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I've realized (for a while now, actually) that life is pointless - to be lived merely for the pleasure and satisfaction of living itself. Perhaps, mix in "avoiding suffering."

So, now, I have a few questions.
-Why do people bother going to school/work/etc.?
-Why do people do the things they do?
-Why should I bother with staying alive?
-What should you and people in general bother with staying alive?

Is it merely because to die takes an extraordinary amount of pain and suffering before it naturally occurs (starvation, freezing, bleeding, etc.)? Or perhaps courage, to throw oneself over any sort of precipice or to pull the trigger of a gun whose barrel points at once head?

As background for my questions, I've been letting my grades slip down to 60s and 70s (from high 80s and 90s), playing video games (all day long) but not actually enjoying them (bad sign), and apparently, I've been told I need to be taken to the ER at a hospital.

Though, really, I just want to ask: why bother? Why live? Why do what you do? What purpose do you have? What is your reason d'etre? Well, not so much "what is the meaning of life," but rather, "why do you persist living?"

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Existential Crisises are fun, too.

>Why do people bother going to school?

For further education, a human is a being that demands as much knowledge as possible. This, however, is not selfish, since knowledge is infinite, and benfits everyone.


Currency. a world without currency wouldn't function for long.

>Why do people do the things they do?

Not very specific, please specify.

>Why should I bother staying alive?

Because suicide is the most selfish thing you could do.

>What should you and people in general bother with staying alive?

Wat. Please reword.

It's best to realize that suicide is the worst choice for anything short of martyrdom, which thankfully is rarely needed anymore.

But, of course, everyone has their own philosophy.

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school, society or anything else around us are part of our lives, but NOT life itself
life is pointless if you don't live it your way or reject it
explore and increase your experience, choose wisely and never let others do it for you
i don't know if i've explained myself, but that's what i think

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>Why do people bother going to school/work/etc.?

I find myself being forced to do things.

We have to work in order to live, and not be punished. Kids don't WANT to go to school. And adults don't WANT to work. If we don't we could be taken from our homes, or we could be fired and left with no money in the long run. So they do tell us, yes, we have a choice, but the consequences fucking suck. I would just stay home, eat sleep and be on the internet if I were to not do what was required of me. And I'd hate to be living as a parasite with my parents. Society forces us and we have so little choice but to accept.

>Why do people do the things they do?

Only them themselves will ever know that. And sometimes they don't even know.

>Why should I bother with staying alive?

You're a stranger to me. What can one stranger tell the other to do? Someone who you don't know should not offer advice. Because they often do not have a helpful answer.

>What should you and people in general bother with staying alive?

Surviving and populating the planet is an organism's job. We're organisms, living things, and we have to populate this planet. Because that is what it was made to do, let a species or a billion populate it's surface, atmosphere and what have you. Some of us have things to live for. Would a clock work without any gears meshing together?

You know, dear OP, people without any goals in life are generally less unhappy than people who strive for something. If you have nothing to do, you begin to question if you should be around anymore. Perhaps if you make a meaning of your life you'll forget these questions? Perhaps. Though it may take a long amount of time...

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I've already deconstructed the majority (all?) of my goals. I just find that nothing is really worth the effort I put into making something happen.

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Well it really depends. Are you REALLY excited to achieve your goal or is it just kind of something to do? Do you think happiness will last once you achieve your goal?

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I live for the little things.

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>Why blah, blah, blah...

Evolution: our ancestors persisted living and so shall we. Happiness is irrelevant.

I live simply because the universe is to fascinating to give up, the world is my sandbox.
That, and I live to smite death.

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If you don't like life, make it better.

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I like being alive. There's lots of awesome stuff to do and see. It's fun.

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Because dying isn't much of an alternative?

I've been banging my head against this same question/dilemma/whatever you wanna call it for at least a few years. I think everyone has a time in their life when existing seems meaningless. I think I figured it out for myself, though.

I live because what I am means something to me. Killing myself would only be admitting that life is meaningless after all. And I'm terribly afraid of that. I want to be able to make my own meaning for myself. I want to draw, and learn, and travel, and love people. And maybe I'll never get the chance to do any of that. But life has possibilities, and I'm willing to stay alive for them.

