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I was telling my brother about Yume Nikki, and,

he thinks Uboa could be a 'demonic face'.
(But if 'he' was, wouldn't 'he' be everywhere? I don't know much about this.)

He thinks that Madotsuki is being haunted, and that's why she killed herself.

...As you can see, my brother has an obsession with ghosts.

I don't even know if this is old news or not, but knowing my luck, it probably is.

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Something like that has been done before, though I don't think it was a theory so much as it was a random fanfic.

I doubt this one though. Personaly, I think Uboa and Poniko are one in the same, and are just part of Madotsuki's nightmares and nothing more.

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Yeah, I have to agree with you on that one.

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What's up with that world and the bathroom in the end?

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Madotsuki can take a shit in her dreams.

What? I have dreams like that too.

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It was Diarrhea World.

She always took a shit in diarrhea world.

She got it from the fast food thing-o-ma-jig-ohs in the Mall.

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Well, didn't know if I'd post this on here or on /yn/ but yea...
Still needs works, but shows potential


BTW: Pic totally not related

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....You really pronounce Madotsuki like that..?
It's not "Mado-TSU-Key"? The "tsu" is just "ts"?
Are the other fangame's characters (sabitsuki, urotsuki, ect) like this too? (so it'd be like Sah-BEE-tski)? (I put emphasis on the "bi" in "sabitsuki" because.. that's how び is pronounced, right..?)
Yes yes I know I'm a japanese n00b...

Last edited 10/12/29(Wed)23:39.

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I don't know, sometimes, when a native japanese speaker pronounces certain words, some things get muted. like when they say desu, it sounds like des, and Sasuke sounds like Sas-kay. Satsuki..in the japanese version of totoro I believe the name was pronounced differently. In the english it was "Sat Soo Kee" and in japanese Sats-ki.. But it doesnt seem right in the case of madotsuki..

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  1. I don't have a wikia account, plus, there's a lot of reverting to be done, he edited almost every page, it'd be easier and more accurate to recreate the wikia.
  2. It's not like I made this thread and bitched about it, I just posted an enraged comment.


From what I understand, an English speaker would say Mah-dot-ski or Mah-doh-ski ("tsuk" or "suk" is always pronounced like "sk" in both Japanese and English), whereas a Japanese speaker would say Ma-doht-ski or Ma-doht-tski.

As for fancharacters, I beleive it's Sah-bit-ski (English) and Sa-beet-ski (Japanese); Ur-rot-ski and Ur-roht-ski.

I think it'd be more correct saying it the Japanese way, seeing as the games are from Japan.

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You don't need a wikia account. I remember changing the shitastic Mado is Trans theory because the one who wrote it was an idiot that knew absolutely nothing. I didn't have to sign up for anything, and whenever I go there, to see if people have changed the theory, the page has its theories in one place, atleast theories regarding Mado are in one single place.

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She's asian, of course her eyes look closed O:.

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I think miss-otaku is my mom '-' oh my god.

>> No.2154   [Delete]   [Edit]

I honestly think that her eyes are shut simply because it shows less emotion, and makes the game more eerie because of it.

>> No.2163   [Delete]   [Edit]


Eye glue, motherfucker.

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Can we get back on topic?

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I do not know much about sleep and dreaming (I tried looking it up, but I got confused), but I heard that the restorative stage of sleep is dreamless. Mado almost always dreams when she rest, which would mean she doesn't sleep well. The reason why Mado's eyes appear closed is because she's absolutely exhausted; she's so tired that she just wants to sleep all the time and actually dreams of sleeping. The cause of her poor sleep could be a deep depression, illness, etc. (I remember having weird nightmares when I was last sick. Maybe Mado caught something?)

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Almost every theory sound wise and easily possible, I can change my mind between theories just by reading a new theory. Every theory sounds wise if you believe in them.

I don't even believe that the maker of this game even tried to make any story in it. To me, he just put random abstract-stuff around.

Of course it's fun to play with theories, but to me, any of this doesn't actually make much sense.


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A realistic game with no story is the easiest thing ever. A city by a shore, the character runs around there, and your done.

With a surrealistic game, you have to have an idea for everything. Sure, you can just sketch something up, slap in the game, and just be over with it, but in a realistic game you can pretty much slew together some buildings, a street, some grass, and you've finished everything.

>> No.2173   [Delete]   [Edit]

In realistic game, you need knowledge of buildings and their structures. And you have to be wise so you can put everything in correct places and that they look good. In surrealistic game, all you need to do is draw JUST SOMETHING. You don't need any inspiration or knowledge.

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File: 1292876414374.jpg -(111 KiB, 1008x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


If you mean architecture, it can be just a surreal as anything.

