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Forget it.
Goodbye to all my Uboachan nonfriends forever.

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Good night sweet prince

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Can I have your stuff?

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Forget what?

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Aha uhm I didn't really know where to post this, but I thought I'd share to Uboachan to see if anyone else ever noticed this.

It was so long ago so I don't even remember what the rest of the episode was about, but there's a spongebob episode [okay, just saying that is going to make this sound ridiculous but still, stay with me here XD] where he's waiting for a bus in the middle of nowhere at night. At the time, I noticed the background was eerily similar to the vine desert in Yume Nikki. Like, overly similar. And the fact he was standing next to an also similar vending machine didn't help much to stop me from believing this was a total yume nikki reference.

Well actually, I'm 90% sure it was just a weird coincidence, because really there can't be any way they would sneak such an obscure reference in there, for a game that is so unknown. Apologize for the lack of pics of what I'm actually talking about but I seriously can't for the life of me remember what episode of Spongebob it was.

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insert something here about your viewing habits
also you're too self-conscious,relax

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Its the other way around if anything, Spongebob was around way before YN.
But with it being a Japanese game & all I doubt that it was a reference.

& I agree with the above post you should take it easier.

Last edited 09/07/20(Mon)10:22.

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Oh, I remember that episode! I think it was called Rock Bottom since that was the name of the town he got stranded in. He couldn't walk home because the road was like, a ninety degree angle, right?

That episode always pissed me off for some reason :[

Last edited 09/07/20(Mon)10:29.

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I don't think it was a reference either, but me and a friend thought it was an amusing coincidence,atleast [considering such different..genres]

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Is anyone here familiar with these comics?

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I love them.

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Thank you so much for that link.

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I ordered a shirt from there and it never came bawww. :[

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Oh man I love these. +1 awesome points for you, OP.

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I can't remember if it was here, but I think it was. There used to be a link to the old on/off board on Mikuchan, it doesn't seem to be on their board anymore but it was archived somewhere. Does anyone have the link? Thanks.

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A link to what?

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>a link to the old on/off board on Mikuchan

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