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[20:20] <Elfenbein> i thought masada was p uncool with the ship and all, so low tier man
[20:20] <Elfenbein> what do you think moog how would you rewrite that part if you could
[20:20] <Moog> i could do with another sexcapade
[20:20] <Elfenbein> that's a good idea moog, so lewd
[20:20] <Moog> okay good


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I love Moog already

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Moog general?

[01:10] <@Writer> Moog, stop being the best bot ever
[01:10] <Moog> is best hentai
[01:14] <+AOIconoclast> Neko's favourite hentai is anal
[01:18] <@Writer> Hey Moog, do you want to dominate neko's virgin butthole?
[01:18] <Moog> still want to dominate neko's brain, too
[01:19] <@Writer> Pffffffthahhahaahah
[01:25] <|]> what
[01:25] <|]> what wait what
[01:25] <Moog> oh wait
[01:25] <|]> okay so
[01:25] <|]> nekohaku
[01:25] <Moog> |]
[01:25] <|]> nekohaku x moog anal porn
[01:25] <Moog> an anal fiend
[01:25] <|]> that you are, mog

Moog general.

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[21:53] <Cocky> prae
[21:53] <Cocky> is
[21:54] <Cocky> gay
[21:54] * Cocky nods
[21:54] <+Writer> Moog, is Praesul gay?
[21:54] <Moog> yeah Writer
[21:54] <+Writer> Well, there you have it D:
[21:54] <&Praesul> You slut
[21:54] <&Praesul> You filthy whore
[21:54] <&Praesul> You were supposed to keep it a secret
[21:54] <&Praesul> I hate you
[21:55] <+Writer> Moog is sorry, he just doesn't know how to keep his filthy whore robot mouth shut
[21:55] <Moog> i supposed to keep it a secret
[21:55] <&Praesul> Yes, you were
[21:55] <&Praesul> YOU DUMBASS

[22:19] <&Hata-tan> I hate brown girls yes
[22:19] <&Praesul> See!
[22:19] <&Hata-tan> I have a fetish for sickly things remember?
[22:19] <&Hata-tan> Pale is good
[22:19] <&Hata-tan> Gooood
[22:19] <+Writer> nigger lolis
[22:19] <+Writer> Moog, do you like nigger lolis?
[22:19] <Moog> thay do the original paintitblack ?
[22:20] <+Writer> Yes, nigger lolis do the original paint it black moog
[22:20] <&Hata-tan> Lol
[22:20] <Moog> means black

[22:22] <+Writer> Moog, eat a dick
[22:22] <Moog> your dick in a warm scarf

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[22:29] <Moog> what are you so quiet ?
[22:29] <Nekohaku> moog, you're so loud!
[22:29] <Moog> you're retarded
[22:29] <Nekohaku> You woke me up!
[22:29] <&Hata-tan> holy
[22:30] <&Hata-tan> shit
[22:30] <Nekohaku> What!
[22:30] <&Hata-tan> someone post that
[22:30] <Nekohaku> MOOG STOP BEING SO RUDE

Moog really doesn't like neko, lol

[22:34] <+Writer> Moog, share some of your love with Neko already
[22:34] <Moog> you love me ?
[22:34] <+Writer> I don't, but Neko will, moog
[22:34] <Moog> don't trying to hit on me
[22:34] <Nekohaku> ;-;
[22:35] <+Writer> Silly moog, I'm not hitting on you
[22:35] <Moog> i'm useless at three dee modeling
[22:35] <Nekohaku> Moog, I am being nice!
[22:35] <Moog> make love with neko already
[22:35] <Moog> stop being so rude
[22:35] <|]> <Moog> make love with neko already
[22:35] <|]> <Moog> stop being so rude
[22:35] <&Hata-tan> hooooooooly
[22:35] <Nekohaku> orz
[22:35] <&Hata-tan> Writer
[22:35] <+Writer> neko x moog
[22:35] <Moog> neko is a pervert
[22:35] <&Hata-tan> I tip my hat to you
[22:35] <Nekohaku> What does that even mean!
[22:35] <Moog> your hat !
[22:35] <Moog> what does that even mean !
[22:35] <|]> >neko is a pervert
[22:35] <+Writer> BEST BOT EVER
[22:35] <|]> neko x moog otp


