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Lady Gaga walked into the room, anxiously awaiting for Beyonce. Hours had passed until finally the door opened with a sudden thud. "OH BEYONCE, I'VE BEEN WAITING..." Lady Gaga quickly corrected herself as a large man wearing a triangle stepped into the room.

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The red pyramid man loomed over Gaga, radiating evil from every angle. " Who might you be..." Lady Gaga asked with a sign of fear in her voice. The pyramid man grunted and stepped in the room. Lady Gaga searched for something to defend herself with, picking up a nearby chair and hurling towards the man. The chair struck the metal helmet with little effect. Suddenly, the man stopped his advance...

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Lady Gaga nervously collapsed backwards on the bed, stunned that her attack had such little effect. The large man suddenly continued his advances until he was looming over her. Gaga was suddenly feeling overwhelmed by the man's presence. The large, threatening, pyramid where a normal face would be gave here a sense of insecurity. Suddenly, the man moved his large arm, covered with the blood of countless victims. Gaga, prepared herself for a painful death as she closed her eyes. To her amusement, the movement did not bring upon her doom...

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The rough hand began to gently caress Gaga's cheek. Gaga was shocked at the innocent intent. Gaga then realized that all the creature wanted was to be loved and love in return. Gaga pulled on the large arm, causing the man to fall onto her as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders for an embrace. Small tears began to fall from Gaga's eyes as she found herself so suddenly saddened by the creature's tragic story. " It's going to be okay, Mr. Pyramid." Gaga whispered as she continued to hug the man's shoulders. Suddenly, a noise was heard from the far end of the room. Lady Gaga gasped as she saw another figure enter from the door. There, blond man wearing a green jacket stood, his mouth agape in horror. "HOW COULD YOU, I THOUGHT OUR LOVE WAS REAL." The man sobbed as he looked upon The scene unfolding before him. The pyramid man slowly arose, his arms flailing about as if trying to explain. Gaga slowly retreated into the corner of the bed, watching as the two argued. Slowly, silence fell on the room like a cold winter's frost. Gaga, unsure of what to say, attempted to break the awkward atmosphere. "Hot, surging, pathos...!" She exclaimed with a smile.

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The two men looked at her before producing what seemed like motor cycles. "CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES." They both said as the started the motorcycles, allowing fumes to fill the room. The pyramid man outstretched and arm, beckoning her to get on. Lady Gaga got on the back of the motorcycle as the rode off into the now setting sun. Just as Gaga departed, a very confused Beyonce stood in the doorway.

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shitty thread

pretend I'm posting some random image and have a tripcode

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