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I am going to be a masked vigilante. Name me.

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in all caps. just like that.

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I was thinking Geist, The Who, or The Masked Rapist

Actually, maybe I'll name myself Exclamation Mark! because it will confuse my enemies, giving me time for an attack.

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I say Mysterion look like Mysterion to me. Everybody see Mysterion say hey!


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You are Question-Mobling!
You stalk the night scaring kids in bed with...
whatever the hell.. that red thing is right behind you.

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It's a pile of hearts from the chests of my enemies. I eat them every night to gain their courage.

No, just joking.

It's their brains.

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Screw courage
Gain wisdom

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Then everyone will attribute quotes, facts, and oughtright lies to you.

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Rodeo Legend Bob Crosby

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Bill Cosby.
Just do it.

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