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This is the new news thread.

As always, I can be contacted via email (rozenfag@uboachan.net) or IRC. Don't hesitate to contact me if something goes wrong.

Last edited by moderator 09/05/10(Sun)08:44.

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I've updated Wakaba, and I can move threads more easily now.

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I removed the post time limit on /a/. Hopefully it isn't necessary anymore.

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This thread isn't really working. It can go for now.

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Made some images for Sticky/Locked/Derp

Transparent gifs

Please use them. They are simply and unimaginative, but I don't believe they should be grandiose.

Last edited 10/06/26(Sat)08:24.

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/me shat brix

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brb playing LSD.

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hello, i like this site very much

I have a suggestion: Could anybody make a well organized Database for the Fangames?

i mean, i know that there are the Media and the Fangames boards, but it is all messy.

Its very difficult to find something there, and it'd be really great to have a database for the fangames, some of them are awesome.
But a good database, with all the files that we need, it's very annoying to download them by parts.

so, pwease... do it!

I can do it if you want! >.<

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I like this idea. A place where you can just go and grab what you need.

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i like the idea very much C:

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File: 1277563001211.png -(623.7 KiB, 720x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've made a sticky thread for just this thing.

I don't keep up with /fg/ much so it's up to the common users to supply it with information.

Looks like they took up the initiative.

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hi im pretty new here, theres a problem with the game. when i launch the game it blinks. (flashes the normal game and black) and its annoying as fuck. im on windows 7, any fixes?

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File: 1276766250821.jpg -(54.2 KiB, 460x451) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Kill yourself.

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Post here if you have troble with YN: http://uboachan.net/yn/res/2621.xhtml

now the problem is an issue with RPGMaker2000/03 and win7. I have the same trouble with Touhou Seiboroku, I'd say try running in compatibility mode. If that doesn't work, just deal with it.

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You know there's a problem with this place. This used to be a relatively tame site. Now there's an influx of 4chan-esque posts. I'm obviously not saying 'if you can't say anything nice don't say it at all', I'm merely asking you to start being a bit stricter with posts that are unnecessarily rude.
Don't be too sparing with that banhammer. I was once a mod on another imageboard (now no longer running) and we immediately banned and deleted posters and posts of 4chan likeness. It made the site much nicer to scroll through without coming across flamewars or responses to a bad troll post.
Please do something to improve the situation and make Uboachan an awesome place again.

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In that case, we can't know for sure what percent is against this stuff and what percent isn't, so >>247 's point is kind of null.

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File: 1260583129776.jpg -(28.4 KiB, 160x160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

i like this site's open nature. censorship would turn it into myspace.

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I honestly disagree with this. We should have our own opninions, which also means our own sense of funny. Plus, you only call it rude because they might be a bit.. Too honest for your liking.

That attitude is kinda.. Dumb in my opninion and i'm rare to never going there. Plus it's gotten faggity anyways with all the camwhores and stuff.

Arguments are sure to happen if someone does not agree with another no matter where, it isn't trolling, it's what happens and you got to live with it.

Please remember that this is an imageboard anyways, we post pictures. If you wanted to avoid the "4channess" of it, it might as well be a fourm, rofl.

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Random idea: roleplay section for yume nikki roleplay threads!

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there's absolutely no roleplaying going on anywhere else on the board. there's no demand for it, it's not necessary, and would p much be a hassle for everyone involved.

this is a derp idea please do not etc

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File: 1272826160298.jpg -(255.3 KiB, 1196x1876) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

this idea is stupid

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Dear /sugg/,
See /uboa/. You cam RP YN on LiveJournal.

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Could the link for Mikuchan be updated from .net to .org ?
I don't have control of the .net otherwise I could update the redirect for it.

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Done, sorry for the delay.

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It's about time I got around to this. I'm recruiting mods, if you're interested in helping out a little with maintaining the site leave a post here letting me know which boards you'd like to moderate and an e-mail address or something. Namefriends and tripfriends preferred, but I'm open to anyone.

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File: 1262039478175.jpg -(7436 B, 256x192) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.





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I'm nearly tempted to just delete this thread, because I am a tremendous cockmongler

Last edited by moderator 10/03/12(Fri)15:48.

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I needed this thread to find out how long I've been here.

>>240 was my first post

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Can Uboa and Poniko have a separate board?

>> No.238   [Delete]   [Edit]

I considered it in the beginning, but there'd be so much overlapping content. It'd be easier to keep it on one board than to decide which a certain post should go on.

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Could you move all those crappy DESU threads into /a/ or something? It feels like brown boxes, but crappy weaboo spam.

>> No.208   [Delete]   [Edit]

You could use the hide thread function and bump the threads under them.

Last edited 09/11/07(Sat)09:03.

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desuchan's down so they took over that board, i'd just put up with it until they leave
it's not like /ot/ got any action before this anyway

>> No.210   [Delete]   [Edit]

I've stuck the rozen maiden threads in /a/ but I'm leaving the desuchan thread in /ot/ since it's not, y'know, an anime thread.

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