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i've been playing fire emblem recently

i think i ruined it

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Hell yes Sacred Stones.

I liked this guy, because wyvern knights are badass. And he was like, "Bitch, heal this kitten."

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The only good thing about Sacred Stones is Joshua, Amelia, and Ross.

Especially Ross. So his mom died, what of it? He didn't get all depressed and go down the path of angst. No, he was determined to be the strongest man ever. He strives to shatter silver swords with an iron axe! And he did. Or at least he did in my game.

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I have a major futa boner for Joshua. He was my best character ever and I was sad when I accidentally made him die. 8(

Though now I feel like playing through sacred stones again now. The girls with the flying unicorns were always useless, but that Wyvern girl was so fucking epic when you got her.

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thread relevant to my interests woo

Cormag and Natasha's support convos were the best.
Joshua is the fucking bomb man. He and Natasha are my otp (and they also get the highest support bonus, out of all of their options) and I'd have those two, like, duo the entire Tower of Valni all the way up. Insane.

I really want to play Sacred Stones again but I let a friend borrow it, he picked hard mode then he got stuck. >8I

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