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What do you guys make of this? Madotsuki and Monoko have a left and right hand. Also Monoko is like...a hand beast. (Five limbs = five fingers.)

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bad theories = lol

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This goes great with my "12 doors = 12 apostles" theory.

Also, Monoko kinda looks like she's being crucified?

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I'm OK with most basic theories, and Freudian theories, but I hate when everyone thinks everyone is Jesus in Purgatory.

An eye in the center of the hand doesn't equal a stigmatized hand. Likewise, 12 is a common 'magical'/symbolic number.

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at which point did i imply i was being serious about this?
it's just something i noticed.

/t/ is not much of use for better things anyway.. no one is kikiyama, and the bastard won't tell his thoughts for the game. it might just have no meaning at all.

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I think the effects may tell Mado's story. Maybe the way in which they are arranged when you drop 'em in the Nexus is important.

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wait... wut? They do? I never noticed since i never dropped them then went back inside...

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bumpity bump bump this is interesting

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bumpity bump bump Poniko is staring at Madotsuki's feet

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has there been anything about this on here yet?

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Dangerous individuals being locked up.
Some broke free and therefore the blood.

Why they are being locked up is another theory, probably going hand-in-hand with the experiment-theory ( all the white-haired persons in the game are created by oreko or someone else )

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the person inside this one seems to be extremely similar in appearance to sabi though, which i thought was just plain weird.

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I kind of thought that was maybe Sabi's regrets for anything/everything bad she's ever don in her flow world or in reality, how she thinks she should be locked up.

Maybe. Who knows?

Last edited 11/09/05(Mon)20:13.

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I have the theory.
Madotsuki is actually Gabe Newell's fantasy. She refuses to leave her apartment because Gabe is too fat to fit through the door, and the lack of computer in her room testifies to the lack of updates he makes to his games.

Let's go through the worlds in order.

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The Numbers World obviously testifies to Gabe's programming. The significance of this area shows how significant programming has been on his life.

Steve Kareha is a friend who tried to stop Gabe, possibly concerned about his health and lack of socialising when he was younger.

KyuKyu represents his (ahem) boredom and once more, lack of socialising, with FACE being the obvious conclusion to his activity.

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This is painfully obvious. The bright colours and arcade machines show the impact gaming has on his life. The Neon Parrot represents a friend who encouraged him to start gaming in general.

The dream sculptures could represent modelling, which also could have encouraged him to program and create games.

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The static shield fold represent obstacles in Gabe's path. The largely humanoid form of the shield folk could represent how his family attempted to discourage him (in the same way a sword is blocked with a shield), much like Steve Kareha. It could also represent the brain illness that afflicted him until 2006/2007.

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I know this isn't really a theory itself but rather theory fuel, but well, don't you think he onion-jellyfish things near Mado's puddle at the end might mean something?

Did she just go to the dream world forever by commiting suicide on the real world (or perhaps the it's the other way around).

IMO that probably means something.

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Looking for an ending theory, check these, OP: >>2237 >>2243

Last edited 11/07/01(Fri)19:23.

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She could have gotten brain damage and started hallucinating, or she could be in a coma like the other guy said.

Even worse, she could be alive and hallucinating for those last few seconds and then be dying as signified by the fade to black.

If she's hallucinating, then the jellyfish could be two passersby that came when they saw that the sky had a baby.

Last edited 11/07/17(Sun)18:44.

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>3. Mado creates a portal through which all the creatures of her nightmares travel to invade the real world

I like this theory

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Look in that place you found creatures like in figure #1... movie tapes with legs... with these Madotsuki is ridiculizing movies. Now see image #2 were I try to ridiculize microsoft... see how it works? Well now you must be wondering, why Madotsuki ridiculizes movies? Because some time in her life she was obliged against her will to shoot porno movies! Now she hates movies! Actually the whole place of "Numbers World" projects hate with its rude music... its a hate world! I kinda see that the different doors in her nexus lead to her different personalities... "Unlit World" is her evilness, "Neon World" is a her desire of happiness and escape where she reunites with beloved characters she created in her childhood, "Numbers World" is her hate.

Now see figure #3, there are numbers in Madotsuki's hate world, so she hates numbers... why would she hate numbers? Well duh because the concept of numbers is what caused the porno filmings... some sicko director filmed the pornos because he wanted to win numbers, in other words, money... which is counted in numbers...

Now on to image #4. Ya'll have heard about the word "Bad touch" right? Well now how about the word "Bad gaze"? Yeah in this room Madotsuki has the chance to kill all the sick bastards that saw her porno. They have red eyes because their sighting intentions are evil.

Image #5. This is a lamp room you can enter in a door in "Numbers World"... why would a room with lamps be connected with her "Porno film hating room"? Because all that porno shooting happened in some place in Europe, were those lamps were pretty common (those lamps look like they would be used a lot in Europe). Seeing those lamps all the time in the worst period of her life... has obsessed her with lamps...

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File: 1314800033697.png -(107.4 KiB, 340x389) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I can't tell if this is a troll. I like the explanation on the zippers in Number World though. That actually seems likely.

Oh, and this guy.

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Hm, now that I think of it, couldn't the lamps also be interpreted as phallus and that would explain why it's linked to the number world?

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The background of number world is a picture of number world itself. It is therefore confusing and hard to navigate in.