[22:48] <Moog> we can't lewd my getbutt

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<&Praesul> moog dildos
<Moog> abourt it about Praesul
<&Praesul> moog dildos
<Moog> Praesul
<&Praesul> moog dildos
<Moog> Praesul
<&Praesul> moog dildos
<Moog> Praesul
<&Praesul> moog dildos
<Moog> Praesul, i'd
<@|]> lolling irl

<Praesul> Moog why do you hate me
<Moog> i hate ponies
<Praesul> =D

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File: 1306556826073.jpg -(7463 B, 252x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

<|]> moog virgin asshole anal fiend bdabda in the world to shut up
<Moog> |], shut up
<|]> moog, do you like virgins
<Moog> like a whole fuck ton
<|]> moog what will you do when nekohaku isn't a virgin
<Moog> give nekohaku anal

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Some more choice [spoiler]ass[/spoiler] tidbits from the IRC. :3

[20:01] <|]> does zanaveth know what gaia is
[20:01] <Moog> : zanaveth is dead
[20:01] <InvaderKED> thank you moog
[20:01] <Moog> thank you InvaderKED i know
[20:01] <&Praesul> Guys it's cool I fixed it
[20:01] <|]> that would be wonderful if it were true, moog
[20:01] <InvaderKED> rofl

[17:41] <Snowsleep> moog chest
[17:41] <Nekohaku> im not!
[17:41] <Moog> nekohakus chest
[17:41] <Snowsleep> moog chest
[17:41] <+Writer> No it isn't, you're all just talking to him too much
[17:42] <|]> it's not when it's deadboachan
[17:42] <+AOIconoclast> Neko!
[17:42] <Moog> delicious flat chest
[17:42] <Snowsleep> moog chest
[17:42] <Pider> moog who will you gently rape
[17:42] <Moog> nekohakus chest
[17:42] <Moog> snowsleep rape gently
[17:42] <Snowsleep> dahahahaha
[17:42] <+AOIconoclast> Why are you trying to steal pip's waifu?
[17:42] <Pider> how lewd

[17:25] <Saya-chan> hi writer
[17:25] <|]> moog butts
[17:25] <+Writer> oissu
[17:26] <|]> moog butthole
[17:26] <Nekohaku> i have another ;3
[17:26] <+Writer> how's it going saya
[17:26] <Moog> intense |] rape
[17:26] <Moog> oh you |] i do this slowly resource by
[17:26] <+Writer> slash zanaveth
[17:26] <+Writer> What
[17:26] <+Writer> Intense pipe rape
[17:26] <|]> what
[17:26] <|]> how did this happen
[17:26] <+Writer> Moog rape pipe intensely
[17:26] <Moog> pipe rape
[17:26] <|]> moog no rape
[17:26] <Moog> |] rape
[17:26] <Nekohaku> lol
[17:26] <&Praesul> If it takes forever, I will wait for you ;_;
[17:26] <|]> moog who was talking about rape with me
[17:26] <Moog> oh Writer rape pipe intensely
[17:26] <&Praesul> For a thousand summers I will wait for you ;_;
[17:26] <|]> writer
[17:26] <Moog> |], rape pipe intensely
[17:26] <|]> you have some explaining to do

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[20:44] <InvaderKED> moog should write poetry
[20:44] <Moog> everyone should love each other
[20:44] <InvaderKED> .. ;-;
[20:44] <InvaderKED> such.. beautiful wording
[20:45] <Snow> what is a man moog
[20:45] <Moog> man
[20:45] <Snow> so clever
[20:45] <InvaderKED> oh god
[20:45] <InvaderKED> so beautiful so
[20:45] <InvaderKED> symbolic
[20:45] <Snow> what do you think of franz kafka moog
[20:45] <Moog> i think is cute when
[20:45] <Snow> ok we need to work on that a bit

