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Okay seriously. I mean, this game is AMAZING. But has it occurred to anyone that after you collect all the effects, lay them out and wake up, the step ladder just kinda appears out of no where? Anyone have anything to say about this?

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holy fuck calm down.

As for the stepladder, I still go with this >>2424

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And it disappears if you even take one of the effects back from the eggs.

>> No.2475   [Delete]   [Edit]

It is because she is dreaming the whole time and that she thought she woke up.

inb4 shitstorm

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I prefer >>2425
Happy ending GET

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Madotsuki was kidnapped by an evil fairy, and gets raped by it every night while she sleeps, as the fairy has a fetish for raping people who are sleeping. That explains the disturbing dreams. Madotsuki is in a tower, which explains the tall but thin building. She would get caught if she tried to escape. The mall is her memory of a normal life, and Famicom world is her memory of playing games that aren't NASU. Sometimes, she gets to see what's really happening to her if she breaks the dreams enough, like if she finds Uboa, punches him during interaction, and then she sees the horrible truth in the Uboa dimension. She also sometimes can wake up to see the fairy's horrible FACE, but once it realizes she's awake, it goes away. To torment her, she only has NASU to play while she's awake. She can't let down her hair like Rapunzel because her hair isn't long enough, hence the Long Hair effect. She also wishes she could fly off, hence the Witch effect. Monoko is someone who tried to save her, but was horribly mutilated. Monoe is Monoko before the kidnapping, and they were friends, but she disappears to remind her that she's not there anymore. Poniko is something that the fairy put there so Mado doesn't suspect anything and doesn't try to see Uboa. Shitai-san was her boyfriend who tried to rescue her but he was run over in an "accident". Every time someone died rescuing her, the fairy showed her just to torment her. Kamakurako is someone who Madotsuki knows would never get the courage to go out and rescue her. Masada was who Madotsuki was with when she was kidnapped.

Once Mado gets all the effects, she gets the courage to get out of the tower by jumping off, and her courage is magically physically incarnated in the stepladder. She knows that either this is one long horrible nightmare that she will wake up from if she does this, or that she will die and then she can finally be at peace.

Last edited 11/02/25(Fri)10:27.

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>evil fairy

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Madotsuki's room has only two doors - balcony one and nexus/exit one. Since she doesn't want to leave her room through the second doors, I wonder, whats with her physiological needs?

Last edited 11/02/23(Wed)12:44.

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She drinks her own piss in her sleep to stay hydrated. She eats by absorbing the delicous radioactive waves from her television. One day she needed to take a shit, and noticed a porta-potty below her magic stepladder.

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I was searching around and reading a lot of theories... and I actually didn't find this one. (Which is shocking, though it might be out there and I missed it. lol)

