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have you ever played it?

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no wuts dat

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Nope. Watching Mike's walkthrough though derp.

Some of this game is actually kind of hilarious. SURPRISE FLOATING ELEPHANT

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LSD; Dream Emulator is a game for the Playstation.

Those floating elephants that scream at you are
annoying as shiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Last edited 09/09/10(Thu)20:21.

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Yes. I love this game.
It's made nearly jump out of my chair once, when a girl hanging herself suddenly appeared under a streetlamp and started floating towards me. A+++++

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yeah but i stopped playing, it gave me nightmares. fedora shadow guy and his dog scared me the most
also the girl in the violence district who's head would fall off if you approached her from the front

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I wish people would notice there's already like 2 other threads for this game and there's also a general game discussion thread.

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oh that's too bad, huh?
well damn, looks like i just made another.

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