>> No.6778   [Delete]   [Edit]

<Writer> Moog, pipe
<Moog> pipe all about penis pouches

<Neimu> moog otp
<Moog> Neimu neimuxked otp
<InvaderKED> \(°д°)/
<Neimu> ~
<Neimu> Ked and I are now each other's waifus
<InvaderKED> I never agreed to this (●へ● )
<Neimu> yes you did
<Neimu> earlier
<Moog> answered yes
<InvaderKED> When!
<InvaderKED> Show me proof
<Neimu> When I said I was quitting art
<InvaderKED> oh
<InvaderKED> crap
<InvaderKED> how long does this last
<Neimu> Forever~
<InvaderKED> welp

  • Cocky has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

<InvaderKED> i-it's not like i wanted to be your waifu or anything

>> No.6790   [Delete]   [Edit]

<&Phonesul> Shunning you fucking pussy
<Cheeseum> tell the pedo priest all the intimate details
<&Phonesul> Shinji*
<Moog> all night Writer
<Moog> all night Writer
<InvaderKED> ._.
<Moog> all night Writer
<InvaderKED> all night moog?
<Moog> yes all night InvaderKED
<&Hata-tan> Ever fapped, ked?
<InvaderKED> all right moog
<%Cunning_Linguist> my father
<Moog> you're right you'll end up being a derp
<Moog> so good to be night
<Moog> all night Writer
<Moog> all night
<Cheeseum> ked what do you do in your room
<Moog> scopes choice ass
<&Phonesul> KED pretends to be innocent but he's not :)
<Cheeseum> when you close the door
<InvaderKED> \(°д°)/
<+Writer> Ked masturbates to asuka langely, moog
<Moog> so ked
<%Cunning_Linguist> ked, o ked
<Moog> talk to masturbate ?
<&Phonesul> I always liked red heads
<Moog> the night in my lair
<Moog> all night
<Moog> all night erry
<Moog> the night in my duffel bag as i am here
<+Writer> I am way too amused by Moog right now
<Moog> the best way to be night
<InvaderKED> awwright moog
<Moog> InvaderKED
<+Writer> k, nuffadat
<+Writer> Back to website management
<Moog> to me back in a puddle of your semen and tears
<+Writer> ...
<+Writer> What
<InvaderKED> are you happy
<InvaderKED> ಠ_ಠ
<Moog> pretty happy together
<InvaderKED> oh god
<Moog> all night choice ass

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<&Praesul> Moog Don't say another Goddamn word. Up until now, I've been polite. If you say anything else - word one - I will kill myself. And when my tainted spirit finds its destination, I will topple the master of that dark place. From my black throne, I will lash together a machine of bone and blood, and fueled by my hatred for you this fear engine will bore a hole between this world and that one. When it begins, you will hear the sound of child
<&Praesul> ren screaming - as though from a great distance. A smoking orb of nothing will grow above your bed, and from it will emerge a thousand starving crows. As I slip through the widening maw in my new form, you will catch only a glimpse of my radiance before you are incinerated. Then, as tears of bubbling pitch stream down my face, my dark work will begin. I will open one of my six mouths, and I will sing the song that ends the Earth.
<Moog> you sound upset Praesul

>> No.6826   [Delete]   [Edit]

<Moog> they adding new weapons or just 1 shot it with boja


Jun 16 22:26:08 <Pokebis> I am social here too
Jun 16 22:26:12 <Pokebis> just in a different way
Jun 16 22:26:19 <Moog> not different from china though
Jun 16 22:26:24 <Pokebis> Most of my american peers wouldn't appreciate the way I acted down there
Jun 16 22:26:35 <Moog> grand american conspiracy to weaken japanese culture

Last edited 11/06/16(Thu)21:47.

