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Okay so, /t/, I was being a useless NEET today and watching End of Eva and I suddenly realised that a lot of Eva and YN imagery matches up. And lo, a theory was born.

Madotsuki is Asuka. Or rather, an AU Asuka. She's an Ex-Eva pilot, prematurely retired after her mindrape at the hand of an Angel. Remember Asuka's mindrape? Disjointed images, words and, oh -- doors. Lots of doors. And what is Mado's Nexus full of?

Mado had a better grip on herself than Asuka, and therefore was better able to deal with the effects of the mindrape. Perhaps she went through a self-hypnosis.. thing, and suppressed the memories, so they only cropped up when she sleeps.

Everything in YN is a fucked up version of an actual memory, twisted by Angel mindrape. In an attempt to stabilize her mind, Mado subconsciously creates the 24 effects and deludes herself into believing that collecting all of them will 'fix' her.

But of course, it doesn't. Driven close to the edge from the trauma of her Angel-raped memories, Mado takes the only way out.

Going down.

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Neon world could be NERV headquarters as Mado saw it; it seems very unclosed and all the bleeping and stuff could simply be NERV being, well, NERV. The Toriningen could be NERV staff, sending her to some sort of quarantine room whenever she freaks out over what she does and sees.

Monochrome World could be that... Eva graveyard that I don't think is ever named.

As for Angels; Kalimbas? Aztec Rave Monkey? Thing with the Quivering Jaw? FACE? KyuKyu?

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>As for Angels; Kalimbas? Aztec Rave Monkey? Thing with the Quivering Jaw? FACE? KyuKyu?

If we're making this much of a stretch, we could very much make a comparison between just about half the animes out there and YN

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I should probably clarify that the question marks were less 'how about this' and more 'how could you miss this, duh?'

also, why are you taking this theory so srsbsns

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I'm sorry, didn't realize you didn't want to be taken seriously

In that case, PERFECT theory sir

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Mado was a relatively normal young woman with issues distinguishing fantasy from reality. Taking an interest in lucid dreaming, she locked herself in her room for one night (note that it doesn't seem to be dawn until the end of the game) after some dabbling in lucid dreaming and explored her dreams.
She woke sporadically to journal them. They became increasingly convincing to her until she couldn't determine where reality ended and dreams began. Dazedly she leapt off the balcony of the apartment she shared with her roommate, Poniko. Perhaps she even was even sleepwalking when she jumped to her death, explaining the stepladder.

Last edited 11/02/01(Tue)01:20.

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File: 1296586201088.png -(37.7 KiB, 644x484) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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Never noticed. That pointed out, in theory she might have locked herself in her room for days. Before anyone mentions food/bathroom ect I'm not even gonna go into detail with that on account that she's a video game character, and why would kikiyama bother with such a miniscule and pointless detail?

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But why would he otherwise bother placing things like bathroom stalls and vending machines in obscure places?

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Well that's just it, they're obscure places. If they meant anything they'd be more prominent. Also, as a thing, I haven't seen many theories about why the vending machines are there, so I'm gonna hijack my own thread and ask /t/ if they have any theories as to those.

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I finally got around to compiling my freaking information and research on the Aztec imagery as well as some other things in YN, so here have a theory that is practically rapeless and hopefully covers a lot of things in the game. If I miss anything, ask me about it and I'll try to fit/shoehorn it in because I like doing stuff like that.

To begin with, I'll start with the very strong basic themes of YN and how they connect to Aztec and Mayan Mythos as well as the militaristic history of South/Meso America. Pregnancy, Suicide, Water/Underwater/Drowning, Eyes and Faceless People.

Pregancy is considered a kind of battle, and women who die in childbirth are considered honored warriors. There are lots of things people interpret as pregnancy imagery, including puking and the bloody zipper that leads to FACE. Rather than being just about pregnancy they could represent the struggle of labor that may lead to death (especially in places with limited healthcare). The image in the background of one of the levels is very similar to/a simplified version of the goddess of childbirth and healing, Ixchel. I'll have a better comparison later.

There's also a paradise in the Underworld reserved specifically for people who were struck by lightning or drowned. Some people have noted that Uboa looks like the face of a drowned woman... Considering such a fearful thing exists in a paradise (the pastel lake), Poniko could be either someone Madotsuki knew closely, by association or just in passing that drowned or simply turned up on a lake shore somewhere.

