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So a few months back, a couple of directories mysteriously showed up on the local home network that my significant other and I use for home filesharing between our PCs. These folders were under the name "Elixcer", and that I recall were basically all of the guy's personal documents (mostly consisting of WoW content, namely fan-hentai), and the permissions allow users to edit his files. At first I was confused as to who this could be and Googled the username, only to come up with several references to a guy who went by the screen name "flogan80". Easily locating his Myspace, I messaged him and asked what he was doing on our network, and he said that he had accidentally gotten connected to the wrong one somehow. So I just let it slide, and deleted all shortcuts to his PC from our network places folder.

Tonight, the mysterious shortcuts showed up again. Once more, just about everything was possible to manipulate, but the entire root of his Windows drive was also exposed, including many system and program files (he had blocked access to his My Documents folder containing his WoWporn, however). Note that I'm not completely evil, but I wanted to scare him away from getting onto our network. We need to put up a password or something, seriously...

First thing's first, made sure none of OUR files/directories were editable. Didn't want any sort of retaliation if he could figure out how to do so. I could have thought of something better, but I was rushing in case he looked at his PC while I was doing so and ruined it. In each folder I found editable, in went a large PNG of the original Uboa sprite named "I_KNOW_WHERE_YOU_LIVE" (ok I don't really, but I know he lives around here somewhere). Also, I threw in a text file named "I'M_WATCHING_YOU". This contained simply " >:| " (once again, I could have thought of something better given more time to think).

Oh, and I'd like to go ahead and clarify, I'm NOT using Vista. It sucks ass. This is a Vista skin on XP.

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After this (out of boredom), I looked for any references to "flogan80" on Google, and aside from various WoW communities, I came across his Twitter. Note that Twitter sickens me, so if I get banned from there, I honestly couldn't care less.

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At the time of posting this, I can still see the guy's folders on our network, and I don't know how long it'll be until he un-shares them. If he never does, maybe I should start deleting his files, one at a time... beginning with that oh-so-exploitable WoW save.

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I came, OP

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are you using a wireless router? If so, you can follow these steps to secure it.


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p. kool

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Slip some crap into his startup folder as well. See if someone can make an .exe for you that's basically Uboa.exe without the settings in the beginning. Just, as soon as you start it up, Uboa appears. Slip that into his startup folder.

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Unfortunately, he seems to have disconnected again after that night, so nothing more could be done. It's probably best I didn't delete the precious WoW save or else risk me being killed and/or my house being burned down in my sleep since he probably lives just a block down from here and may be able to figure me out easily.

Yes, some sort of security measures are in order. The last time I tried to put a password on the router though, the game systems kinda spazzed over it and didn't want to connect. I'm gonna nag a networking geek buddy of mine to help me out though.

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Holy shit...

It's me, flogan. You gave me the shit scare of my life. I found my way here because of Uboa or whatever he is called.

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That's awesome.

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pics or it didn't happen

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>beginning with that oh-so-exploitable WoW save.

This just in.
All WoW accounts/characters/saves are hosted on the blizzard Battle.Net servers.

Anyway this is an excellent counter-prank :D

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Dump WoW porn plz.

Also, are
supposed to be funny?

Last edited 09/11/30(Mon)17:53.

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That hurt, man.

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>using windows xp
>windows vista aero theme

Why would you do this instead of ANY other theme off windowsblinds. Do you WANT homosexuality?

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That's all I can think of. Srsly.
Oh, and Uboa tends to do that.

Only WoWfags know this. I just navigate to Windows drive > Program Files > Warcraft > OMG THUR IS A SAVE FOLDER.

BECAUSE I'M TOO COOL FOR THIRD PARTY THEME SOFTWARE. It's called UXtheme patcher. Anything's better than the basic XP themes, srsly :|

>>Do you WANT homosexuality?

Sometimes, but what female isn't bicurious?

Proof of XP to left btw, feel free to laugh at my specs... at the rate technology's moving, everyone's probably using 8 core processors by now. I stopped caring when I bought this PC.

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Moved thread to /ot/ for the following reason(s):

  • Thread is more focused on flogan80 and his Dwarf on Night Elf fetish than it is about /uboa/.

Last edited 09/12/07(Mon)12:38.

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