Please, seriously. Read it all before you throw it out the window. Did anyone stop and think that the crazy dreams she's having is because she has done drugs??? This leaves room for other theories... in real life, rape, abuse, illness, transgender identity, etc are all reasons people come to drugs as a self-medicating behavior pattern. Hopelessness, depression, etc. Bear with me here:
Madotsuki is a young woman, late teens-early 20's, with a lot of horrible things in her past. Her parents died when she was fairly young (hence the zone full of disembodied armsand legs, and the two male/female heads that fly overway in that same area ONLY when she tucks into the cave and can't see them. Hiding from the pain.) This is why she lives alone. Then in highschool she was bullied.. hence, the Torinigen. Normal "popular" girls don't really do anything bad. Just ignore you... but some are vicious (the one with the purple eyes) and thats why they put you at a dead end. However, Madotsuki does make friends with Monoe. Thats why in the dream world, Monoe is normalish, not crazy scary. However, Madotsuki is overcome by greif when she watches Monoe die in a horrible car (or bike) crash. Monoe disappears when you try to talk to her, as a metaphor for her disappearing from Madotsukis life. Monoko IS Monoe... after the crash. So it makes sense that this would also haunt her dreams. Madotsuki has a pretty good reason to be depressed... and it gets worse. Poniko is the image of who Madotsuki wants to be. Hence, similar room. However, it is inescapeable to madotsuki will never be Poniko, so this idea of "Poniko" aka a perfect Madosuki turns into a monster/creature in her dream world. Being uboa, who leads her a horrible world. (the realization that she cant be this other person who she truely is not is depressing) this depressing state, where shes lost her parents, and her best friend, and feels like she'll never be the perfect person she wishes she could leads to what many depressed young girls turn to. (what they think is) love. Boys. Thats why the world uboa takes her to is filled with the white substance, and the background is a black monster devouring the pure white hills (symbolizing virginity). She's despirate for affection and to feel wanted.. but then she finds that teenage boys only seem to want one thing from her, she realises that their "love" is false, depressing her even more. When poor madotsuki is almost at her wits end, she finds someone who can actually give her true love and affection. Her music/piano teacher... Masada. The whole eye thing could mean that he had a real-life eye condition or something to that effect, but if he gave her real affection, why would that matter to her? Or, it could just be an effect the drugs add to her dream. Yes, I'm getting there. SO, she falls in love with Masada, and becomes pregnant. (Hence, her sleeping in his bed in the spaceship) This explains a lot of the fetus-shaped horrors in her dream world... but more on that in a minute. One day, however, Masada is killed in a train wreck. (trains/subways are a very common thing in Japan) This is shown after the space ship crashes, and you see what looks like a trainwreck near the fetus-like moster that crys (the one that when you stab it, the eye changes colors) Kyukyu-kun is a phallus shaped rainbow blob that you meet after passing through a zipper-like moster, which referances to the memory of the day when Madotsuki became pregnant. The room leads her to the FACE... an image of her horror at the memory of the abortion she had done, after the death of his/her father. A single young woman, so horrifically depressed, could not have raised the child. Now, the one thing good in her life, her only love, is now dead. Her baby is dead, because she knew she wouldnt have been unable to care for it, on top of the judgement she would have recieved from others. (judgement is a common fear throught her life, hence all the eyes and eye monsters in the dreams. "judgemental eyes") Her parents are dead and cannot be in her life. She watched her bestfriend die. Shes bullied at school. What is left for her? Like millions of real people in the world, she figures out that drugs can temporarily ease her pain, and help her feel better for short periods of time. She does not leave her room because she feels like there is nothing left in the outside world for her -it has all been stolen from her. When people become depressed, they often refuse to leave. When someone turns to drugs to self-medicate depression, they only want to stay inside and hide from the horrible world in their temporary relief. Drugs, and sleep. A conscious mind will be 'high' and temporarily happy on drugs, but dreams, which contain our subconscious fears and horrors, are often haunted when on drugs. They deform our worst memories and cause deranged, crazy nightmares. This is true in real life, a person on drugs is highly likely to have insane nightmares. Her whole dream world is induced by drugs that dig up the worst memories in her life. Hints of drugs are used also, aside from the pure design of the dream world itself, such as the creature in the mall known as "e-man" The character with an e for a head. E-head. get it? E is the common name for ecstasy, and in this room you can change some color options as well. This is a brilliant, sneaky refernce to the drug which makes you see colors brighter, and sometimes different. (also enhances hearing and visuals) Also, many minor characters and events can be explained by the influence of the drugs, that give it a "alice-in-wonderland" effect. Poor Madotsuki has lead this horrifying life, and when she wakes from her final dream on the drugs, she realizes that these drugs are only forcing her to relive the horrors of her life when she sleeps. With nothing at all left to turn to, she comes out to her balcony, and finally gives up. </3

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A few theories that are similar have been posted before.

There are no real signs of drug use prevelant, except for, obviously, lucid dreaming.

I also don't understand how a game that's advertised with no meaning somehow explodes into WoTs.

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Long wall text.
Also, I like the Monoko = Monoe theory.
And the abortion one.

>> No.2449   [Delete]   [Edit]

You won't be sleeping on E or basically any other amphetamine, that's for damn sure.

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File: 1297505754410.jpg -(8602 B, 161x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Well.. i have this theory..where Madotsuki is UBOA itself..

Poniko was her best friend...an "obsessive" best friend......some girl who was bullying madotsuki told her that madotsuki and masada-sensei are dating (the toriningen in the bedroom near the number room and the zipper room too )...as an Obsessive best friend she was...Poniko threatened Masada to stay away from madotsuki or she will reveal his secret as a drug addict...well that plan worked...Masada went mia at school...Madotsuki went to her sensei's house (he has a part time piano teacher) and saw masada died...of overdose...Madotsuki went to her "Best friend's" house and poniko comforted her...until poniko slipped her tongue..Madotsuki and poniko argue..then poniko confessed her true feelings for madotsuki..then tried to assault madotsuki sexually...of course after that night..madotsuki became totally angry with poniko..and goes yandere on poniko/killed poniko the next night..wearing a mask...

the UBOAAAA!! might be madotsuki's hidden rage...
when you go to Uboa land...you'll see a big mountain that looks like a groping woman (red hair) spewing blood...this was the image of poniko....on Uboa-Madotsuki's mind and also Uboa's face turns into sad-like face meaning she also has guilts in killing poniko..

