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After playing a lot of RPG Maker horror games, i gathered a lot of ideas and I started making one game myself. And I indeed finished it!

Please give it a try.

A horror/adventure game based slightly on AO ONI, Yume Nikki, Killer7, Shadow of the Colossus and others. With a focus on exploration, Project7 is a game of item collecting, observating, mindfucking and escaping.

All the info you'll need:

You are yourself
You are inside a strange inn
You have to figure out the story based on events(Shadow of the Colossus style)
Sometimes, a thing appears and chases you
If it touches you, Gameover
It appears in completely random times
It runs faster than you
You have two options to escape:
Enter a room, and hope it doesn't find you
Exit the floor, and escape safely
There is high interactivity with the map
There's tons of secrets and hidden messages
There's fourth wall breakers

here's the download link: http://uploading.com/files/64ebb88m/Project7%2B2.0%2B%2528WITH%2BRTP%2529.exe/

and the game page, in case you think this is just a virus: http://www.rpgrevolution.com/game/2095

I put a lot of efford into it, hope you like it.

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Well, I've been playing it for a few minutes right now, and it seems interesting. Going into some rooms and coming back out in a completely different area is pretty weird/freaky. I have noticed some typos, though. Seems promising so far.

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i'm sure it's a wonderful game but the cover art and other art just makes me laugh a lot.
it doesn't look to good, thus quite off putting.

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ok, i admit, my art sucks... but maybe if you get the context in which this images are put, you might reveal how unsettling they are. MAYBE...

also, i am not from an english speaking nation, so forget/ignore my spelling errors.

i am happy to see the some people liked it. just don't judge this game based on the false ending, it's terrible. watch out more to get the true ending and see how shit's meant to be done

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I'll give it a try and let you know, congratulations on your finished project!

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Finished? Nah, this doesn't feel finished.

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ok, but can i ask you if you felt killer7 was finished?

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Shit yes it did. There weren't typos less than 5 minutes into the game, as well as reocurring ones when you picked stuff up (adquired)

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ok, but that's because my grammar sucks. i found everything in the game to be correct

i am not from an english speaking nation, so please make an efford to ignore them

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first: of all thanks for your constructive thoughts about my game


third: i am sad you got dissapointed with my game

fourth: here's my responses to each of your complains:

1st, that's part of the story, it is a fact, assemble the story around it. this was supposed to happen.

2nd, pay attention to what is written in the diary. you will probably get it

3rd, same thing as 1st

4th, same as first

5th, a retarded bug, fixing it

6th, nice bug report, i will fix it ASAP

7th, good point, i will add it in the next version

just to let people know, i did not just throw a bunch of events in the game and commanded people to build a story with them. i was actually putting the events thinking around a backstory, then i noticed they could be interpreted in lots of different ways, so instead of a talking to himself prot. i decided to let people imagine the story by themselves. there IS a more or less coerent story in it, the events are not just random things.

i appreciate the compliment about my game having potencial, and i will make as much versions as people think this game needs. remember that most amateur games had a lot of versions and patches to correct their bugs. and my game will be no different: if there is something in it that needs to be fixed, it will be.

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ok, i finished the new version: 2.3, based on people's critics, the new download link is

Last edited 11/09/18(Sun)10:17.

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>based on people's critics

You really are a shitty gamemaker.

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ok then

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It's the raging critic again. First off, I deleted the previous post to avoid spoilers, but seriously, if you're that keen on avoiding spoilers, you probably shouldn't have a spoiler artwork folder with incredibly descriptive image titles. That being said, I'll keep this post as vague as possible to avoid spoiling

And I wasn't disappointed with your game, just with the way it ended. It's too sudden, and almost nothing happens at all. Just like what I said about room 7; my problem isn't that it happens, it's that it's instant, and we never really get what happens, you see?

I've played your new version, and I loved what you did with the dream sequence after you eat. It was a really good addition. The progressive decay of the Inn is a nice touch, too

With that in mind, I have a few bugs/typos to point out

First of all, a bug which appeared on this version. On my previous post I complained about the attic mirror event, and the thing's unexplained disappearance. You didn't say it wasn't meant to happen, so I'm still assuming he should disappear after we go there.Having said that, you can imagine my surprise when, after that event, and even after having eaten, he still appears. Worse, he still kills us (I thought it was a new feature like the new dream, and that something would happen if we touched him after we ate). Anyway, I THINK it is a bug, but just to be sure please clarify on whether or not he's still supposed to be around at this point

Next, my picture. If you're climbing this ladder, you can go down instead of up from the cell you enter the map on, and you'll be able to go left and right in those 3 cells. Not a big deal but worth fixing

And now a few random things I thought I'd mention in case they weren't intended:

-The key we get in room 28 is called Room 28 Key, even though it opens another room (25 I think)

-There's a message in Portuguese after we get water from room 28's pool. I don't know if it's an inside joke or something along those lines, but I thought I'd point it out in case it isn't supposed to be there anymore

  • A lot of rooms aren't labelled correctly, or, alternatively, a lot of rooms do not exist (Room 9 for instance)

Keep up the good work


>I am a retarded faggot and have nothing better to do than bash random people online

I went ahead and fixed that for you. No need to thank me

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i love raging critics, they make me fix my games raging-ly...

i could have made every event in the game show everything with a beautiful animation and all... but i though that obvious events would have been better be left to the player to imagine. for example, in the room 7 case: after what you red in the diary, it should be obvious there is something not nice inside that room. so, i though maybe if i just let player imagine that thing based on the diary's description, it would end up better. also, the instantability(???) of the event suggests how savage the encouter was... i hope you get what i mean.

the thing's appearance after the events was supposed to happen. remember that what you see in the guy's dream is just something inside his head... i am really sad that my retarded bugs prevent people to correctly assemble the story. hopefully, with raging critics, the game will be fully polished soon.

the ladder is indeed a bug (how the hell you manage to find all of these??). one more thing to add to the 2.5 version bug list... sigh...

