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I have a quick theory about Yume 2kki.
I know the games aren't made by the same people, but I'd like us all to put that aside for a second.
Madotsuki was raped when she was young (I'm going to say 15 because that looks about her age). She gave birth to Urotsuki. She gave the child up for adoption because she was too young and locked herself in her room out of shame. With that, all the weird dreams happened, but there are plenty of other theories about why she has the weird dreams and even if they ARE dreams.
Now, Urotsuki was adopted. She never met her birth Mother. She was abused by her adoptive parents, so she locked herself in her room. She dosen't go out of it for obvious reasons. And, of course, her dreams happened. The people, the locations, everything, have some similarities to Madotsuki's dreams.

OP is a newfag. Sorry for the theory that dosen't make any sense. I shouldn't be thinking up theories when I'm tired anyway.

EDIT: Fixed typo /grammar nazi

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I actually think it's a good theory. (Reminds me of the father-daughter relation in SH1 and SH3)

(Sees image) Urotsuki are you fappin' ?

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...I hate rape theories but this is actually cool.

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I had a similar theory about Sabitski being Madotsuki's Mother... It made sense while i was on crack...

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Random comment:

>She was abused by her adoptive parents, so she locked herself in her room. She dosen't go out of it for obvious reasons.

Her alternative bedroom has a lot of creepy and weird stuff on the outside corridor, so I can see her being afraid of her own house...

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Has anyone else wondered why Madotsuki feels possessed to drop all of her effects in the Nexus? One would think that in the crazy-ass world that she inhabits, one would want to hold on to such powers, for fear of what horrors might be around the corner. It seems that she has some idea of what she's doing, or like she has this all planned out. Almost everyone has theorized that the various effects are aspects of her life, so what is the significance of leaving them behind in the Nexus? The ending seems to be some sort of simplistic ritual, most likely so Madotsuki can "cleanse" herself of something; perhaps her personal flaws, or past misdeeds? Assuming this is true, then the whole dream world, including the "real" world where her room is, would probably be her personal hell, and she thought that this ritual was the only means of escape? If she were successful, then that must mean that she is either dead, and at peace, or alive and well in the actual real world.


Last edited 10/09/07(Tue)19:18.

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I'd think it would either symbolize leaving behind negative parts of her life, or, possibly, they're left as sort of farewell gifts to the people in her dreams, like Monoko, Monoe, Masada....

I don't know what I'm talking about. o3o

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this will be one of my "im completely serious" theories.
what if Mado had jumped, but, like, a flagpole or something was below her and she didnt realize it, and her shirt got caught on it, though it scratched up her back, making her blood drip on the ground far below (she was caught high up, since she hadnt gotten enough speed from falling for it to rip completely through her shirt) and thats why you see the blood on the ground. ive had this theory for a while now, but i just got around to posting it. any thoughts???

Last edited 10/09/02(Thu)19:37.

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Smells of ass


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She jumped off an ? story building and splatted. Kikiyama probably thought showing her body there would be too graphic so he just showed a bloodstain instead.

She's dead, accept it and move on.

Last edited 10/09/03(Fri)23:59.

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no, this is one of the more stupid end theroys.
she woke up finnaly, and she killed herself.
she's dead get over it.

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I have a theory to propose. I think it's entirely possible that Madotsuki is an autistic schizophrenic hikkikmori that was brutally raped by a car on drugs.

Pic somewhat related.

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File: 1282971207641.jpg -(15.3 KiB, 300x352) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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File: 1283024626475.jpg -(71.6 KiB, 800x552) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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Has anyone thought maybe that uboa was just the creator's version of the popular horror movie monster scream?
It makes sense uboa is the sound of a scream and scream even looks like uboa

Just somthing I thought about

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Does that mean that Madotsuki being unable to leave the room is like one being frightened by the movie but unable to look away? Could the fact that Uboa just stands there indicate that, since it's a movie, it can't actually harm you, unless you actually believe it / think about it too long (symbolized by Mado touching Uboa) and having nightmares about it?

...Or am I just thinking too hard about this?

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I think that might be it.

I played Clock Tower, and I'm scared to leave the room cause of that stupid bathroom scene...

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maybe Madotsuki saw the movie at Poniko's house and was too afraid to turn off the lights when she slept there that night

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idk if this has been brought up yet, but whatever.

Famicom world (Underworld) is hell. She associates it with Famicom because seriously fuck NASU and all that it stands for. Have you ever been SO pissed at a game that you feel like a volcano is exploding inside you and assaulting all your nerves? Like you're suddenly channeling the angry video game nerd? Yeah kinda like that.

Strangely, despite Oni being ogres/large imps/not-demons, the purple oni seems to be more of a devil. His house is full of file cabinets, has something akin to a lobby, and he can teleport to the Underworld.

The Oni could represent someone she knew and thought cruel enough to consider a devil; it could be something as benign as an asshole brother who affectionately ruins her life (as evidence by the whole "house" thing and the gentle, childlike music that plays in his room), or some druggie/delinquent.

Since the demon teleports her out of the Underworld if she talks to him, he could be quite fond of her, or has previously pulled her out of a hellish period in her life.

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I like office theory.
Now... Someone take an old Dilbert comic plot and replace everything with YN references
hit with bricks.

