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download and play this game. state you reaction ad thoughts.
it reminda of yume nikki. play the game and you will find out why.
also it only taks like 1 minute to play, litterally

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My whole reaction to this was "WTF?"

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oops sorry masada

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Wait so he's a mouse


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yeah, it could also just be his name tho

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This game is a joke from Dr. Ashens.
Someone just made it after seeing the video. I'll admit when I first saw the video it was a bit creepy, but I got the joke.
You guys are silly for not noticing this.

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i know, its just fun to play and freak people out with it. the ashens video is how i discovered it.
you just have to ruin the fun dont you?

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I immediately think of Mitchell Henderson searching for his ipod. Go ahead and punch me in the face.

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