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Okay so I'm starting something awesome. It's a monthly news-thing that I'm sure will rock your socks off. I'm not exactly sure how I'll be going about this, it's kind of difficult with this limited news system. You can make comments and chat about this in /sugg/, where this post will be stickied until the next monthly post.

I'm still getting around to playing all these fangames, but so far I really like Moga's 'May' which has a very unique art style and is more than a little buggy, but shows huge promise nonetheless. Another awesome project worth mentioning is 'Dream vs. Dream' a fighting game being made by an anonymous user with M.U.G.E.N, and he's shown to have some good motivation and a great 'team' helping him with music and graphics. May and Dream vs. Dream

The IRC is under new management? Yes! It's primarily run by Praesul, Mobling, and Misanthea now, so give them your highest respect there. Except Mobling, he's kinda dumb. They're the triad congress of #uboachan, so what goes by one, goes by all of them. If you don't know about the IRC, check the links on the left. Be sure to stop by the rules page first, because the channel is really ruthless.

Saya-chan (aka Zanaveth) is making an SDL port of Yume Nikki, I think that's really awesome. With that, future ports are just around the corner. Wii, DS... Just about anything! No links yet, but expect awesomeness. Saya-chan is a really cool bro!

Saya-chan also has compiled the YN sound files into an OST, check that out in /media/: YN OST Project Enjoy YN on your iPod thingys or all your newfangled whatchacallits.

The Pipi thread is back in /o/! I'm sure most of you are happy about that. Go draw and stuff: Woo woo!

Future projects are being prepared and will be announced at a later date, so be excited about some really neat things that are soon to come.

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I forgot something else to mention, if you have any projects or news that you think would be cool to see on the news posts, email me about it! That's the one for-sure way you will get my attention. I guess it'd be helpful to put something like "Uboachan News Submission" in the subject, so I don't get it lost or accidentally junked. Email in link field and right here: hime´╝álive.co.kr

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when do I get to be in the big three

also have you talked to rozen what is he doing

also also can you pm me my tripcode on irc chrome deleted it and I can't find it

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TRIAD more like I run this show now

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My socks are rocked.
I like this news system where you can comment, too. Please continue.

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"Saya-chan (aka Zanaveth) is making an SDL port of Yume Nikki, I think that's really awesome. With that, future ports are just around the corner. Wii, DS... Just about anything!"


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>implying he'll ever do it in the first place
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Zana's progress is really really early. But the big thing here is he's made loads of progress in just a short amount of time.

Also it's a YN "Engine" rather than just YN. Apparently it's purpose is also to help fangames as well.

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how much progress exactly? I'm interested in starting a similar project over summer (but in HTML5 and JS) and I'm wondering whether he's made any progress in terms of parsing the RPG Maker script files or making them easier to understand without knowing moonspeak.

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VERY early.

I am actually still evaluating what API should I use for the engine. At first I was going for SDL, but after seeing how horribly unstable it was I simply switched to SFML (which is, unfortunately, only for windows/mac/linux).

Regarding the port itself. It's not exactly a port, as it is actually a whole different thing compared to RPG Maker (it even has its own scripting languages). I'm currently working in the documentation for everything.

I repeat, Uboa Engine is NOT a port of RPG Maker. It is NOT compatible with anything originally made for RPG Maker, you have to redo everything from scratch in this engine.

With this said, I'm going back to work now, I have a lot of things to do now.

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lol "only" win/lin/mac


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Could you please care to explain what does a 3D engine have to do with what I posted?

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