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We need some, guys. He really intrigues me, more so than Uboa or FACE. Why is he so rare? What's he doing in the White Desert? Why does he look so gleefully delighted?

Heck if I know. Any thoughts?

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I always thought the Toriningen send you to a remote place - that means they - the normal people - are the cause for Madotsuki shutting herself in.
Or at least they excluded her from everything(Toriningen Party).
Probably because she's different than them.
A foreigner..?

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Happy Floating Fetus Man. "Don't mind me! just another day in the Monochrome Desert! Bloop bloop!"

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You mean, /t/ears?

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I personally think Takofuusen is Monoe. They appear quickly, and they both take awhile to find. I think Monoe can't find her way out of the cave, so she communicates outside, and turns into this ugly ass being.

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Ok, what if...

Theory 1: Madotsuki is blind. She never opens her eyes until you use cat. The reason she never leaves her room is because she knows she'll never be able to get around properly, but in her dream, she is in total control so she can move around, even without the power to see. This will also explain why she has less then strong resistance when she finally takes the big jump.

Theory 2: Madotsuki doesn't live alone, she got grounded by her parents and isn't allowed to leave her room. All she can do is sleep and look out the balcony. So between the bad shit that happened between her and her mom (usually between 2 women, especially if children are involved) she decided to take drastic measures without thinking of the consequences and jumped.

Theory 3: Madotsuki ate too much puffncorn and the radioactive energy caused her to develop narcolepsy, and wild, vivid hallucinations. Outside her apartment is a giant worm-monster with rings and rings of teeth waiting to devour her, so she's afraid to leave.

Theory 4: Madotsuki took the brown acid.

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If it's magic, then you ain't gotta explain shit.

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File: 1299631710789.jpg -(347.8 KiB, 1000x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think that the rape theory explains all in a very good way. However, I think that your second theory makes a little sense.

However, in this game, we can be as pretentious as we want, so any theory is wellcome.

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Blind could be possible, since she has no clue what the real world looks like

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File: 1300310819074.png -(19.3 KiB, 478x280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Theory 1.

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Maybe we are wrongly thinking that the suicide is the end of the game. We are so hellbent on finding an "ending" to the games we play, and that's why we take this as necessarily canon.
We spend the whole game geared toward exploration, and yeah, it is required that we get all items and drop them in order to jump off, but you know, there's a lot of games where there's not much of an ending.
Take Pokémon for example. Once you defeat the Elite Four and Champion, complete the PokéDex, and in later games a few extra things, there's still room to continue playing. There's really no ending to it other than erasing your save file and selling the game away, right?
Could the suicide ending be the same thing?

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It just doesn't feel whole without some form of closure. The ending doesn't make the game, that's obvious, everything but the ending makes the game, but that final addition just makes the game feel complete, like finishing the last chapter of a book, closing it, and reflecting back on what you just experienced. Without an ending, you'll just keep going on and on forever until you get bored with it, the game will become dull over time without one.

Also I came when I heard you'd beaten the ELITE FOUR.

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Yume Nikki isn't your ordinary game so it wouldn't be like that ... it is kinda how you interpret it...maybe madotsuki is really dead or alive...it's kinda interesting..if you make theories...(it is for me XD)

Well, Unlike Pokemon, When you've beaten YN...there is no continuing...just a pool of blood

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This needs theories. Right now.

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more like a piano than anything else. some of the lower notes actually sound a lot like some notes in KALIMBA.wav, too.


I'm not saying it that it can't be, I was just pointing out that the biggest insight to what it is, is the sound file called kalimba.

>> No.2367   [Delete]   [Edit]

More likely the sound file is simply referring to... well, the sound! It's not like we can take that to be the name of the character.

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Vomiting figures, resembling something with Aztec/Mayan roots? Jeez, Aztecs believed that vomiting can make you trip balls and communicate with your ancestors, so the fact that this image is in dream version of Mado's room means that...yeah, she's about to have a loooong trip.

Either that, or the fact that Madotsuki had some cases of severe vomiting and passing out from exhaustion.

>> No.2506   [Delete]   [Edit]


Holy shit you guys look at this video, this specific Kalimba looks EXACTLY LIKE the puking things in the OP.