You an just look outside, see some good architecture, and integrate it into your game. Sure, that's still inspiration, but take, for example, Takofuusen. You've probably seen that other thread about TRAP syndrome, and how Takofuusen looks like one of those babies. That's more inspiration needed for something as simple as a doodle.

Realism isn't any harder to make than surrealism, everything needs some sort of stucture and inspiration.

EDIT: Pic not related, I threw it in there by accident, I guess.

Last edited 10/12/20(Mon)12:21.

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making a game with no story that makes no sense at all is easy. Making a game with a consistant story that people care about is hard, regardless of the architecture, or lack of architecture.

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que es esto? /this it?

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That's all it does.

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File: 1287636962701.jpg -(381.5 KiB, 850x613) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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In real life, Maddie-kins liked to visit Masada after her trips to the mall. Everyday she visited him, until they gradually became more close.

They first had a Tutor-Student relationship, which turned into a Friendships relationship, and then into a GF/BF relationship which gradually led to occasional smecks, which is why Madotsuki has an event activated when she sleeps in his bed. But we'll get to that later.

One day, something went wrong, omg! :O

They forgot to have protection. Which is why everything goes "OH NOES!" during the event. Red lights flashing, it was an emergency! Masada was panicking. Maddie-kins, in her dreams, sleeps in the bed to activate the next part of the event, which may symbolize her sleeping on a hospital bed, what with the emergency panicking.

The lights were red.

She (maaaaay) have gotten a miscarriage.

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I thought he looked like a penis

>> No.2009   [Delete]   [Edit]

I agree with a lot of the OPs points. I try not to be too Freudian with this game, and those theories are common. I'd like to believe that Madotsuki's age could be a lot older or Masada could have been a lot younger. It's our interpretations of their age that determine everything. Also the sex could have been consensual...

But anyways...I'm pretty sure that the pregnancy thing is true. I mean look at it. You go into an entirely white spaceship, enter a bed that makes it look like a womb. Then you land on Mars, turn really tiny and multiply possible to enter a little whole, where an analogy for a fetus could be.

SPERM SPACESHIP lands on THE RED ROUND PLANET MARS, blatantly looks like conception.

Madotsuki is probably not a transgendered person she just doesn't like dicks hence why they are mutilated. You can't pregnant a penis.

Or maybe uboa is a pregnated penis I don't know.

>> No.2020   [Delete]   [Edit]


Can't. Unsee.
You, Sir or Madam, are a genius.

>> No.2152   [Delete]   [Edit]
>>Or maybe uboa is a pregnated penis I don't know.

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Are there any theories about the Aztec imagery yet? I haven't seen any so far, which is rather surprising, since Aztec imagery is probably the single most prevalent theme in the game...
They're in the Nexus Room, they're floating in the background in several of the main worlds, there's the Aztec rave monkey in the desert, and the stairs to the sky garden resemble an Aztec pyramid. Even in the waking world, the carpet on Madotsuki's room has Aztec patterns.

...any thoughts?

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File: 1260380730957.jpg -(23.8 KiB, 408x402) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

People with insomnia usually have a focus point in their room to stare at. It bores them, and they don't think while doing it, so they fall asleep. This focus object usually appears in their dreams.

I doubt Mado has insomnia, but it helps just normal people with active/creative minds go to sleep earlier.

Saying this theory is true, if she stared at the TV it'd appear in her dreams more often, if she stared at her desk it'd appear more often, etc.

>> No.483   [Delete]   [Edit]

I've wondered this myself because I can almost recognize some of the specific images as actual gods...? Or at least they are very, very similar. The Neon room looks a damned lot like a Guatemalan "huipil" embroidery, in which VERY bright colors are stitched over dark fabric, sometimes depicting really weird, twisted, slightly geometric versions of animals and people. It may be that the rug appears in various forms, but Mado may just have a general interest in those sorts of things, thus her owning the rug in the first place.

>> No.2148   [Delete]   [Edit]

Perhaps Mado just likes those designs?

>> No.2150   [Delete]   [Edit]

it's been speculated that she has aztec herritage.

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i'm not trollin or anything, just sayin.
my theory is that she became bored of the real world, and tryed to go to the dream world for fun. she met strange and different and exciting things there, so in the end, she wanted to go there permenantly.

pic related.

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File: 1291750092195.png -(106 KiB, 746x518) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


No...No, she's not. Granted, we all love Yandere lolis with crowbars, but...

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File: 1291770387564.jpg -(18.4 KiB, 250x196) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


But that is it, my good man!

That is what makes her so good!

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File: 1291879812664.png -(15.9 KiB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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sounds good to me

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