I thought of the demon's room as more of a temple or an altar, and it has the nicest music in that area apart from that small area when you walk into the house. Maybe it's someone who gave Mado the Famicom or gave her a copy of some Mother type game or RPG. And then something terrible happened so Mado never touches the Mother game anymore because it reminds her of him (hence all you play is Nasu).

Last edited 10/08/31(Tue)22:26.

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File: 1283438922415.png -(102.4 KiB, 640x199) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

now look what you made me do

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File: 1283439017430.png -(120.8 KiB, 640x199) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Those comics

I must save them.

Say, maybe the whole journey of entering the famicom house and navigating the scary insides until you get to demon is a kind of metaphor? happy times, bad shit happens, and sometimes REALLY bad shit happens and then stuff finally does gets better but it never seems as good as the stuff in the past due to nostalgia and what happened before things got better etc. That fits the music in those scenes rather well...

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I has a theory. Howay fo me.

Mado is a good girl, think about it.

She could have done something bad (who knows what), And she felt absolutely horrible about it, so she kept it a secret. But of corse, her parents found out about the anonymous bad deed and ground her for it. After this, Mado tried extra hard to be a good girl. Obviously she was not aloud to go out of her room even if she wanted to. Every time she would go to the near the door, she would think "No, i cant, im a good girl!". Her parents may have turned off the tv for obvious reasons.

This is not really a theory about what she sees in her dreams, sorry

Pic semi-related

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That was kinda like that other's person theory, but instead she was a total bitch.

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I, personally, think it'd be less of a 'grounded' thing, and more of a 'shut herself away from everything as a means to punish herself' kind of thing. Not a huge difference, but one's self-inflicted, so.

I also think that the theory, if worded a bit better, could be entirely plausible. I'm sure there are people out there who have done something so bad or sinister that they just want to try and forget about it by changing their lifestyle, but then failing, so they resort to suicide.

Now, assuming that's what happened, the question is, what could a young girl do that was so bad, the guilt caused her to kill herself?

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So has anyone thought of how Kamakurako pertains to anything? She kind of seems completely random. Things that are probably significant:

  • She stops sleeping and shakes (possibly from fear) when you use the Cat effect.
  • Is found in an igloo in the Snow World, making me wonder if there are any connections to the Pastel Shoals world or that she serves as some link between Madotsuki and Poniko.


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i think shes a younger version of madotsuki that represents her before shit happened.
she's madosukis past personailty and belifes, there still a part of her though essentaily sleeping, Madosuki would like to belive in them but she's seen too much and knows better.
she's pressed her past self back into a baron place, and even when you try to get it's attention it doesn't fully respond even cowars, becuse of it's conflict between what madosuki knows and what she would like to know, like she's subcontiously repressing it even though she's trying to get it's attention.

overblown theory done

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Basically this.

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File: 1283212920223.jpg -(24.5 KiB, 548x451) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

She's the hat and scarf girl. She's dreaming and wandering around the dream world. Girl in igloo is asleep, astral projecting herself with matching hat and scarf that would seem to fit the igloo setting.

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Snow = winter, winter + sleep implies hibernation.

Hibernation is a state of stasis, the processes of life put on hold. Overall, it might reflect Mado's view of herself- because she's a hikikomori, her life is figuratively "on hold" while she dreams in her room, shut away from the world. Her current situation bears similarities (pun not intended) to a hibernating animal.

Snow world represents the world outside from her point of view- cold and lonely. The only place of safety is in the igloo (her room.)

I don't really have anything to say about the cat.

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Hi this is my first time posting in an image board like this, forgive me if this is shit.

I think that maybe, maybe, Madotsuki's life was sheltered. Surely if she started out normal to begin with she would know full well that there are plenty of men and women. However, we only see girls apart from a dead man and Masada-sensei.

I was thinking that she could actually be a rich girl with a father that was too busy working and a mother who was pregnant when she hid herself away. The mother also would not have time for her, for the mother was too busy gossiping and being a trophy wife with other trophy wives.

Insert Madotsuki, who was practically raised to be a hikikomori, having all she ever wanted if she just asked of it. However, the lack of social interaction as a child meant she felt comfort in being alone with things that entertained her for hours (NASU, and the lack of cable). Also explains how she can just not go to school and be fine.

Perhaps, the other girls were Mado's Mother's Friends' daughters. Feeling they would get together more, Poniko with her enjoyment for the macabre and the frightening used to frighted Mado with masks in the dark when they slept over at Poniko's house. As for the two girls (5 armed one and the other one, forgot names) they could possibly be sisters, one having gotten in an accident of some sort and mutilating her. The other one might've blamed Mado for this, that's why you gotta kill a man to see her.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Okay so I have two theories that have nothing to do with each other.

THEORY #1: What if someone caught her? The blood at the end was not hers, but the blood of the person who saved her. Because they...Died when she fell on them or something. IDK.

THEORY #2: I have no idea how to word this so bear with me. She THOUGHT she was dreaming the whole time. She thought the "real" world was also part of her dream. And she did not like being in this dream. So, she decided that commiting suicide would "wake her up." BUT SHE WAS WRONG!-shot-

...I'm not very good at this theory thing.

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your picture made me laugh.

At the first one, I think that's mostly based on hope.
Second one... heard it.

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