The end...XD

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I... actually like this.
Because it's not a cliche theory full of rape and (ry.
I would like to see more, even if they're text walls.

>> No.2435   [Delete]   [Edit]


I kinda put periods everywhere when I'm writing long paragraphs in the internet. became a habit of mine when i saw someone writing this way on a forum XD I suck at both writing and speaking (Speeches, of course) XD

My theory consist of 2 rapes to be exact, i just didn't specifically wrote it. Madotsuki is one unlucky fellow, even in her childhood days... a theory of mine/yours which i will post later...

>> No.2446   [Delete]   [Edit]

But... There's one problem. It's about HOW you go to Uboa land.

When you touch it, it gets disfigured.

>> No.2448   [Delete]   [Edit]


That's not a problem at all, and it fits his theory

By touching Uboa Mado's confronting her actions. Both Uboa's distortion and going to Uboa's dead-end world would then point to her feelings of guilt and regret

Last edited 11/02/17(Thu)17:34.

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File: 1297426250418.jpg -(75.9 KiB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Madotsuki is a former Architect. This is how she lucid dreams so easily. Masada is her former mentor and lover, who got lost in Limbo and came back wrong. Mado goes to sleep, then goes to sleep in her dream, then goes to sleep in THAT dream, and the spaceship crashes because three dream layers is too unstable. At the end, the staircase is just THERE, there is no corpse and the bell-people appear because Mado has been in Limbo all this time. This is also what's up with the spectacularly narrow apartment building. Mado does not want to leave her room because, from up here, she can pretend all the buildings aren't dilapidated broken wrecks.

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no shit sherlock

>> No.2434   [Delete]   [Edit]

Of course, this also means a happy ending. Death in Limbo means awakening.

>> No.2437   [Delete]   [Edit]

So kikiyama is a time traveller.

>> No.2438   [Delete]   [Edit]

No. Nolan copied Kikiyama. It's very obvious if you think about it.

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File: 1297585428996.jpg -(63.7 KiB, 560x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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This theory is kinda cliche' but kinda cool when you think about it...

Monoko and Monoe is childhood friends of Madotsuki. They play together like most of normal childhood friends would do. One day in a park, they were playing catch then Monoko threw the ball very far and well, madotsuki tried to get the ball. She didn't realized that she was already in the road and is about to hit by a truck/car/Vehicle. But in the nick of time, she was saved by a man whom she notice that it was Monoko and Monoe's father. the two sisters approached madotsuki and sees their father dead...Monoko instantly developed a fear of cars/vehicles. even the mere stoplight causes her to panic..and Monoe...because she was still a child back then...she was angry at Madotsuki, even at school she would just smile and go away far from her (think of it as the "cold" treatment/shoulder). until one day Monoe and Monoko's mom decided to move to rural areas because of Monoko's fear of cars/vehicles/stoplights

Well in my theory..Shitai-san was Monoko and Monoe's FATHER (NOOOOO!) and Well I didnt specifically said it..but Mono's father was holding a balloon (for the kids, of course)back then and It was takofuusen...for me takofuusen looks like a crumpled body in a shape of a balloon. Monoko's disfigured form could be the phobia that she received from the accident and Monoe, after the Full screen event, vanishing could mean that she was angry at Madotuski. The rural area in my theory was the white desert. well you can't see cars there..the reason why Monos moves away from the urban area...and apparently the vacation house of Dave Spector was there (well, MAYBE but most likely not XD)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 11/02/13(Sun)00:28.

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File: 1296866470275.jpg -(308.5 KiB, 1085x1923) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Your thoughts?

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I don't know if you've seen this thread before, but here's where the TRAP Syndrome was first talked about >>1943

There are a few other theories there as well

>> No.2412   [Delete]   [Edit]

The more I think about it, this could be rape-free AND abortion-free, though still tragic, and connecting a ton of things in the game.

Okay, so Mado does it with Masada. He has some kind of defect of his own, signified by his eyes (a HIGHLY recurring sight, you'll see it in places you didn't even realize if you look for it). She fears a deformed baby, though she doesn't know what exactly it'll look like. This could explain all kinds of images, from the wall drawings to Mars-san to The Thing With The Quivering Jaw and the Colossal Bleeding God (a name suggested for the thing in the sky after Uboa). Maybe even Monoko, though I still think the traffic accident is more likely for her.

