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i haven't even played yume nikki before, but i was thinking about this game:
Masada's weird eyes could be because, if he is madotsuki's old piano teacher/whatever, maybe mado didn't like him in rl... so she portrays him with weird eyes.
no one would really care about this tiny detail and someone probably thought of this already, but just my 2cents

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I'm more into the theory that Masada was her piano teacher, but was close to her - he lets her stay in his spaceship and play his piano, doesn't he? - and he had a bit of a lazy eye that Mado-chan's subconscious just exaggerated.

Last edited 09/06/14(Sun)01:05.

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Misfire, apologies.

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me love you long time

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y u do dis

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why i do dis?

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D'aww, cute.

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I've seen them both ways, 6_9 and 9_6. Which way are his eyes usually oriented? o_o

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I've always been under the impression that they moved around independently of each other. They may point in any direction, but not both the same way. He's like a chameleon.

Either way should work, but I personally use 6_9. With the long curves on the outside like that, it looks like the outside edges of his eyes to me. It's more aesthetically pleasing than seeing the inside edges/tear ducts with 9_6.

With that said, Secom Masada doesn't appear to have a mouth. So why the underscore?

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"So why the underscore?"

Uhh. There you have me. A lot of people include the underscore. But I've seen Masada with a mouth, and I've seen him without a mouth, and honestly he seems to be cuter without a mouth, so I guess 6 9 would be a better way of describing his face, unless you considered the _ to be the chin or something. XD

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I just went and looked at him; 9_6
...I think.

Damn XD

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hai guise, what's goin on? 6 9

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