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Why do fan artists always get this wrong

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If we went by the pixels, we'd have to draw him hunchbacked with a huge torso and itsy-bitsy legs.
I want to draw this now.
Pic not mine but related

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There's a thing called "perspective"

Good artists dabble with it so it doesn't look like garbage

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try to draw madotsuki (or anybody else) like she appears ingame... i'm not sure if i want to see that.

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File: 1313788890208.jpg -(174.6 KiB, 444x444) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Blue Sky delivers.

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And? Go draw him the way you want to draw him, we all perceive things differently and when it's a bunch of pixels it's mostly left to the minds eye.
Yes people make Masada more human looking, because people like to add human traits to shit your meant to feel sorry for.
I'm all for lanky, horribly deformed Masada, and accurate depictions of Madotsuki but it's up to your own minds eye.

Honestly i don't agree with that depiction of Masada at all i don't think he even has a mouth or a nose.

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I never saw it as a nose. I saw it more like him going all D: because oh shit someones pulling a fucking knife on him.

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He turns when you don't have the knife out, too.

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OP is right, what the fuck are you talking about.
It seems like you want to defend the artwork in where madotsuki is 15 or above
Which isn't even the case

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What makes you think it's "not the case"? Her age and appearance is almost completely ambiguous in-game.

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what if he doesn't have jaws

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for instance, the hairstyle, her gaming console..
People want her to be old, maybe because they fap to it. When i first played i thought i was controlling a 12 year old. I don't know how you could think otherwise. Poniko and Masada look mature, but Mado absolutely doesn't.


Ever heard those btw?

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It's not like those things are exclusive to children. Plus I can't see a minor living alone in what is most likely an apartment building. Really, all we know is that the main character is a girl in braids who has weird dreams, a crappy NES videogame and a flashy carpet.
What would you say about Monoe, though?

It never sounded like "dame/muri" to me until someone pointed it out, so I guess not.

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that applies to most of us, but it is true.

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