>>yfw room 9 exists, and it follow the same pattern of room 28 and 27. just read the little plates on the side of the door. this was intented to happen

the message (how the hell you guessed that was portuguese?? next thing you will guess my name and country) was, indeed, an inside joke, i just couldn't remove it, it's stronger than me, if only you knew the backstory...

i am very grateful of your bug reporting and critics. i will keep up my -okay- work!

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also, version 2.5, with that bugs fixed, is already finished

link: http://www.mediafire.com/?e5c31fbruljhvda

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Right, sorry about room 9 then

I did ask about the thing's appearance after the attic on my first post, and you said it was supposed to happen, which is why I found it so strange when I saw him appear after that part

As for those instant game-overs... Man, I have to say I don't like them one bit. I mean, the one when the thing gets you is pretty justified, and we can imagine what happens next quite well. But room 7's and the false ending's instant game-overs... I really think you should add something to them

I mean, even the "thing-found-you-inside-a-room" event got a little cutscene. I'm sure you could add 1-3 seconds of black screen together with some suggestive sounds for room 7, and a little image or so for the false ending. It's alright to leave things to our imagination, but at least give us something to base those thoughts on

I knew about the phrase's language because I'm portuguese. Maybe you can make it a one-time event then? Just so it doesn't get repetitive

About that advertisement text in the room with a lot of stools, I remember reading only a percentage of people can actually read text like that. I can't exactly give you a source off the top of my head, since I read it in a british magazine article. I'm sure you'll find it if you take the time to search for it, though. Regardless, the point is it might not be ideal to have something like that as a clue

Now, this is just a personal opinion, but I feel the information we get from your game is a bit too vague, at least in its present state. While I don't consider myself to be stupid, I am having quite a hard time finding a linear story which I can explain what we see throughout the game consistently. And yes, the diary holds a reasonable amount of info, but hell, it's the only thing that gives any real info at all. The rest (for example, the mirror angel, the food, the thing still killing us after we eat) are all terribly vague. I'm talking YN vague here. Of course, I might just be overlooking something pretty basic, but I don't think I am, at least

You're very welcome. As I said, I liked your game, and bug reporting is a relatively easy way I can help you improve it. So another bug: the sprite direction isn't fixed in the last ladder right before the true ending

Last edited 11/09/20(Tue)00:08.

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ok then, i will add something else to the insta game overs. but the false ending is supposed to be shitty and feel rushed and incomplete, so that people search out for the true one

your idea for room 7 is nice, but i already used it for when the thing finds you. i hope you will like what i will put instead of it

I knew about the phrase's language because I'm portuguese. Maybe you can make it a one-time event then? Just so it doesn't get repetitive

About the annoucement, i think its better to leave it at that way, to add a little more difficulty for some people to discover the clue. considering it leads to the true ending, it should not be a problem. also, it was made for people to focus on reading the text and not on the clue itself. it's there for difficulty

The way the events are shown, vague, subtle and all, is intented... so that many different interpretations are possible, most of the fun of these games is to assemble the story. and better than having each piece connect exactly with the other one it's supposed to, is to have pieces that can be embedded in multiple ways

thanks once again for your thoughts on my game

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lalalala... another update, to version 2.7...

watch out for a special surprise in room 7!


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No need to thank me, really, it's not troubling at all

Room 7's event looks good and gives us one more thing to see in this game. It's all about the little extras, you see. Personally, I'd just suggest that, instead of fading out the image slowly, it could instantly switch to a black screen just before the Game Over screen appeared. Just so it illustrates the ruthless brutality of the encounter (which you were talking about in a previous post) a little better

I won't be pestering you about the vagueness of this game's events anymore then. I respect it if you purposely want to keep them vague

Now for the bugs:

  • the sprite's direction still isn't fixed in the game's last ladder, right before the cold flame room
  • the cold flame doesn't show any luminosity until you enter the menu or re-enter the room. Whether or not it's supposed to show any luminosity in the first place, I don't know

I'd also encourage you to continue adding small details or events to the game. It's quite small as it stands, but an event here and an event there could significantly extend its duration. Especially if those events aren't required to finish the game

For example, the 5th floor's Angel statue seems a bit lonely, rooms 29 and 30 could serve a better purpose than they currently serving, the attic area could have more rooms instead of rock dead-ends, etc. I'd help out on what to add, but I can't give you any real ideas since I don't know what the real story actually is. Anyway, you get the idea

Either way, keep up the good work

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ok, i will keeep on improving this game, little by little (although this time i will cluster together all the changes i can come up with to release a single version update)

anyways, it helps let the game stay on the top of the Recently Modified games page, hoho

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