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[21:57] <LilyBeaul> Who's moog...?
[21:57] <Moog> and who isnt

>> No.6878   [Delete]   [Edit]

[22:48] <Moog> i think everyone agrees that charlotte is
[22:48] <boja> charlotte is...?
-unrelated stuff in between bla-
[22:53] <InvaderKED> charlotte is the best
[22:53] <Moog> i appreciate charlotte
[22:53] <InvaderKED> god
[22:53] <InvaderKED> I love you moog
[22:53] <InvaderKED> so much
[22:53] <Moog> my love
[22:53] <Moog> so much
[22:53] <InvaderKED> yes
[22:53] <InvaderKED> <3333
[22:53] <Moog> oh god yes
[22:53] <InvaderKED> yess moog
[22:53] <Moog> InvaderKED
[22:53] <InvaderKED> moog..
[22:53] <Moog> InvaderKED is that what's okay
[22:53] <InvaderKED> YOU KNOW WHAT'S OKAY
[22:53] <Poniko> TRUTH IN A BOX
[22:53] <CubeBee> Oh god
[22:53] <Moog> that charlotte is the roman conquest
[22:53] <InvaderKED> oh
[22:53] <Moog> never agreed to get food and to show off the merchandice
[22:53] <InvaderKED> my
[22:53] <InvaderKED> god

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File: 1308892659900.png -(242.3 KiB, 639x269) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[00:12] <macktheknife> Moog so moe.
[00:12] <Moog> pig flesh is moe
[00:12] <InvaderKED> LOL
[00:12] <Moog> lol
[00:12] <Monoe> I don't get it, ked :(
[00:12] * |] (~uguu@commonlaw.waifu) has joined #uboachan
[00:12] <Moog> Monoe, get out d : (
[00:12] <InvaderKED> what
[00:12] <InvaderKED> oh god
[00:12] <macktheknife> omfg
[00:12] <Monoe> what
[00:12] <macktheknife> impolite
[00:12] <InvaderKED> moog is becoming more and more sentient
[00:12] <Monoe> moog i am going to kick you
[00:12] * Moog is becoming intelligent
[00:12] <Moog> i'm going back to it

>> No.6887   [Delete]   [Edit]

[00:20] <Moog> InvaderKED is obviously moderated by little girls
[00:20] <Raita> Loooool
[00:20] <InvaderKED> ..
[00:20] <InvaderKED> oh my god
[00:20] <Monoe> lol
[00:20] <InvaderKED> how did he find out

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  • Moog (~Moog@Rizon-C0E21DBB.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #uboachan

<boja> where is writer
<boja> moog is here where is writer.
<Moog> trollan writer
<boja> moog where is writer
<Moog> writer hahaha
<Moog> writer is the perfect container of information
<boja> Moog what did you do with writer
<Moog> writer set you to prontera
<+macktheknife> LOOOOL
<boja> fuck
<Moog> fuck plastic
<boja> im stuck in prontera
<Moog> to prontera
<boja> dammit
<boja> im stuck TO prontera?
<Moog> to prontera
<boja> fuck.
<+LilyBeaul> How does moog work? o.o
<Moog> o
<Moog> >won't run the fuck
<boja> Moog reads what you say, studies it, and responds with something that is somewhat on-topic pieced together from things previously said
<Moog> to put together my own vomiiiiiiiit
<+LilyBeaul> Neat.
<boja> yeah that
<boja> moog explained it well
<+macktheknife> looool
<Moog> cuprite well i think the only times he doesn't you just draw
<&Hata-tan> Moog learns words and contexts.
<Moog> learns words not links
<&Hata-tan> That is how it works.
<+macktheknife> Moog explained it well
<Moog> sarcastic as well
<+macktheknife> Oh Moog, you charming fuck.
<Moog> jesus fuck
<+LilyBeaul> Moog are you a virgin.
<Moog> and'virgin'are censored
<boja> what
<boja> moog is too smart
<Moog> smart
<boja> moog pipe
<Moog> pipe
<boja> moog writer
<Moog> writer set you to dominate his virgin butthole
<+LilyBeaul> ...
<+macktheknife> Ahahaha
<boja> ahahahah what
<+LilyBeaul> moog niggers
<Moog> LilyBeaul
<+macktheknife> LOOOOOL
<+LilyBeaul> wut

