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Please take a look at the new board software in the staging area and give me your feedback and opinions. (See news post.)


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And we're closed. Please take further suggestions to the new boards.

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I an using IE and have trouble posting to the new Uboachan board. every time I try, the tab closes and re opens. Help please!

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Due to IE being incredibly bad, I entirely suggest moving to another browser, such as Firefox or Opera.

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ok. I'll try that.

EDIT: Thanks! It works now! :D

Last edited 11/10/29(Sat)19:33.

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Is here anyone who delete bullshit on this site?
like spam or something like naked strange people and pedo.stuff or just something that just don't belong into uboachan
i've seen sooo much stupid things

i think we need someone who is everyday online on this site to delete this ._.

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we're doing what we can. I've just removed some more spam porn. remember to report posts, I check that first thing. IP blocking doesn't do so much, as most spammers are bots, and are from different IP's regularly.

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I don't know how to report :<

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There is a checkbox near each post, if you check the boxes for posts that you want to report, then scroll to the bottom, you'll see the "Report Post(s) to Staff" Message and button near it. Click it and that should get you on y our way

Thank you!

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hmmm i try to open the trouble shooting thread in /yn/, but it keeps giving me "this link is broken"?? is this happening with anyone else?

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Yes, /yn/ is broken and the admins are too dum to fix it.

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we have a temporary fix for it. if you want to post in a broken thread, report it. I'll have to fix them for you. but otherwise I should have fixed most of the top threads.

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Do we really need subpar-chan #1349 that gets 1-5 posts every other day?

4chons > you; enjoy your Chan Nationalist elitism and unwarranted self-importance from being a hurrdurr imma rebel non-conformist conforming to anti-conformity south park goth gooo homosexuality!

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My doctor says my parents don't beat me enough.

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I want to translate yume nisshi and was wondering if anyone can lead me in the direction of where I can find a guide/help on how to ; w;

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I have no idea really. if you need to learn japanese get in touch with pokebis, if it's a rpgmaker thing you need to start learning how rpgmaker works. vgboy also knows a thing or two about that.

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lol necrothread-ing in case you're still wondering or someone else wants to know


i like this tool because the way it applies patches doesn't break from version to version.

and hopefully you already know enough japanese to translate but in case you don't... 'all about particles' and 'japanese verbs at a glance' both saved my butt repeatedly in japanese class...

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I'm tired of seeing porn on character's topic. Please, make an only-porn board to post these kind of perv material.

Pic not related.

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There is always the Hide Thread option if you don't like what you see.

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They always un-hide themselves after a while (also I have a bad habit of clearing my history whenever a bad pic), and there's always new ones too. It would be nice if porn had it's own special little place for me to never visit

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i talked to kag about this, we're considering making a /h/ board or something when i get home

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Make banners clickable and not current-board related already. Please.

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Banners are clickable, and I'll see about making the irrelevant board banners global.

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WE NEED BANNERS. Feel like messing around with Photoshop? Post your banners (300x100, jpg/png/gif) here and I'll add them to the rotation.

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File: 1313812309222.png -(6082 B, 300x100) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

not sure if you're still accepting, but here's one i made.

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made some more

and i painted this picture so it's alright to use.

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ok, last one

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After enough delays, I've finally gotten around to making the post. I'm sorry for it guys, I'll make up for it by showing you awesome things.

First off we have some detail on Seisatsu's YN Engine. It's called the "Tsunagari Tile Engine" and he's making quick progress of it. It looks really promising, with goals being to enable not only YN being playable in other formats, but also fangames to have a new way of being made with new features. Check out his thread here:

The YN Fighter "Dream vs. Dream" continues it's progress slowly but surely. I can tell they're passionate about their work. Thread here:

/flow/ has been flowing pretty well since it opened. I'm glad to finally have that board here. .flow was always one of those more popular spinoffs.

Some anon found a webshop for YN goods over in /yn/. Checking out the actual website away from the YN part, it looks like a professional(?) blog&news site about media. I can't read moonspeak, but it sure does look like they have some kind of official connection to kikiyama. Thread here:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited by moderator 11/07/10(Sun)02:16.

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sorry for the "not posting of monthly updates" I've been dealing with a lot. I'll get back on this as soon as I can, I promise

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