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Any good DS games, Ubuu-chan?
I'm looking for mindfucks on the go.

Best Ive found is Time Hollow, where a kid suffers multiple realities and time circles to get back to the reality where his parents still exist.
I would'nt spend money on it.

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Here's a helpful list for you: http://tinyurl.com/y8ufsnp

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The Dementium games are pretty decent (they're also likely as creepy and mind-blowing as it gets on the DS)
But if you're not into FPSs I would recomend SMT Strange Journey and Theresia.

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Im too wussy for Dementium, and the robot on SMT is offputting, but I'll look at Theresia.

Also, why are all commercial mindfuck games some sort of horror survival shooter business?

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No idea. Some games like LSD manage to be creepy, skullfuck your mind, and it isn't a shooter or anything even close (it's in first-person view, but thats it).
Someone should really port that to the DS via homebrew.

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If it were possible, itd be great to add a pedometer-like feature in that game. Walk around with a DS out, you walk around in game.. hm..

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Yeah, kinda like the pokewalker, only it would be actually useful.

Also, don't be fooled by SMT's robot cover; the game is actually about a big interdimensional void that's going to consume the world, and you are sent there to explore it and close it. The atmosphere is just FANTASTIC, while the story and overall gameplay also help sucking you in.

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