though she's a dream, she can think and is self-aware...? I get what you're saying but...this is just ridiculous.

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No, you DON'T get what I'm saying. Or rather you don't get most of it. They as in the characters monoko, masada ect ect. I'm saying, the dreamer is dreaming of a dead girl. Mado was NEVER self aware until the end. She kills herself due to both of their problems colliding causing Mado to realize she DOESN'T want to be in this world anymore for she is dead already. Disregard the banishing thing. Also I find the 'super sugoi' thing rather offensive. Stop thinking everyone is obsessed with Japanese words.

Other than that.

Thank you for your opinion, but as I said it is far-fetched and probably impossible. Just what I took out of this.

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Okay woah, uh, yeah I pretty much got what you said. I'm saying, what you're talking about with a dream becoming self-aware and "problems colliding," whatever that means, doesn't make sense and is ridiculous. Also gomen nasai for offending you, sheesh. I wasn't insulting you, it was just a joke.

At least you realize it's far-fetched and impossible.

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Double post bump, this is just so great

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In the sewers leading to Big Red, there are a few windows in the walls. When you look through them, you briefly see simplistic drawings of grotesquely mutated bodies. I haven't seen any theories about them, and to me they're one of the most disturbing things in the game, simply because of the child-like style.

My less-warped personal theory is that Madotsuki was fascinated by horror movies as a child, and these were the very simple pencil drawings of the victims she drew. Simple theory, but it makes sense. Any other thoughts?

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I think it was just some drunk teens drawing graffiti on the walls or something.

The first one was kind and innocent, then they just kinda got more, and more, disturbing.

Still don't know why Mado was in the sewers.

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>Still don't know why Mado was in the sewers.

She might have gone exploring in some sewers before?

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>kind and innocent


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c'mon guys. we need theories on sum effects.
like towel and blonde hair and long hair and poop hair and midget and frog and all that shit.

don't look at me I got nothin.

pic unrelated (but it's a giant kyukyukun what's not to like)

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I read another theory somewhere on here that said the hair effects came from when some friends/bullies in Madotsuki's real life (represented by the toriningen in her dreams) teased Madostuki about her hair. Seemed plausible to me. It works with some of the other effects too.

"Your hair looks like shit!" = poop hair effect
"You should let it grow out like mine" = long hair effect
"You should dye it blond" = blond hair effect
"You're fat/You're short" fat and midget effects
"Your face is all pimply like a frog" = frog effect
Dunno about the towel effect though.

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File: 1282149281983.jpg -(99.3 KiB, 937x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

"Shes so sickly. That HAS to be the reason she stays home all the time." - towel effect.

Perhaps she was often referenced to as a "witch" or like she was "cold" towards others, An "ice queen" if you will, she soon was pretty much seen as a "Demon"

I think that neon is what she wanted to show the world of herself. A creative, colorful person with a vibrant imagination.
I like to think that she took her diary when she jumped, in an effort to show the world that...
Her hopes, her dreams, her most vivid nightmares.
She just wanted to make an impact...
But the world is cruel and judgmental. :<

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I say she liked dressing up in costumes and wearing wigs, using props, (perhaps even cosplaying?) maybe even wanted to be an actress when she grew up. She probably wanted to be able to be flexible in terms of being cast for movies or plays.

Normal costumes, (Witch, Demon, Yukionna, Hat and Scarf & Snowman, Cat, etc) obscure costumes, (Frog, Lamp, Neon, Stoplight, etc) normal and a weird wig, (the hair effects aside from Long) props, (Knife, Umbrella, Severed Head(?), Towel, Flute, Bicycle, etc) Flexibility (Fat, Midget, etc).

No idea, but I just see it like that more than anything else.

Shot for positive thinking

Last edited 10/08/18(Wed)12:04.

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I love you. ;~;

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stupid theory time

Lucid dreaming was Mado's self therapy. She was facing her disgusting mind and collecting what she had lost. The effects probably symbolize the things she had lost mentally, like towel is her security blanket, bike is her ability to be free and energetic, cat is the ability to be social/popular, etc etc etc. After she gets these things, she takes them and drops them in the nexus. She could either be saying 1. "I'm done now. It's time to go." or 2. "Now that everything's in place, it's time to end my life now that I am at peace." after everything has been collected.

Monoe, Monoko, Masada, Poniko/Uboa are actually pieces of herself and everything bad. Monoe was opposite of the cat effect, which is the inability to actually speak to someone without fleeing. Monoko is what Madotsuki saw herself as at times. A monster at one moment and normal the next. Masada is sort of the same as Monoe. He represents how she became a shut in. Poniko and Uboa are the things she hates and loves the most about herself.(almost like Monoko) She was pretty, had a nice room and everything seemed like a fairytale, but Uboa is how she was really a spoiled little brat that had screaming tantrums when she didn't get what she wanted and kicked people so hard they puked.

Yeah... I actually thought of that as I was typing.... coughcough

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New theory time! Okay, so this is slightly related to the theories out there about Madotsuki feeling isolation (I know, SOOO unoriginal) but it has one key difference...
Madotsuki is a total bitch.
So, what if Madotsuki is like that one girl who pushes everyone away and acts like they're beneath her which has led to her being friendless and alone which is turning her insane as she's used to being popular and stuff.
The Toriningen could be girls she was friends with before she started lashing out at them, Monoe is a girl who tried being nice to her only to be rejected, then Mado tried being her friend before realizing it was too late, Masada is a guy (maybe a teacher, i dunno lol) who Mado would always intrude on even though he wanted to be alone, and she'd always tease him about how lonely and depressed he was. Poniko was a girl at Mado's school that Mado tried to befriend, but Poniko knew who Madotsuki was and put her in her place, making her feel really shitty about herself.


