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Out of curiosity, has there been any verified contact with Kikiyama in the last 3-4 years?

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Also, stare at that image awhile and you will see it.

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Should I post this elsewhere? I'm trying to help get permission to use Madotsuki in another game.

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There needs to be a .gif of this.

Kikiyama can be contacted via his website http://www3.nns.ne.jp/pri/tk-mto/kikiyamaHP.html
I'm sure there's an email address somewhere.

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Kikiyama's email address is not listed anywhere on his website. You can email him at tk-mto@mx3.nns.ne.jp . Keep in mind he doesn't really speak english, but if you use a machine translator to talk to him it may be hard to understand. If you use a machine translator include the translated message and the English message in case someone can help him understand the English one if the translated message becomes to jumbled. If you know Japanese that's good, then.

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Ok, cool.

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Tell us if you got a reply out of him, would be good to know that he's alive.

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I think somebody working on the game already sent an email a fair while back, I was just trying to gather some info. And I'm a lurker on this site, so yeah; pretty obvious starting point.

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