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It's cool but damn they're gonna have a hell of a time explaining it. I woulda gotten something smaller, too.

inb4 Madotsuki checkered/window symbol chest piece tattoo

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This is so awesome. Fuckin' saved.

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This has inspired me for wanting a tattoo of Masada. Definately.
So I was wondering if some of you would please design a little and simple Masada image for tattooing. :3
Thankies you all~

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I kind of cringed when I saw that for the first time, I guess it's okay if they can make the excuse of "I fucking love playing the piano"
or "I fucking love music"
but I would of gone for something smaller and more discreet personally.
I don't discourage tattoos to do with video games they can be awesome, but making sure it isn't going to be awkward is another thing.

dude, explain what you want exactly?
you want Masada looking kawwai desu? Masada at his piano? where on the body do you want it so we can think about what would work the most with that body part, ect?

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Not kawaii desu nor moe moe kyun :B although that would be funny to explain, ahum ಠ_ಠ

Anyways, something like the OP pic, Masada at his piano with musical notes. Yay yay. 8D

And I thought about doin' it in one of the hip' sides.


Thank you in advance. ಠ3ಠ

Last edited 11/08/14(Sun)18:28.

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The placing of it kind of made me cringe. I mean, if I were getting a Masada tattoo in a fashion that was large and elongated, I would get it across my back or something. Not across my side, that's just dumb.

It's a pretty okay tattoo otherwise.

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What happened here anyway? Did Kabuto actually make a design? Did Seccom ever get a tattoo? Or are they both gone, never to return to this thread?

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huh what now?
I thought this thread died.
RL stuff got in the way, this died down and i really forgot about it.
lol oops.

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Ha ha, I see. For some reason I just couldn't let this stay dead. Wonder if the other guy will respond.

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