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I had previously made this thread on 4chan's /r9k/, but I thought I would remake it here.

MOSTLY CREEPY INDIE GAME SHARE THREAD! Please use this thread to post game links with included gameplay footage only. Save discussion for other threads as much as possible. A lot of these have already been posted somewhere on /og/, but it would be nice to have a bunch of game DL's in one thread. So LETS DO THIS THANG


>Side scroller

A fun side scroller with a "keep up with the light" mechanic.

(direct link to .zip)

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Both are pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.


>Story/art game

From the creator or LaLaLand, however less glitchy and more "game-ish".


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Banjo-Kazooie burned down my house, ten years ago, today, at 11:32 PM.

Happy birthday, debt and embarrassment.

Post how video games accidentally ruined YOUR life.

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This made me lol, sorry OP.

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Are you alive OP?

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Prod with the prod
Just in case though, we're police.

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This thread is augmented

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I thought you were a GEP gun

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Old men... are the future

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i can't get any material on it, in english that is...

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That is a lot of ɁA‚¢‚ë‚¢‚ë‚Æ‚¨‘.
Any screenshots?

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File: 1307117275548.png -(4811 B, 460x192) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

the maker stop the game/download distrbution since last may--

bad luck :/

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Here's a download of this game, for anyone interested.


The game's a little confusing since there's lots of objects and characters that bring up text when interacted with, though it still gets kinda interesting on the later days (you advance the days by sleeping in your bed).

Too bad there's no translation, so we could know what's going on.

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Has anyone ever heard of Ao Oni? It's to Clock Tower what Yume Nikki is to LSD.

It uses default RPG Maker tiles, has no music, and the plot isn't very clear. You and your friends are in a mansion haunted by the Ao Oni (read: Blue Demon) and need to find him.

At random moments of the game, you are chased by the Demon. Hiding won't save you. If he can see you hide, he will get you. If he doesn't, he'll wait for you to come out.

It's horribly creepy.
http://mygames888.web.f|c|2.com/aooni.html Download it here. If it asks you for a certain dll, you can just download the dll off google.

*remove the bars in fc2. The spam filter doesn't like it.

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No, they're not in English.

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File: 1315185105378.jpg -(109.6 KiB, 732x457) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

hey let me shed a little light on the situation since nobody seems to wanna help.

the 103.dll doesn't fuckin' exist in any RTP download i can find, so just change the ini file to read 102E instead.

problem fuckin' solved.

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This. This. This is freakier than .flow, which is saying something O.O

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So, has anyone found 2 or 4 by any chance yet? :\

I found a glitch in 1.0 Here, I'll upload it.

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It's a game where you go between screens by clicking on static-filled boxes. Most just have an odd image and a song, but some let you interact a bit with the mouse or spacebar.

Download link's above (the one you want to download is "tue_050a"), while the site link's below.


Last edited 11/09/22(Thu)17:08.

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Hamachi network for Uboachan.

Name: Uboachan
Pass: GrapeDrank

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That dog makes that stupid face at me every day when I come home

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After playing a lot of RPG Maker horror games, i gathered a lot of ideas and I started making one game myself. And I indeed finished it!

Please give it a try.

A horror/adventure game based slightly on AO ONI, Yume Nikki, Killer7, Shadow of the Colossus and others. With a focus on exploration, Project7 is a game of item collecting, observating, mindfucking and escaping.

All the info you'll need:

You are yourself
You are inside a strange inn
You have to figure out the story based on events(Shadow of the Colossus style)
Sometimes, a thing appears and chases you
If it touches you, Gameover
It appears in completely random times

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ok then, i will add something else to the insta game overs. but the false ending is supposed to be shitty and feel rushed and incomplete, so that people search out for the true one

your idea for room 7 is nice, but i already used it for when the thing finds you. i hope you will like what i will put instead of it

I knew about the phrase's language because I'm portuguese. Maybe you can make it a one-time event then? Just so it doesn't get repetitive

About the annoucement, i think its better to leave it at that way, to add a little more difficulty for some people to discover the clue. considering it leads to the true ending, it should not be a problem. also, it was made for people to focus on reading the text and not on the clue itself. it's there for difficulty

The way the events are shown, vague, subtle and all, is intented... so that many different interpretations are possible, most of the fun of these games is to assemble the story. and better than having each piece connect exactly with the other one it's supposed to, is to have pieces that can be embedded in multiple ways

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lalalala... another update, to version 2.7...

watch out for a special surprise in room 7!


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No need to thank me, really, it's not troubling at all

Room 7's event looks good and gives us one more thing to see in this game. It's all about the little extras, you see. Personally, I'd just suggest that, instead of fading out the image slowly, it could instantly switch to a black screen just before the Game Over screen appeared. Just so it illustrates the ruthless brutality of the encounter (which you were talking about in a previous post) a little better

I won't be pestering you about the vagueness of this game's events anymore then. I respect it if you purposely want to keep them vague

Now for the bugs:

  • the sprite's direction still isn't fixed in the game's last ladder, right before the cold flame room
  • the cold flame doesn't show any luminosity until you enter the menu or re-enter the room. Whether or not it's supposed to show any luminosity in the first place, I don't know
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ok, i will keeep on improving this game, little by little (although this time i will cluster together all the changes i can come up with to release a single version update)

anyways, it helps let the game stay on the top of the Recently Modified games page, hoho

Last edited 11/09/21(Wed)18:53.

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Lol PS3.

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Consolefags gonna fag.

By this I mean whoever starts a console vs pc/console vs console war is a fag.

Last edited 11/09/20(Tue)17:02.

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I love all of the consoles

Except DSi and DSiXL

The worst thing Nintendo spent money on sldfkwg They're so useless

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File: 1316615415120.png -(555.5 KiB, 834x1137) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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Let's make a recruit thread for Minitroopers

click link, pick name, pick your first soldier, confirm, post your own link here and reap the benefits!
Everyone post their link and click each other's for great justice.

Here's my link:

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