>> No.1581   [Delete]   [Edit]

sounds interessting..but why she wont go out ? it doesnt make any sense to me. because everyone started to hate her...even her parent`?

>> No.1586   [Delete]   [Edit]

They might of gotten fed up of her bitchin' and sent her to her room.

Then she she uh, committed suicide.

(Sorry for adding on to your theory <:3c)

>> No.1589   [Delete]   [Edit]

That's pretty much what I was thinking anyway. Besides, I don't mind! My theories are public domain!

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I completed Yume Nikki these days... It's quite touching. Somewhere I read that Madotsuki is the poster girl for the tormented souls of our world. I tend to agree. There are lots of "Madotsukis" living among us, and during my life, I got to know two of them quite intimately. :)

However, as for what is going on in Madotsuki's head, I think that contrary to most theories, the question is not "what happened to Madotsuki", but rather "what did she do?!"

All this gore makes me think that she either did some very grave deeds (murder, even), or she is feeling genuinely at fault for something equally horrible.

Think of where you found the knife. Between two handprints, as if a person (Madotsuki) was crouching over it - in horror, guilt or both.

Also, the normal toriningen seem to be rather nice until you stab them. After seeing the room with the beds and the toriningen party, I have the impression that they may be teachers of some sort, possibly from Madotsuki's past, when "the event" happened.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Just a quick observation,

Yume Nikki has some pretty creepy music. However, I feel the game is the most frightening when there is no music.

Take for example, the 8-bit dungeon before the white desert. The music stops, everything goes black and white, and you are now incredibly creeped out. You don't know what's beyond those stairs, and part of you doesn't want to know.

Or take KyuKyu. The numbers world music is damn creepy, but when everything stops and you hear that rubbing, you know something is VERY WRONG there.

And lastly, take the lack of music in the real world. I think this is deliberate. There's no chirping, no cars beeping, nothing. RPG maker even has the sounds for chirping and stuff but KIKIYAMA did not use it. I think this can signify something ominous in the real world for Madotsuki.

What are your thoughts?

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File: 1281905012861.gif -(58 KiB, 32x32) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm a musician, and I totally agree with the whole "Silence being just as important," thing. A great example is the Medley from Abbey Road, or A Day in the Life from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. I'd also like to site Pink Floyd, but... every time I listen to Pink Floyd I... fall asleep...

>> No.1554   [Delete]   [Edit]

New theory: Madotsuki is deaf, and can only "hear" in her dreams.

>> No.1555   [Delete]   [Edit]

Which would explain why nobody talks to her.

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File: 1282451773954.jpg -(105.4 KiB, 565x711) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Holy shit, this is the biggest theory revolution of the century!!!

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I might just be crazy...but I think I have an explanaiton for the sexual things in Yume Nikki.
Maybe Madotsuki's mother, was on of those women who think men are absolutely horrible (maybe because of Madotsuki's father leaving her) and She would always tell Madotsuki that men are dangerous (which could explain while most of the people in her dreams are girls.) and so, in her dreams, she fears things like rape, and pregnancy, because of how her mother was. Thoughts?

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File: 1282170242264.png -(8935 B, 113x171) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

rapetheories seem to be incredibly common.

Though, now i am curious as to what her parents look like...


Last edited 10/08/18(Wed)15:24.

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I always thought the floating heads were Mado's parents. Mainly because there's only two, male and female.

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•For one clue Madotsuki is ambidextrious which is a sign of intellegence (she can hold the knife in both hands), also she seems clever enough to get around, figure things out and survive in a world filled with monsters even if it is just a Dream World, and next depression/suicide is known to run highly amongst teens with high intellegence. I would take this a step further and say she might even have Asperger's Syndrome,but I'm not familar enough with the syndrome myself to make a proper theory.

So...maybe she's just a smart kid with some bad problems and they show up in her dreams?

Also pic related because it shows a guy who's ambidextrious and has sharp things in his hands...so yeah.

Last edited 10/08/08(Sun)10:42.

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File: 1281410380307.png -(77.7 KiB, 347x357) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I support this theory.

>> No.1472   [Delete]   [Edit]

Alright, I have aspurgers. Let's look at the syndromes and see if they match up to Madotsuki...
People with Asperger's often display intense interests, such as my unhealthy interest in wolves.
One can say this can match up with the aztec themes that continuously appear throughout her dreams.
"The lack of demonstrated empathy is possibly the most dysfunctional aspect of Asperger syndrome. Individuals with AS experience difficulties in basic elements of social interaction, which may include a failure to develop friendships or to seek shared enjoyments or achievements with others (for example, showing others objects of interest), a lack of social or emotional reciprocity, and impaired nonverbal behaviors in areas such as eye contact, facial expression, posture, and gesture." (--Wikipedia)
It's hard to tell, but I'd say Madotsuki may have had trouble interacting with other children. This comes from the picnic in the desert, where Madotsuki cannot join the other Toriningen as they party. This could also be represented by the numerous large worlds as there are usually few to no NPC's in them.
Another symptom includes speech and children having a larger vocabulary at a younger age but that's impossible to tell from Madotsuki since she never talks.
I believe Aspurgers also includes OCD but I'm not 100% sure...
Sorry if any of that didn't make sense. It's 5 AM....

>> No.1565   [Delete]   [Edit]


i have that.

but nice theory :U i should look into this.

>> No.1568   [Delete]   [Edit]


>I like to pretend I have Assburger's Syndrome

Here,I fixed that for you

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