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1) The reason Masada lives in a spaceship is because he has some relationship with monoe or/and monoko and her deformities. Either he left on a whim or was forced to but it was most likely the cause of his banishment.

2) Maybe the root of Madotsuki's resistance towards going outside is caused by something that happened with some of the characters before, and her dreams have either twisted what actually happened or are what she thinks happened. Either way she she's forcing herself to stay inside for her own safety, and so she won't be able to witness things like that again.

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Been discussed before, OP. Especially the second one.

"A" for effort, though.

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Seeing as how Uboa girl and that chink on the sewer (Don't remember what's their name) are the only thing that resembles a human in the Dream World, could we saffely assume that they were Madotsuki's only friends?

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Doesn't explain Masada really.

And it's Poniko dumbass.

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well masada might be related with one of the girls (if not more than one) in another way besides madotsuki's friend. He doesn't have to be a loner

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OP has a hard time remembering things and articulating thoughts.

He's also a dumbass.

Let's all feel sorry for him.

But as for the threory, if they were her friends, then why would she be such a shut-in? Wouldn't she go out more? That is, unless something happened to them, but that's been done to death.

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GTFO right now

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there seems to be a couple references to severed heas and deformity. Perhaps she could have been desformed (explaining the effects) and her parents didn't accept her, so in desperation she cut off their heads?
Not sure if this is a good theory.

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>Not sure if this is a good theory.

It isn't. It's fucking stupid.

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This is stupid

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Have you guys ever seen the severed male and female heads in the white dessert? That and how the dream-denizens react to the knife may mean something.
However, I don't think Madotsuki was deformed... I just don't think it makes sense, as there is so much other stuff in the dreamworld that isn't explained by that alone.

But don't be all childish because a theory has no rape, okay?

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...And thought that maybe Yume Nikki is a darkfic. All the magical creatures in the town are BOUND to scare at least some kids. Madotsuki moved in, spotted a few, and blew it out of proportion. The neighborhood children were kind enough to tell her that the whole town was full of them, and they wouldn't harm her. To Madotsuki, "not harmful" is just another way to say "scary and motionless". They tell her to at least think of coming out again and that they'll always play with her when she's ready.

She gets nightmares, and her diary is the only thing keeping her sane. Toward the end, there are 2 possible explanations:

  1. She decides they aren't so scary, after all, and jumps down her balcony and is caught by Totoro himself before they all go play and have fun. The blood stain at the end isn't really blood, but a red key that represents her finally leaving her room. The jellyfish represent them helping her become brave and outgoing.
  2. She decides they're even worse and scarier than she thought at first, and believes she can't even hide from them in the privacy of her bedroom. She decides to just kill herself and end it all. The jellyfish at the end represent how they caused her demise.


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Monoko had epilepsy. Flash a light and she drools, cries. The hands, the belly are a metaphor for convulsions and "knotted stomach."

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I put that up to the mechanical impracticality of flashing the stoplight effect whilst having to interact with her, since you can't do both at the same time. Moreover it's not the stoplight itself but the idea of flashing colours.

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I prefer my theory that the creature you kill to get to Monoe is Monoko and Monoe's dad, who told them not to play outside because of nearby roadwork, and killing him to get to her was Mado disregarding what he said, and going outside to play anyway, Monoe stared blankly out the window at what happened, she knew what would happen to them and prepared for the worst, that was her way of saying goodbye.

Also there is a sewer because we all have a place in our mind were we put all our filthy thoughts.

Last edited 10/11/22(Mon)19:01.

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what the fuck?

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What does Dave Spector have to do with this?

Also, red lights hurt people, so I approve of OP's theory.

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Theory: The way you interpret Yume Nikki says more about YOU than it does about Madotsuki.

If so, what would this say about the majority of Uboachan, based on popular theories?

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irl uboachan is compromised of only one person who posts as different users and pretends he's a big community so he can lavish in the game

i feel bad for myself now, there there

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Odd, you seem to not be putting it in every field, but substituting your stupid fucking trip and missing the subject field entirely.


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Well if it helps I'm a morbid kid who thinks of torture and rape on a daily basis.

I think Yume Nikki is a lot more than just 'she got raped' though, but that's just imo.

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Gosh, it's hard to read. Save as PNG next time.

I was thinking maybe this was some adult or at least older friend (from high school, maybe?) of Urotsuki who got pregnant. She started giving birth in the middle of the street right in front of Uro, and stuff went wrong. They didn't get her to the hospital in time.
...Or something orz

But it being Urotsuki's mother makes sense too. The fact that under some conditions the baby gets bigger and seems to hurt the mother, maybe Urotsuki thinks she's a bad thing for her mother. Maybe Urotsuki was an unwanted pregnancy... I usually hate these theories, but since I got this far, maybe rape.

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>Save as PNG next time.

Better idea: Don't use size 8 font in a picture.

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If you enter the right side of the tunnel in the white desert (the one one the loop road) you find one long, strait path. At the end is a small tunnel/room that leads to nowhere. When you enter, you see 1 of 2 different severed heads flying around in the background (one male, one female both seemingly mid-aged.) But as soon as you exit, they disappear. These could symbolized Madotsuki's dead parents and her unwillingness to face/accept their deaths. Thoughts?

Last edited 10/11/13(Sat)15:03.

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I always thought that area was about bombings, because before you get there, you see two fires in the background, and then where you describing could be Mado's representation of people being blown to pieces.
Actually, that building looks a little like a bomb shelter to me now.
Also... White DESSERT? Lol.

Last edited 10/11/12(Fri)13:42.

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oh. Hm. I guess that makes sense. (And I fixed "desert" hah)

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They're Izuma's head, yo

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idunno about you guys but i think this guy just threw a bunch of demented random shit together and thinks its funny we think theres meaning to it

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Trolls are Gay.

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guys i think he's serious business

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baka theory: i think the reason we haven't gotten any new updates from the sensei is because he's dead irl

what was the latest anyone's heard from him

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Unless there's someone faking him, I'm pretty sure he's still alive. Because he still replies to e-mails. Well, at least he still did back in April. He said he's still working on Yume Nikki, but very slowly.
Anyone that can japanese/google translate can try talking to him. The address is tk-mto@mx3.nns.ne.jp (it was in the original readme of Yume Nikki) Just don't spam him too much~

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this will be not saged because






also sage lol i got you

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