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Fight me.

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I suppose...Yes. Yes she does.

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These are the key theories I've heard of so far, anyone have anything to add to the table?

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i wouldn't exactly call this a theory, but rather a standard thing that you can apply to any character or game that isn't completely explained.
people see what they like to see.

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The Rust creatures in .flow could be Pisacas/Rakashakas (Flesh eating demons). Every time Sabitsuki touches one her appearance degrades, even to the point where she lost most of her face.

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>Every time Sabitsuki touches one her appearance degrades

Haven't checked the menu lately since dropping all of your effects, have you?

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Haven't noticed the menu's character sprite doesn't match the in-game sprite, have you?

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I DID NOT WRITE THIS. It was posted on /v/ today by a writefag. Posting it here for posterity. It's kinda long, so bear with me.

OK, there is a LOT of symbolism in this game. Most of it is too erratic or random to put into words (the bird-girls, the Octopus Balloon, etc.). However, there are multiple symbols/ideas that appear far too many times to simply have no meaning, or that specifically stand out both to players and to Madotsuki. The major ones are the following characters:

  1. Monoko. The mutilated, five-armed girl who responds to your traffic light ability.
  2. Poniko. The seemingly innocent 'sister' of Madotsuki who conceals the game's most infamous secret.
  3. Masada. The humble pianist who avoids Madotsuki when she has the knife.
  4. Monoe. The 'elder sister' of Monoko who gives you a chilling look and then vanishes when you try to talk to her.

Now, these four characters are by no means the ONLY ones in the game, but they ARE the most prominent humans aside from yourself. And four of the game's main ideas/hints to Madotsuki's backstory seem to all coincidentally connect with one or more of these people:

  1. Auto accident. The fact that you not only get a stoplight ability, but it specifically affects Monoko - revealing her as the disfigured corpse she really is- leads many people to believe that prior to the game, Madotsuki witnessed or was involved in some sort of car accident. Early in the game, the player comes across a rainy street with a stray bloody corpse lying alongside of it as well...
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Woah, I've never thought of it that way, her suicide attempt has failed and she just can't escape her dreamworld.

This is now what I believe.

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You know, now that I think about it, if you believe she survived and go by the "Mado's home is in the middle of nowhere" theory, this could potentially be an even more tragic ending than a successful suicide attempt. Suppose she was knocked unconscious and paralyzed, and nobody was around to help her, if she woke up, all she would be able to do is lay there, broken and bleeding, and slowly die of starvation.

Granted, I'd like to think the building is near some form of society, and she survived, slipped into a coma, was discovered, and was put on life support. That would be the happiest ending possible for me. She would have escaped from whatever harsh reality had driven her to suicide, and in her mind, she would be the same little girl running around in a world of imagination for the rest of her life.

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I legitimately cried to this. I love you man/gal.

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I wasn't there for it but I saw it in my logs!!

<Clouds> i mean im pretty sure that he wouldnt want to be emailed, all the fans of his game, hes like, "man i made that in 2005, im not updating anymore... its done im doing other things"
<POPkun> mado is his self-crated waifu
<kikiyama> I can speak in english and answer questions
<kikiyama> ask away guys
<POPkun> inspired by his gf who died
<Clouds> lol
<SandWraith> !who last
<kikiyama> sorry Mado isn't inspired by my dead gf, she is another story

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Considering Yume Nikki's popularity, if Kikiyama spoke English, we would have had an official translation.

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Totally legit. It's clear Kikiyama would waste his time answering some faggot who's going "OMGAWW OMGAWWWWWW IS KIEWKIEWKOON" etc

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Me thinks its fake, some of kikiyama's answers are too coincidental for me to believe.

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Kikiyama doesn't use mibbit.

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I have this theory that actually has some simple thinking to back it up. No conjecture on the symbolism or anything like that. Assuming that most of kikiyama's game is most just random mindfucking which is what I believe. Think about this, few and far between are the places that we are familiar with in Yume Nikki. The park is one example, and there are others. There are familiar PLACES in Yume Nikki, but not familiar creatures. I think that this is part of what kikiyama designed, although there are places we can briefly connect with, there are no living things to make us feel at home in the world. Thus, the perpetual feeling of alienation from the game. Uboa is kikiyama's "close but no cigar" part of the game. Its a place that is FINALLY familiar and almost inviting, but right before we grow comfortable, BAM, all that familiarity is taken from us in a flash of light and we are back on an alien world with strange creatures.

