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WAVs on /media/ :(

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Oh right, I forgot to change the filesize limit. 200mb will be plenty, right? I can increase it if you guys need me to though.

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Don't know if serious.

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Someone took a dump in the anime board.

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Why couldn't they be botspamming YN art :'(

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I wouldn't have objected to a 1200-post Boku thread.

Well, it's fixed now.

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It's back again :|

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I don't know how feasible this would be, but some sort of counter on the main page showing how many people are online at the moment would be nice. This place goes pretty slow, and it's sort of awkward to wait around for replies.

So, knowing if any replies are possible at the moment might be handy. I imagine it would be pretty difficult to put in, though, given that this is an imageboard and has no formal registration.

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Wait, what about when websites show how many guests or unregistered users are online? I can think of a number of websites that do that off the top of my head.

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I guess, yeah. It could always display the number of people who accessed a page in the last x minutes. I was sick when I replied earlier and couldn't think right :(

I'll have a look into it after work this afternoon.

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I support this idea, please. <3

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I think that, as a general character topic, it can be expanded upon by changing the theme and name.

/c/ - Other Characters or Characters General would have a little more appeal, and why make another topic?

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The sidebar still says Creatures, just to let you know.

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Thank you. Although, I feel pretty embarassed after going off like that..

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Whoops, so does the top menu. I'll fix that.

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