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Oh, I see. Well, in that case I've got nothing in particular to point out. You're doing a great job trying to explain YN events through a different point of view, and it sure makes for an interesting read

Having read your new posts, and since you asked for thoughts on this, I'd sooner be led to believe that the Monochrome Desert is the area of her dream generated by her "childhood" (so to speak) in Japan. After all, if we're looking at it through a cultural viewpoint, it's only natural that some parts of her dream are directly related to cultural influences other than South-American ones

And of course, I know you don't have to experience something to dream about it, that's pretty obvious... Or else we'd all have really boring and plain dreams. But even so, YN isn't like a regular dream either. More like a world Mado put together in her mind, seeing as stuff in dreams doesn't really happen the way it does in YN (and I don't mean it in a "you don't just go around walking through your dreams and collecting effects" way. I mean the events in dreams, for example an event related to rape, wouldn't be represented as it is in the FACE events. At least according to my girl, but she's currently getting a master degree in Psychology so I dared not inquire further lest I got caught in some heavily boring lecture)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 11/01/03(Mon)07:54.

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While I like how fleshed out and different this theory is, I still think that all the aztec imagery has to do with the fact that the Aztecs are linked to the 2012 theory/end of the world.

of course, that'd go hand-in-hand with the post-apocalyptic theory.

also, where's that Ixhcel/background god comparision?

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Oh boy, let me tell you, I can't WAIT until 2013 comes and everyone shuts the fuck up and realizes that Dec 21, 2012 is just the Mayan equivelant of New Years and nothing more. I cannot fucking wait.

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File: 1296727528329.gif -(16.2 KiB, 300x281) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Bumping because this theory is something I LIKE. I found a number of images of Ixchel, but don't recall anything looking like a simplified version of them in YN... or I can't make the connection. this image though, has it's hand outstretched and is sitting/kneeling in a way that Aztec Rave Monkey could be interpreted as sitting.

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ohh....dear...god what have i done

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It doesn't take a genius to see that if Kikiyama wanted FACE to be a woman's body, he'd make it look like it, regardless of how detailed it'd turn out.

And it's funny how you chose poor mangled Monoko instead of a regular looking character like Monoe to get your point across

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File: 1295719448026.jpg -(169.5 KiB, 375x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's amazing how many of you don't see the face of a chinese lion sculpture.

But I do like the kaleidoscope theory. I wonder if there's a way to see it without the kaleidoscope effect to it.

(lol the king of red lions is a character from wind waker disregard what I previously said)

Last edited 11/01/30(Sun)17:32.

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>>2333 This is what I saw the first time I played through the game!

>> No.2338   [Delete]   [Edit]

I think it's just a VERY, VERY detailed picture of the Aztec Rave Monkey's face, judging by the fact that they both have something that looks like a wolf or fox on their heads(?), though FACE's looks more like a crown. And their heads look sort of similar.

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I remember someone on /o/ posting about how they interpret yume nikki by matching up the events in yume nikki with events and people in their own life.. I thought that sounded cool, and I was curious to see other people try this.
Take a few parts of yume nikki and.. I guess theorize how it could represent your life. .flow, yume nisshi, yume 2kki, and other fan games would also be cool.

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I was wondering if Uboa's looks could be explained with this: Poniko was Madotsuki's friend, yes, and maybe poniko killed her self, or something... her face might have been deformed and twitched, and maybe she was dead in her own room, while the door closed... maybe madotsuki went to pay a visit for her "sick" mate or something.. and poniko's parents ought that she was just staying in her room quietly... after madotsuki went into the room, everything was dark and she discovered her friend laying on the floor, dead for few days and the dead disfigured face? And that's why uboa appears only in the dark?

>> No.2325   [Delete]   [Edit]

How would poniko's parents not go into her room, or look for her for days? But other than that, I believe this theory has already been done. Or something like it.

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What if Madotsuki isn't hikkikomori at all?

Judge yourself: Madotsuki is on her own, when we save and exit. And when she's on her own, she can eat, bathe, go to work/school/whatever and do other stuff. She can have abnormal schedule, what explains, that she may sleep whole day/night.
And when we load, Madotsuki thinks: "Oh, time to read my diary" and "reads". And her refusal to come out is "I'm tired already, I want to relax. I want to sleep, I had a hard day"

"I'm working, please wait until I return home"

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Why? 8 hours of sleeping (1-whatever hours of playing) => suicide.