Last edited 11/09/19(Mon)14:51.

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I ride on the train called " Uboa=father, Poniko=mother ", but i like your theory.

When mado hits the ground, jellyfish creatures appear around them. I think there is an alien infestation outside going on, malevolent aliens. So she locked her door. The aliens in-game are not quite better, though..

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What if like Yume Nikki is just a reinterpretation/homage to The Big Lebowski. Poniko is the Dude. She has a green sweater, a rug in her room that ties the room together, and long hair. Madotsuki is Walter, Monoko is Donnie.

The dead corpse in the game is Donnie's body, after he was killed by those fucking Nihilists. There are guillotines and other beheaded creatures which may actually be just feet, like the severed toe!!

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Howdy. I have some sort of Poniko/Uboa thought I'd like to share.
So what if Uboa and Poniko are two different entities, even though Poniko isn't visible when Uboa is and vice-versa? What if Uboa is a monster who is actually keeping Poniko hostage, and Poniko refuses to say anything, because she knows Uboa will hurt her?
I don't know, it's late and I'm just spewing bullshit.
Tell me what you think.

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I don't really see it, but then again I already struggle accepting some more 'credible' theories.

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What if you're wrong?

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Then I'll be damned

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Madotsuki was supposed to start flying but she's only a level 5 mage so she couldn't learn HM02

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Last edited 11/09/10(Sat)10:20.

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wrong number desu

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Maybe the reason she dosen't go outside is because there is something far worse out there. She sees all these horrible things, and shows no fear (except for FACE), but won't go outside. It's unlikely, but what if something far worse is outside. Assuming that "something worse" is just other people. It's unlikely, but let's explore the idea a bit.

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I think the reason she doesn't leave her house is a combination of some form of trauma, and an anxiety disorder that surfaced either due to this trauma, or existed beforehand and got worse. She's an agoraphobic person who was traumatized. That makes a lot of people not leave their house/room/whatever for long periods of time.

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D-DAT VIDEO! Cries forever
Anyway, the 'outside it's worse' theory always fascinated me: you can see nothing around Poniko's apartment, there are no sounds or voices and she seems so hopeless and alone to be disturbing.

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As a few of you may have noticed, I'm a newfag here.

I might sound like a total idiot, but I thought I might share some theories about "Mars-san", some of which I've picked up from other places:

-He is simply an alien found abandoned in a train wreck, his parents possibly left him there either on purpose or accident.

-He is a representation of someone Madotsuki knew in reality who did something bad to her, but deeply regrets it.

-He is a tempting spirit who cries until someone finds it, then reels them in and binds them, never letting them leave their side. [Sorry if that doesn't make much sense. I don't know how else to explain it.]

-He is Seccom Masada-sensei himself, only a different part of him that Madotsuki sees as another representation. Since Masada is also an alien, he could be a shape-shifter, and Mars-san is still him, making Madotsuki feel guilty about crashing Masada's ship.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 11/08/13(Sat)22:35.

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File: 1313511334739.jpg -(7598 B, 202x263) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I always thought Mar-san looked like a piano on its side with a ghost coming out of it.

Assuming the theory that masada had something to do with pianos and that this played a role in mado's life, maybe the death/ crash of masada was the death of music (or even a career in music?) for mado?

I dunno lol my theory needs some work.

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This is quite a theory. I love it

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File: 1315771196826.jpg -(33.5 KiB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I always thought Mars-san was representative of Madotsuki's self-guilt for being raped, worrying that maybe she brought it upon herself. She was never able to open up about the tragic event to everyone, and she basically locked those memories away inside the room where she was raped. Masada wanted her to face these tragic memories, in the hopes of helping her overcome the tragedy, and finding the strength to finally go on with her life, so he took her back there.

TL;DR the room is where she was raped, Mars-san is her finally able to cry about the event. That's just my 2 cents though~

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this i can get behind.
i also like the idea that he was in a train crash, i'll be mulling it over, there are a few different takes that are in mind like
he just couldn't handle things and tried killing himself but ended up just badly mangled in a vegetated state.
or simply that mado has had people around her get into freak accidents and she's in depression, convinced that she's some kind of curse.

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