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Guys I just came and it felt amazing.

Discuss how awesome coming feels.

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What you may or may not do to entice the act of masturbation is a different story.

The act of masturbation alone, done alone, hurts nobody.

I'm saying "done alone" under the assumption that >>6910 was jerking off in a secluded place like most of us, rather than harming someone or running around in public with her fingers in her pussy.

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If you're "creating" gore, masturbating to it isn't what's harming anyone, assuming you mean real gore. Your logic is flawed.

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i just had the best orgasm i've had to date
my labia minora feel all wonky though. it's annoying. i can't sit right without feeling them all smushing up ugh.

holy hell are you me. that sounds exactly like what i used to do.

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I wish I could use my thirteen-year-old body again. Being aroused as a child felt so amazing, the feeling was so strong, my face got so warm and my stomach tickled so much, getting turned on felt better than masturbation itself.

I just want to be able to re-experience that "adolescent hornyness" feeling where all I had to do was glance at or just think about something sexy for an instant, overwhelming surge of pleasure. Even before I knew what cum was or even really noticed the throbbing in my pants I used to lie around and fantasize about my fetish fuel for hours upon hours just drowning my brain in euphoria, but over the five years following my thirteenth birthday it just gradually stopped happening that way. Yeah, I still masturbate, no problems, everything's working fine, it's just that I haven't been truly aroused in a long, long time. I miss the feeling of my stomach dropping on cue.

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masturbating has always been "meh" for me. I feel like doing it maybe once every three months... Once I decided to see how many I could get in a row. In about a half hour I had eight, but by then I was bored with it and just stopped. :/

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Why the hell is it saying I'm Sino? Editing doesn't help. Deleting and reposting doesn't help.

Fuck you, Sino. You've infected my computer.

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Everyone is Sino in /ot/. You'd know why if you knew who Sino was.

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Enlighten me, oh educated one. I wish to know.

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Well, one time there was this guy who used to post here named Sino, mostly posted in the dream threads, one day he decided to post a thread telling a story about how he stole his sisters underwear and masturbated into them. Later either him or a troll under the name Sino posted in this thread talking about having a flatulence fetish. All of ubuuchan got a kick out of it, and the mods decided to screw with him by making every anonymous post Sino.

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puts on top hat and monocle I have recently evacuated a substantial portion of the ejaculatory fluid produced and stored inside my genitalia from my body as a result of involuntary rhythmic contractions triggered as a result of a preceding act of stimulation of said genitalia.

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It feels like...

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This may seem random or silly but I loved your word choice.

Glad to see this thread has come to life again after that stupid argument.

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I just fucked my bedsheets. Yay.

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I dont get how people can masturbate using their bed sheets. Is there some technique you have to use? Is it possible to cum? There just isnt enough stimulation for me to get off on doing that.

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Yes, it is very possible to cum.

It's hard to explain, if I use a sheet, I pull the sheet against my dick, slide it downward, pull it back up, and repeat. It feels okay, but I prefer using my PJs.

Now what I can't figure out is how people can masturbate with tissues, they're too small and they get all sticky and crumple up too easily.

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I think that the reason that method works so well is because it emulates the foreskin.

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File: 1311372506083.jpg -(25 KiB, 848x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm just going to put this here.

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Is it possible to consciously cum using your thoughts only, with nothing at all coming into contact with your privates?

I tried once, it took me about 20 minutes but I got an erection, I even precame a little, but I just couldn't manage to orgasm.

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Some people probably can.

Its certainly possible to cum without touching yourself just from hypnosis though. Theres an mp3 going around the *chans. Search for 'jackpot no hands'

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Holy crap, that almost worked on me, my heart was beating so fast it was creepy. It probably would have worked on me if the focus was more vague, it has a lot of "sexual encounter" overtones, and I'm a paraphile, so the thought of sex doesn't quite do it for me. It would have been better if she just said, "Picture the most arousing thing you can think of," imo.

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I don't know about purely on thought, but if you practice, you can contract the muscles and essentially masturbate hands-free.

I've only actually hit orgasm once that way so far, and I hadn't masturbated in a while, so it didn't take much.

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well i do always need to "get prepared psychologically" before masturbation.

I remember that before i started touching my genitalia, i only needed my thoughts and i felt amazingly good after that. I didn't even need porn to come over what i was thinking.

I kinda miss those times in which coming was way much easier than nowadays for me. I remmember i was able to cum without touching my genitalia with my hands or rubbing them with something. After some period, contracting my muscles helped a lot. And now i shlick.

I don't do it everyday, though. The more you wait, the better you feel.

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Replace the word "shlick" with "fap" and you have the story of my life.

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Really, I could've saved half an hour and just rubbed one off.

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Cumming feels like 100 times better when you're highly aroused.

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I tried that once, it didn't work, but gave me the best boner ever. If it were 30 min long I could have probably done it.

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File: 1313473239676.jpg -(447.4 KiB, 571x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Same here. I'm gonna try it again sometime when I'm on my ADD meds since they make my heart beat faster and make me extremely horny.