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-Maybe Mado was REALLY into sex/curious and all that stuff,but she feared of rape and getting pregnant but she wanted to do it (with Masada, proof of the bed in his room) with someone she trusted/took advantage of (w/knife she maybe threatened him to do it with her?) eventually Mado got pregnant (Mars-san was her unborned baby perhaps?) knowing this, Masada's ship crashed. Because of this, she shut herself in because of shame. I believe that she's in her teens because of her outfit (Seems kinda childish)
-Like i said, Mado might be curious. She either wanted to experience being a girl or a boy, She might chose to be a girl since of the Blonde hair/Long hair effect. Maybe the poop hair is for when she had a bad hair day -.-?
Weird Dreams:
-I believe the theory she was blind but not born blind because a study shows that born blind people can't "See" in their dreams, perhaps she was blind for a certain time (Thus not going out of her room) and her dreams rather look "incomplete" (Notice that her dreams show the same thing all over again ex. the lamp posts)
-Poniko was probably her idol/admired friend (because of the effect of blonde hair and having the same room as her) But in the end she didn't become like her, shutting off the lights might probably mean leaving her 'idol' then when Mado goes outside then inside again, meaning she still has an urge, then shutting off the lights again and going outside (.. and so on) eventually running to Uboa, its a sense of hopelessness it may be a saying like "You'll never be like her, its hopeless!"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I agree with the Poniko idol thing, but could it be possible that she may be just a Tsundere friend? LOL

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> knowing this, Masada's ship crashed.

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File: 1299709494733.png -(93.3 KiB, 480x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

omg best theory <33

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File: 1299714424225.jpg -(347.8 KiB, 1000x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Mado died because roof cat convinced her to. It all makes sense now.

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So, has anyone else noticed Mado doesn't seem to have a light switch in her room? IMO, it would be weird for Kikiyama to just forget if he added in the Uboa event. Any ideas?

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Maybe it's because she was dreaming the entire time. A light switch would be a "reality check."

>> No.2472   [Delete]   [Edit]

Maybe she destroyed it because the Uboa event made her paranoid.

>> No.2494   [Delete]   [Edit]

The desk lamp is more than enough for her - she learned to see (if she can see, that is) with little light, like i do.
I navigate through my room with a glowstick at night, just for the Penumbra feelin' of it.

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Mado dreams about having a bathroom because she doesn't have one in her house.

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Did anyone else have any thoughts on the fact that you can ring the jellyfish bell at the end? (One of the ones that appears after Madotsuki jumps off her balcony) It seems like it would indicate something... since after all, you press 1 to make it ring. 1 is normally what you press to activate your eqipped effect....
Any thoughts? (:

P.s. Anyone else think there might be a different ending that nobody has uncovered yet? The instuructions don't say much, but they tell you basically what to do.. and it stops at (paraphrasing) "drop all the effects, then wake up and save at your desk"

>> No.2479   [Delete]   [Edit]
>Anyone else think there might be a different ending that nobody has uncovered yet?

No. The game's already been taking apart in RPGM2k and put back together a million times. If there was something else, we'd have found it.

>> No.2482   [Delete]   [Edit]

Maybe the jellyfishes are like the effects too...

meaning, she was still dreaming...

well when you wake up with frog effect eqipped,you don't become a frog right? so maybe, just maybe she is still alive or something.

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>meaning, she was still dreaming...

Either that or she is now dreaming permanently: >>2424

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Big Red reminded me instantly of Kokopelli. Kokopelli represent's music and fertility. I connect this symbolism with Masada sensei. I think he raped her, or at least they had sexual relations, based on some other theories. The image of a Kokopelli eating her up might be a nod toward rape, or sexual coaxing she regrets giving into.

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Hm, come to think of it, Neon parrot and KALIMBA do look a lot like these depictions of Kokopelli and Kokopelmana, but with that nose/proboscis we could say even the Toriningen look like them.

>> No.2447   [Delete]   [Edit]

Kokopelmana resembles the one type of Toriningen, but I don't know if that would be a stretch or not, to lump them in here... I'm gonna look around and think some more. Maybe there are context clues near some Toriningen, too.. -spies on-

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Bumping because my fascination with Mesoamerican shite.

>> No.2483   [Delete]   [Edit]

this actually have a ot of sense, even without the raping, think of all the mesoamerican references!
also aztec monkeys everywhere

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