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Small internet indeed.

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Rozencrab caught me tripping on /v/ once too.

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So I guess there were three of us on /co/ that night? O_O...

I lol'd about how you randomly called me out even without a tripname. (I did post a picture I saved from your board but still...)

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Does Uboachan like other NEET/Hikikomori other than Madotsuki?
Posting in /ot/ instead of /a/ because art style just really shouldn't matter at all.
As long as they are shutins like us. :3

Last edited 09/11/22(Sun)13:12.

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ogm i no riet

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i know that i will be a NEET as soon as I drop out of highschool :d (thats like, 3 more years, right?) I WILL JOIN YOU SOON!

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File: 1259298298005.jpg -(132.5 KiB, 960x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

that's cool

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File: 1259628063945.jpg -(259.4 KiB, 675x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I was a NEET, now i'm a Librarian. It's more fufilling to have a title that you have to work for than a free title like NEET.

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i can't belive i forgot you guys while i was sick for a whole week.
so when was your last depressing conversation?
i had mine reacently, my friends in my class talked about taking drugs, alcohol, trying to kill ourselfs, and life. we laughed, but i still feel like i've been stabbed on the inside.

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I was discussing with my teachers about car accidents. Apparently there is a 88% chance I will get into a car accident, unless I move into a third world country.

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I'm curious, how many of you are stuck with running Macs/are unable to actually play Yume Nikki?

I want to know how many of you suffer the same fate of being a fan who is unable to actually play the game that your fandom is based around.

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The game is slowly killing itself...

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I have a PC just for things like that. It's a piece of crap, but it plays well enough.

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It doesn't do that for me...
Except for the FC world after you have all the effects thing of course.

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File: 1258937701372.png -(454.3 KiB, 1280x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


It does work on wine, at least for linux. But you need to use the "bloatless" version found on this site, as wine has issues with the japanese filenames some files have (The "bloatless" version has them as weird characters after uncompressing in linux).

If you think the screenshot is fake, just try for yourselves. It shouldn't be that hard :/

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so uh hai
desuchan's down
we'll be taking over this board

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Trapchan sucks. The imageboard4free site is simply temporary until /tr/ can get its own dedicated hosting.

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So, uhhhh....

How much do I have to worry about getting anally raped in federal jail?

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Depends, are you in Germany?

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US law theoretically permits loli, yes - but that hasn't prevented several judges in several states from coming up with bullshit reasons to convict people for the possession of drawn loli.

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Awesome tripcode thread.

If mine works on uboachan, then pic related.

There's also !F7GkOGAsAE, !kKOgasAFtg, and !tkOgASaDBC. I might have more tomorrow. Which one should I use? Also, inb4rozencrab

Last edited 09/05/11(Mon)19:15.

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I wish I could figure out how to make these:(

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I like this one.

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Anyone a cyberpunk fan? Not many people realise this these days, but intrusion security was conceptualised a few years before any firewall existed, in fiction. It was called ICE (Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics) which presents itself as a misnomer since it is software, not hardware. This is why firewall reigned the more intelligent term. But as a fan of futuristic fiction, I feel that the term ice holds senority.

So, here is my solution: Security programs can accuratly be called Intrusion Countermeasures EXE, or ICE (IC.E?) Firewalls could also be called Icewalls. Ice freezes and hinders. A firewall contains chaotic fire, which in that theme is a misnomer since malicious activity is very self-controlled.

Any ICE supporters?

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Basically, fire burns anything in a chaotic fashion. In the term "firewall", the "fire" is the unwanted and malicious access that the program keeps out. However, malicious activity is usually non-chaotic and very controlled. An ice wall is.. a big freakin' wall of ice that can stop and hinder whatever is trying to get past.

I bet you thought a firewall was metaphorically a wall of fire.

Last edited 09/07/30(Thu)23:45.

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File: 1249026150767.jpg -(148.9 KiB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Does this mean my firewalls are useless against hacker demons in the lairs of Hell?

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EDIT: Ahh.. Now I get it. Intentional double retardation. I'm not sure that real fire can save you from hacking. You can destroy hardware with it, though.

Last edited 09/07/31(Fri)09:42.

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god i remember playing that ancient game

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Not as twisted as Yume Nikki but coems close

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Nice site you got here RozenCrab

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So, how was Uboachan's halloween? Mine involved me supervising people older than me acting like 10-year olds. I'm 19. These people are in COLLEGE.

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A black kid grabbed my neck on the playground. I had to go to the hospital, he almost cut off oxygen to my brain long enough for death or brain damage.

Also, I got caught pirating Fallout 3.

Worst Halloween ever.

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>Caught for pirating Fallout 3

What, how? Also, what are the penalties?

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I got sued. Had to get a new ISP adress. I'm under house arrest. They tracked the torrent I got on Vuze.

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I went to a party and scared the shit out of my friends.

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