But this probably sounds like bunk to you. I think the point is to find your own meaning in life. If dying seems better, then have at it.

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Sooooooooooooooo is this like your suicide note or something?


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Ah, found this.
Its Maslow's hierarchy of needs, It dose a good job at explaining life.

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I used to be pretty enthusiastic about archiving all human knowledge for anyone in a sort of library, but that's impossible and dumb. And finding a way to lengthen life/cosciousness by giving the brain a mechanical and/or computerized shell, but I suck too much cock so I can't do that. Make a vidya gam? Nope, easily distractable lololol abandon project. Or finish mod/map, start play-testing with people, suddenly LOLOLOLOL HARD DRIVE FAIL!!!!! Or "oh I suck too much I'll just stop." lolololololol it's okay u tried ur best

u shuld apply urself
hey u look perkier 2day

It's okay, though, really. I just wish the world would burn. All the damn fucking psychiatrist people and shit tell me there's something better later. Fuck. Family? Fuck it. Money? No. Friends? I can barely fucking find them wherever I look. Either the people are dumb, don't have similar interests, or I just can't fucking relate because I'm too fucking retarded.

lol u bitch and whine n do nothing ur fault
lol cry i cut my wrists now
lol ur parents ever c this????

Nono, it's nothing. I just need sleep and vidya gams, get some animu. Hey, anyone know what's up with this "Yakui" thing? I tried googling, but I feel like I'm getting trolled.

Man, and just a little while ago I thought I was feeling better. I'll just be on my way then, officer. No problem.

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hhahaha fuck bro, no life, cry on forums

I'd give my soul for all to die and fade to black. I wish I could just strangle someone right now. Just gotta get my damn hands around someone's neck and squeeze until they stop moving.

Man, I'm raging so hard. I wish I weren't such a dumb fucking cunt pile of shit. Man, fuck, I didn't even get an e-mail back from my psychiatrist. isidjdheoqifywvnqmmxy iajzwwiwoorufbdks I don't care I don't care

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i am f4gg0t \o/

lisen to emo qnd cut mys3lF jajajaja

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You make me laugh.

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I can find my own reason for living.

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when did this become silent hill

Personally, I believe that life is a gift. When you look at things from a cosmic perspective it's easy to go "omg humans r so small we all r specks of dust lol".
Well, maybe that's true. In the grand scheme of things, that's probably right. There's a pretty good chance we really don't matter.
But it doesn't matter.
The human mind cannot comprehend things on a cosmic scale, no matter how much we try to simplify things or think that we can. It is simply too big for our brains to handle. And that's ok!
You should worry about what matters on our own scale, the human scale (this applies to not only yourself, but everyone around you). Because, like it or not, you do exist, so you might as well make the best of things.
Speaking of looking at things on a cosmic scale, let's do that some more. The conditions for a planet (or natural satellite, as it may be) to be hospitable for life is incredibly narrow (you've probably heard the comment that if the earth was any closer to the sun we would all melt, and any farther we would freeze. It's true). So that makes our world very special by itself. Though there may be countless life-supporting bodies in the universe, for each one that can support life, there are countless more that can't.
And not only does the Earth support life, it supports intelligent life. The chances for that are even slimmer. In before someone says "hurrdurr humans are scum omg all they do is destroy things everything would be better without us." That's bullshit. Though humans have the capacity to be cruel and destructive, they also have the capacity to be intelligent, kind, and creative.
You see, that's what makes us unique. Most living things on earth are unicellular to start. So we're already in the minority in that regard. And what does an animal think about? Not a whole lot. They eat and shit and breathe and make babies until they die. But what's even better is that we have emotions. I guarantee you, nothing in the world has the same range of emotions of a human. Though some of the more complex animals (especially mammals) have some rudimentary emotions (like affection), it is nothing compared to what even the dumbest human can do.
And what is the seat of all this cool shit? A small, mushy lump of wet gray tissue and electrical and chemical impulses. Your brain goes beyond the physical. All your hopes, dreams, regrets, memories, emotions, and desires are all up there. In that one single organ that takes up more than a quarter of your body's resources. Being a huge biology faggot, I personally think that is awesome.