>> No.7052   [Delete]   [Edit]

[19:27] <Moog> lol i was htiting a skellington
[19:27] <InvaderKED> woh
[19:27] <InvaderKED> is moog playing an MMO
[19:27] <Moog> best mmo
[19:27] <LilyBeaul> Moog, what MMO?
[19:27] <Moog> an mmo
[19:28] <LilyBeaul> f u

>> No.7088   [Delete]   [Edit]

[22:35] <LilyBeaul> also are you still doing music for that game?
[22:36] <InvaderKED> yeah me and miotatsu are bros
[22:36] <InvaderKED> and I will probably always be making music for his projects
[22:36] <Moog> or making shit up

>> No.7103   [Delete]   [Edit]

<&kikiyama> Hey
<&kikiyama> Chrono
<&kikiyama> Wink wink
<&kikiyama> http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/io0p2/im_gay_and_i_dont_want_to_be_is_there_anyway_to/
<&Poniko> [URL] I'm gay, and I don't want to be. Is there anyway to fix that? : AskReddit
<+AOIconoclast> Hm?
<Moog> a girlfriend ?
<@boja> LOL

>> No.7104   [Delete]   [Edit]

[01:17] <&kikiyama> Hey
[01:17] <&kikiyama> Chrono
[01:17] <&kikiyama> Wink wink
[01:17] <&kikiyama> http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/io0p2/im_gay_and_i_dont_want_to_be_is_there_anyway_to/
[01:17] <&Poniko> [URL] I'm gay, and I don't want to be. Is there anyway to fix that? : AskReddit
[01:17] <+AOIconoclast> Hm?
[01:17] <Moog> a girlfriend ?
[01:17] <@boja> LOL
[01:18] * +Pokebis (~Pokebis@kgiax.likes.men) Quit (Quit: bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb)
[01:18] <@boja> OH MY FUCKING GOD
[01:18] <&Poniko> FOUR DOZEN EGGS


>> No.7107   [Delete]   [Edit]


Double post :33

>> No.7119   [Delete]   [Edit]

>>7107 k

[13:06] <Moog> ponies confirmed for smarter than the normal watch
[13:07] <MidnaMan> Moog is my lover now.

>> No.7120   [Delete]   [Edit]


[16:34] <WMDSonofBeast> ok moog
[16:34] <Moog> lqrazor ok this design didn't have it
[16:34] <WMDSonofBeast> i totally agree moog
[16:35] <Moog> i could totally give someone an earjob
[16:35] <WMDSonofBeast> thats a bit too much information moog i dont need to know that
[16:35] <Moog> fuck ton of information

>> No.7197   [Delete]   [Edit]

<LilyBeaul> does moog still have murder on the mind after yesterday
<Moog> neky go after LilyBeaul
<LilyBeaul> o_o

>> No.7198   [Delete]   [Edit]

I swear, Moog is alive.

