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After enough delays, I've finally gotten around to making the post. I'm sorry for it guys, I'll make up for it by showing you awesome things.

First off we have some detail on Seisatsu's YN Engine. It's called the "Tsunagari Tile Engine" and he's making quick progress of it. It looks really promising, with goals being to enable not only YN being playable in other formats, but also fangames to have a new way of being made with new features. Check out his thread here:

The YN Fighter "Dream vs. Dream" continues it's progress slowly but surely. I can tell they're passionate about their work. Thread here:

/flow/ has been flowing pretty well since it opened. I'm glad to finally have that board here. .flow was always one of those more popular spinoffs.

Some anon found a webshop for YN goods over in /yn/. Checking out the actual website away from the YN part, it looks like a professional(?) blog&news site about media. I can't read moonspeak, but it sure does look like they have some kind of official connection to kikiyama. Thread here:
Main page for site: http://www.surpara.com/

The final showcase I have for you this month (gosh, next month will come soon...) is a daring one. Cupcake has undertaken a daunting task of compiling Yume Nikki in manga format. Now don't get riled up yet, she's putting a strong focus on less speech, more art. It looks like it'll be more of an art book in the end, and Cupcake's art looks simply marvelous. You can find the thread here:
And she's set up a website (though there isn't much on it yet) here:

Well, this concludes the Monthly News Post Numero Dos. I'll be back next month with more. Stay gold, uboachan.

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sorry for the "not posting of monthly updates" I've been dealing with a lot. I'll get back on this as soon as I can, I promise

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