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There is a DISTINCT lack of Demonophobia thread here. Discuss!

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Never heard of it.
So, uh, story-less loli guro hentai, was it?

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NOt entirely.

It has a story, but the entire game is in japanese so nobody really knows what it is.

The story, some have patched together is, Sakuri had such a shitty life, she tried to contract demons to get revenge on people in her life that caused her misery, but in return, her soul was dragged to hell. She find this blue ghost thing named Reese that tells her that if she kills the 7 djinn (which mostly correspond to the 7 deadly sins) she'll be able to get home. But he really tricks her because the djinns are whats keeping him from conquring earth. But after you beat him, he tells you that you cant return to earth until another stupid girl tries the same thing, which could take 3 or 4 days, but 3 or 4 days will seem like 80 years in hell time.

The loli guro you got right, but it's not just straight up hentai. all the nudity is relevant to the game itself.

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anyone got all the death sequences?

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I don't really mind gore. I'm considering the possibility of playing it. How much nudity does it have?

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My friend, FallenAngelDX, and DDRMANIAC007 used to have videos of them on youtube, but some stupid nigger keeps flagging them because of the mild nudity. Jeez, that game doesnt even have enough content to give you wood, let alone fapfapfap material

you can try looking for them, but they probably got flagged

Also, the nudity is only at level 7, which is after you beat the lust boss (which the only bosses after it is Lucifer and Reese). She covers herself up when you're standing still, and she's so flat, theres nothing really to see. nothing is very detailed

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Come on, this shit is so fucking awesome you'll shit your pants and come buckets of buckets of rainbows! Where else can you play a story of a loli constantly being impaled/cut in half/quarter/beaten to death/dissolved in acid/raped by tentacles to death/etc. ? Don't think, just fucking go and download it right now!

As for nudity, the whole last level is a monument to lolicon. But you will most probably drop the game before the 4th level because this shit is hardcore as hell.

U mad? What would they play the game for? You told them the ending, and guro itself with no story actually sucks >_<

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umad? I love the game.

the gameplay, maybe? the thrill of survival horror? not trying to be killed by the loli-beater? and not being caught by the butcher? And it's not like there are any japfags here, so nobody will actually be able to read the story. it doesn't have an intro, just throws you right in to the shit like Yume Nikki does.

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