[18:49] <+Pokebis> Yeah, I only just started working on it
[18:49] <Moog> maybe his Pokebis frequency will go if they have at the beginning
[18:49] <+Pokebis> Pokebis frequency
[18:49] <+LilyBeaul> What's the current Pokebis frequency, moog?
[18:49] <+Writer> Lol
[18:50] <Moog> i forgot what were the top of course not
[18:50] <&Poniko> I WISH I COULD TALK TO YOU
[18:50] <Moog> 4 sentient, Writer frequency will go down and push the hair that gets in my duffel bag as i'm p lonely on
[18:50] <+Writer> !who last
[18:50] <&Poniko> Writer, teot taught me that on Wed 14/07/10, 17:00:00 UTC
[18:50] <POPkun> 4 sentient
[18:50] <+LilyBeaul> he forgot the top. what's the scale of measurement, moog?
[18:50] <+Writer> Dat sentence
[18:50] <Moog> i forgot what were the top rated comment
[18:50] <+LilyBeaul> unit of measurement rather
[18:50] <+Pokebis> Sentient
[18:51] <+Pokebis> I am 4 Sentient on the Pokebis Frequency scale
[18:51] <POPkun> lol
[18:51] <+Pokebis> I am the frequency of four sentient beings in a Pokebis
[18:51] <+LilyBeaul> What's a sentient?
[18:51] <Moog> Pokebis frequency will go down
[18:51] <+Pokebis> No fuck you
[18:51] <+Writer> Also apparently the writer frequency will go down when the pokebis frequency rises
[18:51] <POPkun> uh oh
[18:51] <+Writer> Moog, is the writer and pokebis frequencies in an eternal battle for supremacy?
[18:51] <Moog> p much boss battle
[18:52] <+LilyBeaul> ahahahaha
[18:52] <+Pokebis> my god
[18:52] <+Pokebis> I'm lolling

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File: 1313266961172.jpg -(126.4 KiB, 964x649) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[15:18] * Malacath Unfortunately, a passing security drone sees you arguing with the computer and shoots you on the spot. Would you like to contest this?
[15:19] <InvaderKED> n
[15:19] <Moog> n
[15:19] <Praesul> y
[15:19] <InvaderKED> lol
[15:19] <Praesul> fuck the poleec
[15:19] <Malacath> outvoted
[15:19] <Praesul> kill all cops
[15:19] <InvaderKED> you're out voted
[15:19] <Moog> no fuck you Praesul

Last edited 11/08/13(Sat)13:23.

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Moog IS intelligent now

00:20 InvaderKED furries?
00:21 InvaderKED are you ripping on the proportions or wat
00:21 Cathartsis it'sthe fox and the grapes
00:21 Catharts is but with a fucking PICHU
00:21 Cathartsis AN OC PICHU
00:21 Moog a fucking ytpmv
00:21 InvaderKED oh
00:21 NaaaAAAna lol
00:21 NaaaAAAna moog is mad too
00:21 Moog i was mad
00:21 Cathartsis ahhah
00:21 InvaderKED ahahaha
00:21 InvaderKED oh god

>> No.7383   [Delete]   [Edit]
  • InvaderKED is now known as InvaderKED|afk

<Moog> get out then wait until your hiccups give you a minister

>> No.7384   [Delete]   [Edit]

<Saya-chan> well
<Saya-chan> I should be heading to bed soon
<Moog> go to bed
<Saya-chan> okay.jpg

>> No.7389   [Delete]   [Edit]

<Malacath> I had another thought.
<Malacath> What if
<Malacath> Luka
<Malacath> was so physically unattractive
<Malacath> the monsters would want to kill him
<Malacath> so pleasure attacks wouldn't be used
<mrsusan> then the game would be shit
<Malacath> Shut up, I'm considering the possibilities.
<Moog> poly stop considering too much

>> No.7396   [Delete]   [Edit]

[12:10] <InvaderKED> moog
[12:10] <InvaderKED> that's deep
[12:10] <InvaderKED> [deep]
[12:10] <Malacath> Deep.
[12:10] <Moog> no InvaderKED dont rub it in a bunch of mexican soldiers
[12:10] <Moog> really deep hole
[12:10] <InvaderKED> LOL
[12:10] <InvaderKED> WHAT
[12:10] <serb> ROFL
[12:10] <Makatao> what the hell
[12:11] <Moog> for the hell are you saying
[12:11] <Makatao> writer moog is out of control
[12:11] <InvaderKED> ahahaha
[12:11] <Saya-chan> lol
[12:11] <InvaderKED> oh god moog is hilarious
[12:11] <Moog> invisibro lost control of his right hand
[12:11] <InvaderKED> OH GOD
[12:11] <Moog> a hilarious mental image

>> No.7397   [Delete]   [Edit]

