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I can explain EVERYTHING in the game.
THEORY: _____ are cool, so they put them in a video-game.

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shklee or shklim.

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english motherfucker

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It is English. Maybe try Googling it?

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So I had a theory pop in to my head today that made sense.

What if Madotsuki's mom died when she was little, leaving her with only her father? With no more female influence on her life, she became more and more like a boy and less like a girl.

She is torn inside between being a girl or a boy, as her mind believes she is a male when her body is the opposite. She has no idea just what she wants to be or should be, and her mind is jumbled between wrong and right.

The penis and vagina symbolism illustrates her inner struggle to find a gender for herself. Note that in game, she doesn't hesitate to use both bathrooms - she'll enter and use both the male and female bathrooms.

Perhaps as she was struggling to figure out who she truly wanted to be, her father died in a car crash (Resulting in Shitai) that left her with absolutely no influence on her confused sexuality. After his death, she became a shut-in because she feared that nobody else would understand the conflict inside her mind.

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She could have female friends or teachers, right?

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Forgive me for still not knowing how to directly reply to posts.


I'm not going to say it works that way for everyone, but it happened to work that way in my life, at least. My mother didn't die, but as a young child (elementary school age) I spent more time around other girls than boys. As a result of this, I became a 'girly-girl' to fit in.
As I grew older, my close female friends moved away or fell in with other crowds I did not. I hung out around the guy I'd known in preschool after we were reunited in middle school, and it led to me becoming more of a tomboy. I'm still a rough blend of both, my tomboyish tendencies still being the majority. I have a few female friends and teachers, my mother, etc, but it doesn't offer too much healp.

In the way I was theoretically talking about Madotsuki, I meant that she did not have too many female friends. If all of the few outwardly female characters (Kamakurako, Mafurako, Poniko, Monoko, and Monoe) were her friends, that's still not accounting for much. If she was indeed friends with these girls, then she may have not taken after them. The most common theory with Madotsuki is that she is a loner after all.

Last edited 10/11/10(Wed)14:37.

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>few outwardly female characters
>female characters

You best be joking

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That's 5 characters I've listed, unless you count Masada as female, which I do not. The other characters that don't take a specific gendered form (Like Uboa, Mars-san/Tasei, Kyukyu-kun, Masada, etc) can be interpreted as whatever you want to believe, as that's pretty much the point of theories, is it not?

You see the game how you wish. As will I.
That's the beauty of there being no official personalities or characterization. It's up to the player.

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I think Masada may not have been a drug addict that "crashed", but I think another possibility is that he could have been mentally retarded. The piano could be explained by him being a savant, and the ship crashing could have been that it was starting to kill him, or maybe some other illness was killing him. Madotsuki was probably close enough to him to sleep in his bed, but there could be a million explanations for that.

I forgot if this theory has already been said or not, probably has and I don't remember it. orz

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I don't even get why everyone is assuming Madotsuki is the victim here, or even that something sexual happened. :T

For all we know MADO could be the rapist here.

But then again, it's all based on how each individual interprets it.

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mado rapes seccom?

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Somehow, this seems more likely...

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Okay, so I've been thinking about YN theories after I saw a weird dream. In the dream I was basically Madotsuki and I was exploring my dream world.

I believe Kikiyama made the game vaguely symbolic in a way that everyone interprets differently. YN doesn't have one theory that's the 'correct' one, everyone has their own theories and those theories are the real ones to those people.
Everyone gets individual meanings and stories from the game.

In following posts, I'm going to explain how I see certain things in YN. I realize that they are my personal opinions and views, but I thought I might as well post them. Hell, someone might find them interesting. Here we go.

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Needs more penis

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Madotsuki PENIS because her PENIS and that's the reason for PENIS too. PENIS however didn't PENIS so Madotsuki felt really PENIS about it. That would explain PENIS too if you just PENIS it enough.


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now it needs more rape

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I like this theory, I can relate to a lot of the opinions here, I still think the kyukyu-kun and FACE represnts rape, but that came from first impressions rather than browsing /t/ I mean yeh I'm a fan of Freud but not everything equals penis.
Although to me the mall meant her memorys of her life before she became a shut-in, It's hard to paint a picture of what her life must have been like from her dreams, I always saw Masada as her father, who probably left her at an early age, which is why he seems like the most approachable but somehow distant of the characters in her dreams, I'm not certain if there is a mother figure anywhere in there, maybe the famicom house person? That could of been a house she lived in in her past but it's very likely none of the people or events have real meaning and were put there to cause popularity by prevocking lots of discussion and a wide variety of subjective interpretations, sort of like the brief case in pulp fiction, there is most likely no real reason for any of it

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I have some theories concerning .flow.

One really, but it has several parts.
You know that girl that appears after you press a key in the "intro"? No one's ever really made any assumptions or theories about who or what she is or represents, so here's my 2 cents on the issue.
First off, the girl I'm talking about is displayed in picture 1. She all scratched up and deformed, so it's hard to tell, but it's a girl for sure. Some people might say that's some random girl, but being one
of the first things the player sees, I believe she holds much significance then players think. This girl also appears on the beta title screen. The one shown in picture 2. This is like the title screen used
in version 0.01 (ver0.00? the first version) but the one actually USED was an inverted version of this one. This version of the title screen more clearly reveals the girl in the title screen. She also
appears in the title screen currently being used, though she's much less visible and looks more like a face and arms with the clothing and hair blacked out.
I think she's the same girl from picture 1 because they have similar hair and features. Who is this girl?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 10/10/16(Sat)16:28.