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File: 1314040999213.jpg -(101.6 KiB, 850x601) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

when do you guys like to masturbate?
i love doing it in the morning, because i feel tired at night... but at night i feel more secure and comfortable.

today i woke up alone in my house, so i started shlicking and i came really hard. i highly recommend you to do it in the morning.
I feel really amazing today.

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Mornings, Night time.... usually whenever I can. I do it right before sleep and right before I go to work usually. It's the best feeling ever to cum before you sleep IMO.

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Unless it's a day where I get to sleep in, I just can't do it in the morning. I mostly do it in the evening. Sometimes I do it when I'm taking a break when I'm stressed out or something.

Also ladies, Y U No get exhausted after you cum? I'm a guy and I just want to flop down and do nothing but relax/fall asleep when I'm done.

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>>7416 :< femanon here... i DO get tired after coming, all i want to do after cuming is sleep.
Maybe it depends on the person, some people can't get tired of it.

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As another guy, I've never really noticed feeling particularly tired afterward, but since it seems to be such a universal thing, I do it when I have a hard time getting to sleep, seems to work. And most nights really, some mornings, although for me it just doesn't feel as good in the morning... And doing it mid-day just feels kinda awkward, y'know?
Oh also, I've noticed fapping tends to cut down on random, uncomfortable erections, so I make sure to do so before going on long trips.

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It definitely makes me tired, I can say that much-- but if I can hold off from sleeping afterward, the feeling goes away and I'm just fine.

Oh, and it's always better to not get in a rut, either. Sometimes denying yourself makes it that much better later.

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sleeping afterwords is the best tho. especially if it's morning and i get to sleep in afterwords.

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why do most of people feel awkward when talking about masturbation?
i don't understand it at all

anongirl here.

>> No.7484   [Delete]   [Edit]

I guess lots of reasons. If you're the one bringing it up, you don't typically know how the other person/group will take it since some people see it as a casual or open thing while others see it as private or taboo, then you have people who are under the delusion that masturbation is the epitome of evil and would take offense at the mere mention of the act.

One reason I don't really like to bring it up irl is because I don't want to get trapped with the question, "what kind of porn do you fap to?" because I don't fap to porn, I'm a paraphile. Discussing my turn-ons outside of the cloak of anonymity would be horribly embarassing to me.

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This entire thread.

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File: 1315152397626.jpg -(39.8 KiB, 315x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I have not been able to fap in like a week.... Oh my god guys.... I may end up hurting one of my room mates....

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Is your roomate a girl?

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Welp, i don't fap to porn either. I still don't understand why people see masturbation as something... "evil" can we say?
But, it's ok, i deal with it as long as i don't live alone.


): i know how you feel, bro. I have to wait to everyone's asleep and then i go the the bathroom. GAH, it's so damn cold! i preffer doing it in my bed.

I other news, i fucking miss my boyfriend and i think to me it's really difficult getting turned on when i'm sad and it makes shlicking difficult too... Stupid porn, it doesn't help.

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File: 1315494063385.jpg -(60.8 KiB, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm going to be honest here. I usually masturbate between once every day and once every two days. At night, always. I have to wait until everyone is asleep.

Well, sometimes, if I'm lucky and I end up alone at home I do it too then.

I find masturbation to be a very good stress relief. I feel really nice while doing it.

I've been trying some exercises lately that let me have multiple orgasms. It's... well... an interesting experience when done well <.<

Another thing I tried once (and I kinda wish to do it again someday) was to masturbate with a friend through video chat. The worst part came afterwards when I had to clean up the mess I made, though.

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asl lol

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>i mean /f/
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File: 1316401318327.gif -(56.9 KiB, 387x417) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>reading this thread with a masturbation performance kink
>> No.7585   [Delete]   [Edit]

Holy hell, this thread must be heaven for you.

>> No.7595   [Delete]   [Edit]

you know what's really great but still qualifies for masturbation

masturbation with your significant other in an online relationship

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Have done Behind Seven Proxies, Ambidextrous, Anger Management, Anti depressed, Backstabber, Behind enemy lines, Big belly big lovin, Boogie man, Bookworm, Bullseye, Careless, Complete Control, Company Ink, Corruption, Dirty Harry, Dodged it!, Doggy Style, Durracell, Early Bird, Endurance Fap, Family Shot, Farmer Jones, Feels Good Man, Friction Burn, Green Thumb, Hard at Work, Going Up, HOT FIRE!, Hot Nights, I Buy It for the Articles, Imagination mode, I Don't Give A Fuck, Iron Man (Every Day), Iron Will, Jack Off Daniels, Jaws, Just a Cold, Kamikaze Fap, Killstreak, Like Father Like Son, Manfap, Messmaker, Mount Vesuvius, Multi Shot, Music To My Ears, Ninja-Fap, No Fear, No Hands, Pes Shop, Quickshot, Rebound, Runners World, Safety, Self Sufficiency, Seppuku, Shifty, Sick Fuck, So Roney Stained, Stealth Shot, Surprise!!, Taste Like Chicken, The Good Student, This Is So Wrong, Tickle, Me Elmo, Trap Fap, Tressfaping, Two Birds, One Stone, Under Pressure, Voyeur, Wet Willy and Work With What you got.
I'm so fucked up

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