The whole thing is that Madotsuki dislikes math.(stabbing room is pure math) I don't know why it is so scary, the is/was a theory that the number world represents the outside world.
Since mado dislikes the outside world, the world and BGM were ridiculously disturbing.
Remember the toriningen that sends you into a closed room with a single " あ ". When you stepped on it, everything turns into " あ ", the floor, that is. Mado screamed, probably claustrophobia or she's simply scared because she's trapped in number world.

Kyuukyuu/face/zipper: can only agree.

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>Hm, now that I think of it, couldn't EVERYTHING also be interpreted as phallus and that would explain why it's linked to EVERYTHING?

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Mado has never left her room in her whole -life-. Everything she knows is from books (with no pictures) and old video games, so her dreams are what she imagines the world is like.

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If no one knows about this already, then please, go through all of the threads that still exist. they are years old. as is this theory.
i did. took some time, but is interesting.

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Here's a bundle of my ideas, not really theories but whatever.
I have sometimes wondered about Madotsuki's physical fitness, considering she doesn't go out, maybe doesn't exercise, Sleeps/lays in bed a lot, sits on her ass playing bloody Nasu; I imagine she would be quite plump or chubby - The sprite also reflects this if you want to get past the style of all the humans in YN.
The fat effect within dreams could be the fear of becoming fatter, or obese from this lifestyle.

Number two is a thought about Poniko: Poniko's eyes are wider than the other humans (Monoe, Monoko and the ilk); Poniko is Western. She is a friend/pen pal/online aquaintence, further expanding on the online aspect, meeting online without seeing whet each other looks like is bound to end up with one or the other making up an image of what the other looks like, thus Poniko's sprite. Suddenly Uboa! Uboa is what Poniko actually looks like, Madotsuki caught a glimpse of a picture of Poniko online, Uboa is the shock of Poniko actually being everything Madotsuki didn't think or want Poniko to be like.

Very well, carry on ladies and gentlemen.
Why no, officer, the picture isn't related.

Last edited 11/08/31(Wed)09:52.

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You turn off the lights, how could you just NOW see what poniko truly is? Nightvision much?

>physical fitness

beta/jap. version of yume nikki: in hell, there's a mirror that gives you the fat effect. now it is " can't stop me " in the docks.
madotsuki sees herself as fat but isn't.

Like i love to say, i support the Poniko=mother, Uboa=father theory.
Poniko doesn't look at/ignores Madotsuki, Uboa comes home at night (occasionally) and yells/screams at her. He will lock the door. He will knock her out if she so much as touches him. She will vomit blood, as represented by zoroark in uboa's semen land. yes.

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Well, I guess I'll throw in what I think.

Madotsuki could've seen Monoko's "accident" (Car accident?), and threw herself into denial, thinking she wasn't dead, but instead mutated. Monoe could've been a friend that moved away, causing her to "disappear" in her dream. Poniko could've easily been a side of her she didn't know about; a side that wanted attention. And Uboa could've been what she saw as "a creature lashing out" for the attention that Poniko did not receive.

I think the music teacher theory was a good one for Masada, but I think it represents a boy in her class, that was a mute, and very tall, causing him to be an outcast, which made Masada & Madotsuki friends, considering she MAKES herself an outcast.

As a child, Madotsuki could've been kidnapped, and almost raped- but the image of a man's penis scarred her, causing Kyu-Kyu to appear; and she probably feared sex, and pregnancy afterwards(The pregnant, headless "monsters" in her dreams.)

Or hey- to make it super simple, maybe she was a drug/drinking addict, and ended up in a coma, but when she jumped off her balcony(stress?) it signified she died in her coma.

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I like these.

The Monoko one makes sense because, hey, she moves. Why would she move on her own if she was actually dead?

The idea of tall mute Masada is actually kind of adorable. The beeping he make could have been to show she wishes she understood him better, but doesn't, and won't.

I always kind of pictured KyuKyu as a nice kid with a rather creepy smile that accidently flashed her. So she always thought of him as 'Nice kid, ohwait, penis. :(' Myabe he tried to warn her about something, maybe a rapeist or other scary person, but she didn't listen, so Face.

Fearing sex is a reasonable conclusion, the headless pregnant women as well as the uterus-beings.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 11/08/30(Tue)18:48.

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New theory, guys.

Masada was raped by Madotsuki, not the other way around.! THE WHOLE RAPE IMAGERY IN THE GAME WAS MADOTSUKI FEELING GUILTY!

That's why at the end...Well, you know.

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When Uboa happens, it's Madotsuki who turns off the lights to make it appear. And it's Madotsuki who disfigures Uboa to go to groping land.

And it's Madotsuki who stabs the zipper, and forces herself into Kyukyu-kun's room, and sees FACE.

What if FACE is the horrified and traumatized face of HER victim as she was raping him/her? Full-screen event, because, she was all up in FACE's face.

Another bad thing that Madotsuki did: taunted Monoko and triggered bad memories with the stoplight.

Additional theory: Madotsuki had consensual sex with Masada, but because of drugs, he went to jail. Then she tried to fill the void and became a rapist, starting with her friend Poniko.

Last edited 11/06/05(Sun)14:31.

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I like to think maybe she had a fling with Masada, but he did something to wrong her and so she decided to tell people that he raped her to get back at him.
I like to think of Mado as being manipulative. and crazy due to insecurity and paranoia

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I second this.

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File: 1314295747463.jpg -(191.8 KiB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I don't care how stupid it is, I'm okay with this.

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