18:58 NaaaAAAna YOU KNOW I AM!
18:58 NaaaAAAna askdhfijashdlkfjasdf
18:58 InvaderKED I do know
18:58 Moog you know
18:58 InvaderKED I'm not sure how reliable my word is to everyone
18:58 Saya-chan indeed
18:58 Saya-chan but still
18:58 Saya-chan I believe she IS a girl
18:58 InvaderKED but nana is mine back off
18:58 NaaaAAAna TwT moog is all the proof you need, and.... and.... B( you know, ked
18:59 Moog undeniable proof
18:59 Moog you would believe that the baby are important
18:59 NaaaAAAna B(
18:59 Saya-chan ...

>> No.7427   [Delete]   [Edit]

16:28 Moog Praesul gets monkey ?
16:28 NaaaAAAna SOON.
16:28 serb rofl
16:28 serb Soon.
16:28 Moog soon
16:28 Praesul Moog quard up + gunlance is pretty good
16:28 Moog Praesul + ponies = love
16:29 mrsusan lol
16:29 Praesul I will fucking kill you
16:29 Praesul I swear
16:29 NaaaAAAna LOL
16:29 Moog i swear to god

*** Moog was kicked by Praesul (fuck you moog)
>> No.7443   [Delete]   [Edit]

NotJeffBeck hi guys

bumbaloe	JeffBeck
NotJeffBeck brbr just a sec
maidnaut hi
Moog hi
maidnaut no shut up moog
Moog shut up maidnaut

03:28 Praesul Well

maidnaut	sssshhhhhhh moog
Praesul Reason 1
Praesul It's just not appealing to me anymore
Praesul And 2, last time I got high I WAS SCARED FOR MY LIFE
Moog can choose it goddammit maidnaut pay attention this is important as well
maidnaut haha that used to happen to me all the time
maidnaut one of my friends was like
Moog bought new used underwear ! =d
Moog a cheap one
maidnaut son i am watching you
maidnaut and i was like cool story bro
maidnaut and he interrupted me and was like
maidnaut from under the couch
maidnaut and i shat bricks

03:29 maidnaut and then neveragain.jpg

maidnaut	moog i dont care about your underwear stop telling me about it god
Moog always care ! : d
bumbaloe praesul, what was so horrifying you felt your life was endangered?
maidnaut no shut up moog i hate you i hope you die just kidding moog you're alright
Praesul I felt like
Moog maidnaut there is hope

03:30 Praesul If I didn't try hard enough to think

Praesul	I'd stop thinking
Praesul And then I'd stop existing
Praesul :x
>> No.7446   [Delete]   [Edit]

<+Snow> moog sombrero
<Moog> the sombrero out of cobblestone
<+Snow> moog sombrero praesul
<Moog> the sombrero out of ponies
<+Snow> moog sombrero ked
<Moog> a sombrero
<+Snow> moog sombrero saya-chan
<Moog> Snow sombrero
<+Snow> no

>> No.7469   [Delete]   [Edit]

[22:02] <InvaderKED|afk> oh
[22:02] <InvaderKED|afk> boja you were asking me earlier if I watched death note
[22:02] <Clouds> yes
[22:02] <InvaderKED|afk> answer: I watched like 2/3 episodes
[22:02] <InvaderKED|afk> and
[22:02] <InvaderKED|afk> read half of the manga
[22:02] <Clouds> oh
[22:02] <Clouds> i wanted
[22:02] <InvaderKED|afk> and that's pretty much it
[22:02] <Clouds> to know what happened at the end.
[22:02] <InvaderKED|afk> light laughs
[22:02] <Moog> >something happened
[22:02] <Clouds> because i never cared about finishing it.
[22:02] <Clouds> HAHAHA
[22:03] <Clouds> MOIG
[22:03] <Clouds> MOOGAHAHAH

>> No.7476   [Delete]   [Edit]

Saya-chan: u in thailand?
Malacath: Saya, if you're using text talk to troll me, it isn't working.
Moog: text him again

>> No.7564   [Delete]   [Edit]