Takoffusen is only one of the many, many deformities in this game, and I think it only represents one of countless imagined offspring. After all, chances are you'd never even see it before finishing the game.

Pervasive feelings of judgment/guilt still apply from the above theory (hence she won't go outside), as either Mado's considered too young to have a child, or that she was wrong to take advantage of someone like Masada who maybe wasn't right in the head.

The bloody zipper could symbolize the moment of the act, Kyukyu-kun is the happy fun time, and FACE is the deformed sonogram directly resulting from that, hence its closeness to those things.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I know that's why I brung it up.

>> No.2423   [Delete]   [Edit]

I love fetus themed things.
Like Gygas.
So, I love you, OP.

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File: 1296741937113.jpg -(14.3 KiB, 390x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I was doing some reading after a thread compared Takofuusen to a Twin reversed arterial perfusion affected fetus. A search on Google revealed this. It looks disturbingly familiar.

so maybe FACE is a distorted hallucination of a vaguely-remembered ultrasound of a deformed baby. and because theories about this game require it... it probably was Mado's rapebaby.

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>> No.2408   [Delete]   [Edit]


Then why would she need the stoplight effect to see Monoko's true form?

As far as guilt goes I can pretty much say I agree with you. We have the Uterus monsters, the eyes in the dark forest, probably a few more I'm not remembering.. They're all quite blatantly pointing at unwanted attention. Linking it with this supposed abortion is a natural step. It might also be that she just believed people thought badly of her, without having ever actually received any negative attention

About Monoe... Well, I can't say for sure whether she could or not have been her child, but I think Mado must be far too young to have a daughter that age (Monoe looks at LEAST 14, and I feel like that's stretching it a bit)

I guess we could use that bit of the theory and think that Mado created Monoe as an idealized image of the daughter she could have had if she had tried and saved her healthy baby. Fits well with the fleetingness of the event during which we see her face

>> No.2409   [Delete]   [Edit]

someone noted the red and blue eyes on Tasei san could represent the two twins and not knowing where one began and one ended, so the stoplight Monoko might be representative of the parasitic twin and the normal Monoko might be the healthy one.

Alternatively Madotsuki has had a number of kids, heck, siblings, if you really want to think she's young... one ended up with extra limbs due to a parasitic twin (Monoko), one was aborted or stillborn due to TRAP (Takofuusen), and...

Actually, maybe I'm dragging too much into this. I'm calling it quits for a bit. Will come back to see what everyone else has gotten

>> No.2410   [Delete]   [Edit]


That was me mate, the red and blue eyes bit

I've always believed the Monochrome world was Mado's dream version of the real world, and the creatures/events there have a stronger and more direct link to events that took place in her life

In other words, the thing in common about everything in the monochrome worlds would be they were all seen/experienced by Mado herself in a real-world context, and are still present in her mind in a more pristine form than those in other areas. This doesn't mean some of those events aren't connected, of course, but there's no need to put all the monochrome desert events in this theory

That aside, how old do you think she is?

>> No.2411   [Delete]   [Edit]

She looks young, but her appearance is effected by the chibi art style,
If she's old enough to live alone, she might be around her late teens to early twenties.

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File: 1290582713261.gif -(1917 B, 50x50) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Y'know, if you take a close look at Masada's face in his sprite, doesn't it look kind of like a skull?
And he DOES wear all black.

Instead of collecting souls he crashes his spaceship on random planets and sulk.
Badassery everywhere.

This needs to be a saturday morning cartoon.

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>> No.2113   [Delete]   [Edit]

IIRC there was an episode of billy and mandy where they went to mars....

>> No.2228   [Delete]   [Edit]

Going to wipe my mesoamerica cooties all over this one.

The lord of the underworld, Mictlan. was always depicted as a corpse, whether it be a skeletal corpse or a mummified one, and Masada could be either if his sprite is looked at that way. Of course, what's more villainous than a grim-reaper with googly eyes playing an organ IN SPACE?

also, kind of unrelated but he looks a bit like Morpheus from the Sand Man comics and I am seriously sad that nobody has made the connection between everyone's favorite walleyed space cadet and the magnificent Lord of Dreams ):

>> No.2372   [Delete]   [Edit]


That could be possible... You do get to sleep in your dreamworld in order to meet him.

>> No.2400   [Delete]   [Edit]

Problem is, Morpheus from the Sandman Mythos probably speaks japanese. I like >>2228 better for that reason; Nahuatl, though, would sound exactly like "WTF RU SAYIN" to Mado.

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