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Forgive me being ultradumb, but why is the board /a/ hidden?

Pic unrelated

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Posting is broken and we replaced it with /n/ anyway. I don't know why we didn't delete it.

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Oh, thanks, I thought it's purposely hidden :3

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A /tn/ board for Toriningen and /shit/ for shitai. I dont see the big hype about shitai, but somebody else posted that they wanted one in /c/, so i'm just throwing it out here for their sake. But toriningens are a large influence in the game itself and also for fan art (albeit hard as fuck and shit combined to draw properly)

pic semi related, not a toriningen, but it's close.

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The toriningen probably have the most theories that dont involve rape, penis, or death

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File: 1293117670155.jpg -(362.1 KiB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think we'll be fine the way we are.
There are things going on in the background that'll be delightful. I personally wish we could get rid of a few boards, but otherwise, I think we're fine on the board layout.

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they do in /c/

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I know this isn't really a 'problems' board but I didn't really know where else to put it.

So, the thing on the side where you change the colors, (like to burichan, gurochan, etc. style) it doesn't work. The lightswitch on the top works but the letters to change the colors don't work. I tried refreshing, and exiting the window and coming back. Still wont work, or is it chrome being a bitch on me? Help?

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Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I'm having this problem on google chrome. I dun like that blue and plain-vanilla Uboachan hurts my eyes. I've disabled all my plugins, retried, restarted computer, etc, etc. In an attempt to stop wrong answers before they are posted, I tested it in Firefox, disabled all plugins, etc, etc, nothing. I have too much pride to use IE8, so you can't get my to test that. Thus, the problem is /not/ my browser. Something is fucked up in the forum, and I'd like someone to get to the bottom of this.

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I can view it fine within Firefox and Chrome.
I really wouldn't know what else to check other than asking what OS and Unicode you're using.

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This is a confusing thread. I'll clear some things up.

The sidebar/menu will NOT work with Site Styles currently. We're not actively working on it right now, either. That's why the lightswitch was implemented, as a workaround for those who hated the new default style. I could see if I might make a quick workaround for the other styles, later.

The site styles selection, both the one on the menu AND the header, will change the style, it's just that it won't currently work with the menu.

If that's your issue, tell me what style you want first, so I can work on it first.

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Needs .bmp file support.

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There is little reason to display .bmp images, but there is still some.
I'd say that outweighs the reason of no display support. Unless it's difficult to implement into Wakaba I see no reason why this shouldn't be done.

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I don't see why it should be. Convert them to png or don't upload them.

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I'm gonna have to agree here, convert it to a more popular format if you want to post it.

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File: 1292966662269.jpg -(83.7 KiB, 800x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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To celebrate our 2 years of nonsense, faggotry, and all the fun times we have, we're holding a contest for a new main page banner.

So all graphics junkies should participate. Only the best will be selected and you'll be hailed as the greatest artist uboachan has, period. Seriously!

All banners made for this should be 800 pixels in width, and 200 pixels in height and jpg, gif, or png. I know it's smaller than the current one, but that's another reason we're doing this. Some good points would be to have Poniko and Uboa both in it, but really, we'll select the best even if it doesn't have either.

2 years down, hopefully we'll never reach the end. Good luck!

The contest ends on the 21st of January!

Last edited by moderator 10/12/26(Sun)13:11.

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haa D:
yeah X_X' i think the same about the picture....hopefully i don't made a banner with this pic

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File: 1294443596700.jpg -(285 KiB, 800x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

... and i do belive i over did it.
I tried fitting uboa in there as dark cracks or something. It looks odd to me though ._.

Last edited 11/01/07(Fri)15:43.

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Thanks for all the submissions guys, I'm running a bit late, so if anyone still wants to make one, you still can! We're starting to take votes on submissions now, make your voice heard on the IRC channel if you want to vote.
/query hirasawayui [your vote here]
in the IRC to send me a message, and we'll see what the most popular banner is! Just link me the image or post number, that'll be sufficient.
Remember to use /query instead of /msg ! It's important!

There are only 3 more days! You could totally surprise everyone!

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What happend to /mono/ ?
i can't see any pictures ._.'

am i stupid or is there something wrong ?

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Must be you, don't see any issues with it.

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File: 1289684429982.jpg -(2.4 MiB, 3072x2304) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I just got back to this web site...why was I banned from the site? I don't understand...If I could get someone who will tell me why...that would be brilliant...If it has something to do with my fan character, I don't think that is fair. I have people always deleting my threads and those that I have replied to. WHY?

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This reminds me of the time everyone thought I was a guy on Pooshlmer.

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Theres always some post complaining about something not working.

Here ya go.

HEY ROZEN, whenever I edit my post, it switches to Uboachan. Can you somehow fix this this, or do I just have to keep on switching back to Burichan?

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>and I keep forgetting what causes it

My browser, maybe? (Don't think I'm right because I'm not so sure).

I use google chrome by the way.

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It's not the browser's fault, it's a hiccup in one of the server's security modules, I believe. I've fixed it a few times but it keeps breaking. I'll have another crack at it, hopefully it'll be solved in a few minutes.

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File: 1290579153264.jpg -(21 KiB, 220x265) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

-Walks out of /fg/ door and into /sugg/, and walks in room >>762 with suitcase-

I have a problem:

So, I tried editing one of my posts in /fg/, and I thought the post didn't show up. SO I edited it again.

Read message over again.

2 edit messages saying same thing in middle of post.

Feel embarassed and apologize (I'm just nice okay)

But uh, yeah. That's pretty much the problem.

in return: giant snorlax stocking eating cream

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File: 1246516644680.png -(18.5 KiB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Could we get animations for oekaki like Desuchan has?

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File: 1289517912696.png -(3073 B, 171x140) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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FFF- ploxploxplox.

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I've had a look at this and I honestly don't know if I can do it. The animation file isn't even created in the first place, let alone actually stored on the server for other people to look at.

I'll keep looking though, maybe there's just a line of code I'm missing somewhere. If I could get the applet working again in the first place I can do anything! >:3

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File: 1289469544729.jpg -(114.8 KiB, 435x435) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I hate asking for new boards, but I really think there should be an art or drawing board of some sort.

So /mado/ doesn't get flooded with "rate my drawing /mado/".

Maybe change /o/ to /dg/ - drawing general..?

I dunno, I just hate seeing those bad drawings there.

Last edited 10/11/11(Thu)02:00.

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/o/ is already drawing general

>> No.843   [Delete]   [Edit]

Pretty much this. I've been lazy but I saw that thread on /ot/, do you want these threads moved to /o/?

>> No.844   [Delete]   [Edit]


That would be awesome.

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