>> No.2312   [Delete]   [Edit]


Haha, she'd have to go like

"ahh I'm tired alright let's see what my dreams look like oh fuck oh fuck what is this ARGH OH GOD MY EYES fuck this shit fuck life" splat

Record breaking speed for developing suicidal thoughts

>> No.2316   [Delete]   [Edit]

Wait, wait, now I've got it. She's on acid.
"WITCH EFFECT GET, time to flyyyyyyyyy"

>> No.2319   [Delete]   [Edit]

Playing the game start to end, she's visible alone for several days. Go out on the patio.

On the other hand, OP mentioned the idea of an odd or unpredictable work schedule, which just HAPPENS to coincide with whatever the player's doing.

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You guys know Monoko's weird chest wound thing, right? Well, I was browsing Wikipedia, and I came across this:
What do you guys think?
Semi-related to the Takofuusen = TRAP fetus thing, I guess.

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>> No.2303   [Delete]   [Edit]

or you know she just has a anxity...or tramatic stress because of monoko, she wouldn't talk to anyone and she withdrew and whent hikki.
i knew a guy who did that...it was a girl that had gotten run over by a truck to.
i don't know, just a little idea.

>> No.2304   [Delete]   [Edit]


Also possible, but I'd have to say less likely. After all, she is smiling, so I guess she doesn't really have a painful reason for her reclusiveness


Picking up on your depiction of how Monoko's death affected Monoe, we can also see things in a different way. Since it's her smiling face that we see vanishing, we can think of that event as not her physical disappearance from Mado's life, but instead as the end of her smiling days, after her sister died in such a horrible manner

Sounds interesting enough for /t/

>> No.2305   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'm actually iiKagoKitty okay I forgot that I come here as Kago. OTL
Thank you kindly. :> I used to know this little girl in special education who would always smile at me and run away and Monoe always reminded me of her, so I was like "I must tell /t/!".

>> No.2306   [Delete]   [Edit]

Agreed. There's actually a disorder simply called "social anxiety" the sole symptom of which is that, when approached, the sufferer siezes up, tries to look pleasant and gets away at the first opportunity.

Asperger's is a good deal different, though it runs on a sliding scale. Sufferers are typically awkward and unrelatable, but rarely unable to interact.

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What if Mado is blind? That would explain her eyes being closed all the time and why so much in her dream world is so disfigured. She might have a fear of what people actually look like in the world. She might be afraid of going down onto the street below because as a child she was frightened by all the noise. She might have be able to feel safe with her kind piano teacher, who taught her to be a token blind piano player. and because of the soothing nature of the piano's music she was not frightened by the sound. That would also explain why Masada is in space, there would be no noise other than him talking and the sound of the piano. HUH

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File: 1295137141392.png -(6392 B, 540x354) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.2297   [Delete]   [Edit]

What about the rave monkey then?

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File: 1295211309194.jpg -(113.5 KiB, 640x359) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.2300   [Delete]   [Edit]

This picture actually makes me think of a really stupid theory. What if two of the eyes in the eyeball world are her eyes, and she keeps her eyes closed because she has none?

Or she could just be blind.

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The reason Madotsuki has so much aztec imagery in her dreams is because of her carpet.

The thing on mars is based off her lamp.

Post more things that explain crap in her dreams without the whole "LOLOLOLOL MADOTSUKI GOT RAPED AND HAS A PENIS"

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Madotsuki played some Mons type of game once upon a time, and Takofuusen is a super-rare Mon.

>> No.2284   [Delete]   [Edit]

The Red King is sleep paralysis; his juxtaposition to Kyuukyuukun is a coincidence.

>> No.2285   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'll one-up that. The rail in Mado's house is varnished, and squeaks against the flesh as one moves one's hand down it. Mado hears her parent's getting up in the night (to use the restroom etc) and chalks the squeaking up to a monster who lives under the stairs and likes to rub the rail to hear the noise. You may think Kyuukyu-kun looks like a penis, but the thought never occurred to Mado.

>> No.2286   [Delete]   [Edit]

And then Uboa was Mado's penis

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