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File: 1287549308113.png -(1955 B, 100x150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

OP here.
I've never really come up with any GOOD theories for the kaibutu. I just went with someone else thinking they're other people Sabitsuki gets into flamewars with online. But you gotta admit; there seems to be more to them than just that. Just like how the Toriningen had their own picnic in the desert, there's something about the kaibutu... how they just gang up on your while you have to run alone... that's just my perspective though. I'd be interested to hear more people's thoughts on these odd little... children.
I've heard people say that she's supposedly playing an odd game... but they've never mentioned that it could be Yume Nikki. That would... kinda make sense maybe. And be more then a little ironic.

I noticed that sprite's hair was similar to the NPC who gives you the Watering can and Ghost effects... and noticed... they're the same sprite! Except for the ones that are used in-game are ghosts, not people. And Urotsuki and Sabitsuki are the only Yume Nikki characters with brown shoes, so... who else could it be? Maybe them being ghosts is how Sabitsuki sees herself in some years: dead? Also the bottom right sprite was done by me. What's scary is all I did was lighten the shirt and add some white for a skirt and viola: Sabitsuki's outfit...

Last edited 10/10/19(Tue)21:36.

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When I saw her in the files and noticed the similarity to Hanako (the ghost girl), I figured she could be a sister. Maybe, possibly. She could be Sabi from a time way back when. Its definitely something to wonder about considering the fact that she isn't in the image files of the game after version 3-4.

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File: 1287772149637.png -(34.8 KiB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I personally prefer to think that the intro screen girl is someone who's close to Sabitsuki. Namely, Oreko.
Oreko seems to be of some significance to Sabi, considering how you encounter her several times in different situations.
Then again... Oreko could just be a tool to freak you out, a meaningless character just meant to invoke thoughts.

I guess that we'll finally know when 1.0 is released!

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Maybe it is Oreko, and she wears the helmet because she haves the same disease as Sabi

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Okay i've got it. Maybe KyunKyun-kun was Madotsuki's dad o3o had a bright and colorful personality, rubbed her head often, had a penis. Get what i'm saying??? ;D

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posting on old thread wut.
I agree with this theory >:c

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where did the stairs come from?

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the fuck?

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two guys climb up the building with a pully system
Chuck: Alright, Jeff, lets set up the ramp, right here.
Jeff: Ummm, are you sure this is a good idea?
Chuck: Yeah I'm sure! you worry too much.
Chuck and Jeff reach the bottom of the building
Chuck: See, that went just peachy....
Madotsuki splatters on the pavement in front of them
Chuck: oh.....
Jeff: Just peachy, eh...
Chuck: Well, thats what happens when you take up a job setting up ramps in random locations.
laughter from audience
roll credits

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This is the best, most logical theory ever.

>> No.1960   [Delete]   [Edit]

I like to think that they suddenly appear, as an aid to the player, so he knows what to do next, without spoiling the ending beforehand.

Because if the stairs were there the whole game as an unusable object, how would you know the stairs are suddenly usable?
Or if the stairs were never there, how would you know that you had to jump?

And what would be the point of letting you jump since the beginning of the game?

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This explains in my opinion why she ended up ending herself.

My theorie is that she was in the middle of a war. The reason she wouldnt go outside was because there were either soldiers, or disconfigured bodies outside. So she hid in her room for days and days and days, afraid of whats outside.

In her dreams, she saw the horrors that were around when she was awake. Disconfigured bodies, dead freinds and family, people dieing in front of her (The knife effect), women and children being raped and kid-napped (The fetuses and such) and others. Her other dreams are her thinking of her past life, before the war, as its the only way she can become happy anymore.
Her TV doenst work because the TV stations have been shut down by the military.

But her mind becomes corrupted with thoughts of the war, and the hatred, and the murder. Every day she has a choice to walk outside and look around, but all she sees the sky, because thats all she wants to see. She has gone insane.

She begins to take out her anger on people she loved in her dreams. The knife signifies how she rips and kills people, and the other affects are things she saw when she was outside in the war, and some are even her past memories (Getting her hair done, ect ect...)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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yeah ! where's the rape ?

>> No.1872   [Delete]   [Edit]

Same as my theory, except I think it references Hiroshima and Nagasaki (the jellyfish look like mushroom clouds, the part of white desert with two monochrome fires etc.).

>> No.1874   [Delete]   [Edit]


>women and children being raped and kid-napped

there's still some rape, guys!

>> No.1911   [Delete]   [Edit]
>My theorie is that she was in the middle of a war.

lol WOW

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Alright, so this probably means nothing, but, today, I was exploring around Puddle/ Lamp world, and it hit me: Madotsuki does not have a reflection in the puddles.

Now that this has been brought up, /t/, what do you think?

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no shadows are cool so they put them in a video game

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It's just like seeing letters in books; you usually can't see them in dreams or they are distorted.

>> No.1942   [Delete]   [Edit]

In all my dreams I can see text clearly, I either just can't get the chance to read it all or I never can remember what it said.

>> No.1946   [Delete]   [Edit]

It's basically an occurrence where you are convinced that there is text in a certain place, despite the fact you are not aware of what the text says.

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