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I just found this game for the playstation called LSD, It is pretty much like yume nikki where you explore these dream worlds. You dont collect effects though, you just explore.


what does Uboachan think?

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I've known about it before I found out about Yume Nikki. Lots of mysteries unsolved in that game. But, yeah, I'm pretty sure most of us are aware of it, and I've seen it mentioned here before.
This is an image by a fan of a person called "MikeNnemonic" He did a let's play of this game and someone even did a crossover fanart image for him with a character from LSD and Uboa from Yume Nikki. If you look at his Youtube profile you can obviously tell he's a Yume Nikki fan. He also just started a Let's Play of Neftilia, and I've got an odd feeling he found it here. I think he's either lurking this site, or somebody needs to tell him about it. We need moar content.

EDIT: Heh, just watched that video, he didn't find it here. Somebody needs to tell him about us.

Last edited 09/05/04(Mon)18:47.

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Actually, someone recently put up an oekaki under his name and it looks like the sort of thing he'd do. I have no idea if it's actually him, though.

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Has this been found yet?
the bug that's used I mean.

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I'm torrenting LSD now, can anyone recommend a good emulator to use with it?

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This picture isn't really related, but it has good instructions on the bottom. From /v/ obviously.

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Download links for people who don't want to torrent. Put the five parts together with winrar. Also use a program like Jdownloader if you don't want to DL them all manually.

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He found it.

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I suggest pSX. http://psxemulator.gazaxian.com/

You need bios, which I could upload if you want.

Also theres another DDL where I got my iso from. Guy said not to spread but w/e.

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You didn't hear this from me... wait yeah you did.

Also a direct link to the download serves a pretty cool thing might I add.

I just linked the post then: http://forums.selectbutton.net/viewtopic.php?p=75028#75028

That's a DDL rar for LSD. One click, no split parts or passwords. Way to go. Oh, Mister Toups is a p. cool guy.

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Approximately 60 days in, faces and boobs start appearing on the walls.

It's fucking scary.

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Any screenshots?

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I deleted my thingy.

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I don't get what everyone sees in Parappa the Rappa. I thought it was a pretty shit game.

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Well, for one, it was the first rhythm game ever.
Two, at least in other people's opinion, it's fun.
I liked it, it's awful short though.

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>>88 i'd kinda like u to.

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