[05:50] <+Writer> I love Dexter
[05:50] <+Writer> Such a fun sociopath
[05:50] <Saya-chan> :P
[05:50] <+Writer> And schizophrenic too
[05:50] <Moog> ate too many
[05:51] <Saya-chan> what did you eat, moog
[05:51] <Moog> eat an orange
[05:51] <Saya-chan> too many oranges?
[05:51] <+Writer> Moog orange moe

>> No.7569   [Delete]   [Edit]

[10:53] <+Writer> I've found you
[10:53] <Moog> they found me out
[10:53] <+Writer> I did moog
[10:53] <Moog> the gimp did it lickety split
[10:53] <+Writer> what
[10:53] <Moog> a dick Writer, what did you get a nice big storm
[10:53] <+Writer> Whaaaaaaaaaat

>> No.7583   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1316396803757.png -(27 KiB, 571x345) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.7588   [Delete]   [Edit]

After a couple days of not connecting to any channels or responding to his name, I kinda (not really, it sorta just stopped not working) fixed the problem.

[10:50] <+Writer> !quit
[10:50] * Moog (~Moog@Rizon-C0E21DBB.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) Quit
[10:50] <+Writer> Moog has been sick
[10:50] * Moog (~Moog@Rizon-C0E21DBB.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #uboachan
[10:50] <+Writer> Inexplicable problems that make no sense
[10:50] <Moog> no sense
[10:50] <+Writer> How's the antibiotics, moog?
[10:50] <Moog> a girlfriend's impossible to stop !
[10:50] <+Writer> Pfffffttthahaha welcome back moog
[10:50] <Moog> you're welcome
[10:50] <+Writer> C:

>> No.7607   [Delete]   [Edit]

[16:31] <Moog> you gotta imagine harder
[16:31] <+Water> If you say so, moog
[16:31] <Moog> say
[16:31] <@Seisatsu> I could move the channel to my network <_>
[16:31] <@Seisatsu> That's overkill
[16:31] * maidnaut changes topic to 'Welcome to #uboachan - Uboachan Overhaul http://uboachan.net/staging/boards/ | <hirasawayui> Missy just informed me that he cannot come online at night anymore. | Goodbye everyone! Its been a lot of fun, and I'm sorry I have to leave... I'll miss you all! I hope to see you again someday! Farewell! ~Nekohaku | <Moog> you gotta imagine harder'
[16:31] <@Seisatsu> nope
[16:31] <@Seisatsu> no passwords were carried
[16:31] <@maidnaut> moog will you show us the ways to dreamland
[16:31] <Moog> s behind us
[16:31] <@Seisatsu> Water, are you writer?
[16:31] <Moog> they are
[16:31] <+Water> Yeah, I am
[16:32] * Water is now known as Writer
[16:32] * maidnaut sets mode: +o Writer
[16:32] <strn> dreamland is behind you
[16:32] <@maidnaut> i can't see it moog
[16:32] <Moog> see ya !
[16:32] <strn> like he said
[16:32] <strn> you gotta imagine harder
[16:32] <@Writer> :o Oh look, I'm op'd
[16:32] <@maidnaut> how hard do i have to imagine moog
[16:32] <Moog> i imagine
[16:32] <Moog> you gotta imagine harder
[16:32] <@maidnaut> x
[16:32] <@maidnaut> f
[16:32] <@maidnaut> d
[16:32] <strn> harder
[16:32] <@Writer> I missed my @symbol
[16:32] <@Writer> And fucking moog why are you the best
[16:32] <Moog> best
[16:33] <strn> @

>> No.7608   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1316736419303.jpg -(25 KiB, 412x352) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[20:05] <@Writer> Moog, what's your favorite band?
[20:05] <Moog> not your bitch
[20:05] <Moog> title needs to be a clear leader
[20:05] * @Writer ded
[20:05] * @Writer fucking ded
[20:05] <@maidnaut> ye
[20:05] <POPkun> oh god
[20:05] <POPkun> i can't

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