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I'm tired of seeing porn on character's topic. Please, make an only-porn board to post these kind of perv material.

Pic not related.

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NSFW material is allowed on all boards.

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I like op's idea, I was actually just gonna make a thread for exactly this. I think we could use a hentai board just for the sake of people who wanna go into boards like /mado and discuss things without being bombarded by porn. And, for those who seek the porn, it could all be in one convenient place to allow for faster and easier fapping. It's a win-win

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There is always the Hide Thread option if you don't like what you see.

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They always un-hide themselves after a while (also I have a bad habit of clearing my history whenever a bad pic), and there's always new ones too. It would be nice if porn had it's own special little place for me to never visit

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i talked to kag about this, we're considering making a /h/ board or something when i get home

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