As for suicide, I don't believe it is selfish. Some suicide is the self-sacrificing kind, and that is the ultimate in selfless action. Even for someone who's wildly depressed, I don't see it as selfish. In my eyes, suicide is an act of futility. When someone sees no other solution to live their lives, they give up and end it themselves. It's not selfish to want to get rid of your own suffering, it's just those people see no other way.
But here's the big flaw with suicide: it's a poor solution for your problems. Most people who commit suicide believe that it will bring them relief. But it doesn't. Why? Because relief is an emotion, and you can't feel emotions when you're dead. Instead, it brings nothingness. And nothingness is the ultimate in incomprehensibility. You cannot stop thinking or think of nothing. You may think of blackness or a featureless void, but both of those things are something. The human mind isn't designed to picture or imagine nothingness, which is why the only time you experience it is your own death.
Personally, I'd like to avoid that for as long as possible.

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So why don't you pick yourself up and make yourself awesome, you bag of horsecock?

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lolololol im posting on a near-dead chan bitching about how I'm unable to fit through my front door. sympathy plz xDDDDDDDDD

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I know how OP feels.

Then I see a kitten.

All is well when I see a kitten.

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I live for my waifu. Nuff said.

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What is your question but the same one so many people have asked for so long: why are we here? I have wondered this myself, although never in depression. I have come to the conclusion that there really isn't much of a good reason for us to be here. There also isn't any good reason for us NOT to be here either. As you said, life exists to be enjoyed. You also must keep in mind that every other person on this planet is also alive and wants to enjoy it, thus why killing, rape, and violence, no matter how fulfilling to the perpetrator, are rarely justifiable. As for work, so you'd like to spend all your time just sitting around playing games? How do you think those games got there? How are you going to compensate for the food you eat, the house you live in? This is why you work, and in return for your contributions, you get other people's contributions. Simple enough, right?
What do I specifically live for? I like to draw. I feel fulfilled when I can step back and look at something I've made. I feel a drive to create. And I like to see myself slowly get better. Maybe someday I can make something that will make someone else happy too. And I like to listen to music, and share it with other people. Also, for a while I felt like I just sat around all day, not doing very much, and living vicariously through the internet and videogames. Now I take fencing classes three times a week, and parkour every saturday. I can feel myself getting stronger and more skilled, and I feel like I'm accomplishing something. I'm doing something with my life. All I had to do was sign up for a class, and now I have things to do and people to talk with. Also, if life is to be enjoyed, I figure I should try and get my brain to make me as happy as possible, and I've been told a good way to do this is with the emotion called love, so experiencing that might be nice. Also drugs, but I'd like to see if I can avoid mind-altering substances. Just because I can.
I've noticed that it seems like the angriest and most cynical people are very self depreciating. I can't say which causes which, but stop saying you're worthless will ya? Oh, and- " All the damn fucking psychiatrist people and shit tell me there's something better later. Fuck." Damn right. Forget later, do things NOW.

TLDR; get a hobby, and quit attention whoring/insulting yourself you fag.

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P much just as keikaku.

There has yet to be an answer I haven't heard already (or expected).

Whatev's. I'm throwing in the towel, anyway. Delicious pharmaceuticals, here I come!

Last edited 11/03/31(Thu)22:57.

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I would say that killing yourself for no good reason would be a stupid way to go, but that's just me. You'd better be absolutely certain you want to do this, once the deed is done there's no turning back. If you're 100% sure you want to be a rotting corpse, good luck, I guess. Say hi to MJ and Billy Mays for us.

Last edited 11/04/01(Fri)06:58.

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You're going to cosplay Shitai?

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I can tell you there's plenty to do in life, and that if you aren't particularly attached to yours, that gives you a lot of power. Perhaps you should at least die for some sort of cause. But, if this is the way things have to be... I feel like there's something I'm forgetting to say, I mean here I am, talking to a guy who might be dead pretty soon. I guess really I should be asking if there's anything in particular YOU would like to say?

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Yeah, if you want to die, why not become a volunteer fireman or try to get into law enforcement or join the military, you selfish motherfucker? Save a few lives, do something for the people who DON'T want to die so they don't have to.

Or you could mope around like a pussy and whine about how much life sucks, your choice.

Last edited 11/04/02(Sat)12:40.

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I like you

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>go help other people
>everyone else must die

mix cents

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i am confuse

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