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Please take a look at the new board software in the staging area and give me your feedback and opinions. (See news post.)


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Problem. That frame shit that shows all the boards is there. I dislike this. Can't all the boards be linked to across the top?

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My thoughts exactly.

I've never liked the fact that the address at the top never changes no matter what board you are in.
Everything else is fine.

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I request that there be alternative board colors like there is for the current site, I happen to like darker pages for boards since it's easier on my eyes.
I also would like to be able to keep individual addresses for certain boards so I can keep my RSS feed in use for certain boards.
Other than that, cool stuff.

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Ah, yes. I know some people don't like the frames. It's possible to escape the frames by opening one of the board links in a new tab, but that's a bit annoying. I still haven't figured out how to add a "remove frames" button, but I'll work on it. By the way, when you're browsing the boards, they are linked across the top, but I suppose they should be linked on the main page too.

There are alternate board colors! :D
You can switch themes at the bottom right corner. There's Yotsuba B, Yotsuba, Futaba, and Uboachan Classic, which is a copy of the colors here. I'm also open to making more themes.
The main page and sidebar don't support theme switching yet though, just the boards.

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I've added a working "Remove Frames" button. If you don't like the frames/sidebar, you can make them go away. This also fixes the address bar problem.

Later I'll make board themes work on the sidebar.

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It's being racist to me because I use Internet Explorer. Attempting to post displays an 'Internet Explorer is no longer responding' message and then it just refreshes the page.

Guess it's time to join the masses and use Google Chrome.

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> He uses Internet Explorer

I don't know why it doesn't work in Internet Explorer, and it's a bad idea to care.

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Are some of the old threads from here gonna be moved over to the new Uboachan, or do we have to start with new threads?

Oh, and there will be an edit/delete/hide thread button, right? (unless I'm being retarded and not seeing them..)

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Ehm, I like it, but I really don't think we should start over from scratch...

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....There is no Painter on the Oekakai board. Will there be?

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Will you set board color set to Classic Uboachan or will it stay Yotsuba B so we have to change it back to Classic everytime?

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Will you be setting the board color back to Classic Uboachan or are you going keep it as Yotsuba B?

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Actually, personally I'd like to keep the default as Uboachan Classic, but the popular vote seemed to be to use Burichan.

We may need a recount.

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the text is too hard to read on the uboachan style. there's not enough contrast - else i would use it. i like it dark.

Last edited 11/09/24(Sat)18:22.

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And we're closed. Please take further suggestions to the new boards.

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