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i just got on my nerves... i can't finish this shit...
play this if you're bored


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black ops thread

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Fuck you whore I was using it in MW2.

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I've avoided CoD because what I've seen and gathered is that it's not really serious online, as I'm the kind of person who prefers SRS BZNS when it comes to war and shooters and shit.

But I just thought fuck it, I'm going to get it for the customisation.

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Great tier in normal modes, god tier in hardcore modes.

Spas 12 with suppressor
nova gas

Steady Aim

In hardcore you can switch out Steady Aim for another tier 2 perk, since less shells need to hit to kill. I prefer switching it out for Sleight of Hand.

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File: 1293077780432.jpg -(209.4 KiB, 1000x734) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Whoops forgot my Ibuki

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Does anyone remember this Series?
Apparently it was for the Sega Saturn & the DS.

The game-play seems spooky compared to the cut scenes;

There was also a short TV series about it..
But I cant find much about it!!
Anyone know anything about it?
Better yet, actually played the game?


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But in all seriousness, I've never heard of this before, but it doesn't really seem all that creepy, partly due to the art style.

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didn't i see this before? or atleast the movie or tv show i could never find it subbed though...
it looked interesting, didn't read much into it though.


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the guy who made the game for that show was made by the guy who made phoenix wright

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I'm wondering if we have a Haunting Ground/Demento thread yet.

It's a slightly lesser known horror game by Capcom for the Playstation 2, and by far it's my favorite of all time.

Basically, the game is about a young woman named Fiona waking up in a cage inside of a very large castle. While she wanders around trying to figure out just where she is and how to get out, she meets a white German Shepherd named Hewie that soon becomes her companion. As this goes on, the residents of the estate come after our protagonist and attack her for reasons unknown. The game focuses less on combat (the only attacking moves that Fiona has are a very weak kick and a weak charging motion, or choosing to have Hewie attack the 'stalkers') and more on hiding and running a safe distance away from your pursuers, while also focusing on solving puzzles and searching for items to aid Fiona in her attempt to exit the castle and uncover the truth behind her appearance there.

The game itself has absolutely beautiful graphics and the voice acting is rather stunning.

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>Basically, the game is about a young woman named Fiona waking up in a cage inside of a very large castle. While she wanders around trying to figure out just where she is and how to get out

Sounds almost exactly like Amnesia, but that may be because I was just playing it.

I've heard of this before, and it sounded interesting, but I don't have a PS2 or PS3, and PS2 emulation isn't perfected yet, from what I've heard.

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File: 1292209172615.jpg -(270.7 KiB, 2000x667) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

For most of the game I do believe she has actual amnesia about her past before waking up in the cage and escaping it (I'm doing my best not to give away spoilers), but I could be wrong. Some of it isn't completely clear/clarified.
I've never played or heard of Amnesia before so I can't really say how much they're alike.

I myself don't have a PS2 (or any form of gaming system except for my PC and DS, which is increasingly frustrating as I keep finding several games that I wish to try first-hand but lack the console for), but I've been watching Let's Plays and gameplay videos of it for quite awhile. My friend owns a copy of it and she herself has has validated that it is a great game. While it doesn't appear to be scary to me, it bothers her immensely. That's really the only issue I have with it - the way some find it terriying and to most others it's not quite as frightening as simply thrilling.

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Last edited by moderator 10/12/03(Fri)15:01.

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This made me wish that they'd made the same thing with Adeventure. I loved that game.

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Have you people played Knytt and/or Knytt Stories yet? It's about a little cat-like-thing trying to get back home. It's a vast 2D world, you have to find parts of a ship to take him back home. I'm guessing that if you like exploring in YN, you'll like this..



Saira is cool too, but I'd recommend playing Knytt first..

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I LOVE Knytt Stories.

Especially because I've never stumbled upon a bad story.

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Heard about Knytt last night, just finished playing it today. I LOVE it. Very Yume Nikki-ish, just without any creepiness. It's really quite beautiful in a lot of places, the music/ambiance is fantastic, and I love the quiet, mysterious NPCs.

Lovely game. :3

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I like Knytt. I actually got into Yume Nikki because it seemed rather Knytt-esque to me.

Yume Nikki is more creepy and Knytt is more quirky, but they both have that kind of isolated "alien" feel to them.

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I just found the best list of (mostly) freeware surreal games.


I'm going to try to play most of them.

Last edited 10/11/23(Tue)14:39.

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Brainpipe is awesome, I'm gonna try to see if I can find a full game torrent for it.

My favorites so far are Infinity and All of Our Friends Are Dead.

AOOFAD really does remind me of End of Evangelion.

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Brainpipe is just your average shit
The only thing good about AYIM is music, the rest is shit.
AOOFAD is good, invokes some tough stuff inside you.

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Just played the mindfuck that is Activate the Three Artefacts and then Leave. In 3D.

Mother of god.

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I could never find the blue artifact, and apparently it's not randomly generated.

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File: 1290531355088.png -(717.3 KiB, 756x1260) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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only just found it myself.
not so much a game but atleast something that you would enjoy.

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One word

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Dont touch the lights

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Is this a screamer? Anyways, I'm having the same problem as Kauko

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For some reason when the room(or what it thinks the room is) is pitch black, it won't play, but once you get a little light, then it'll consistantly stay dark.

and it's not a screamer, it's a Burtonesque animation. it's really well done.

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picture not related

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You can only see about 9 or 10 of your previous pets trophies.
After about 3 of them I just started numbering them. Which I suppose breaks the attachment that the game attempts to create.

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In the name of all that is holy, DO NOT TEACH A CHICKEN TO RIDE A BIKE

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File: 1290552205178.jpg -(29.9 KiB, 313x442) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Not related to the thread, but related to OP's pic.

LBA thread go?

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File: 1290564563029.png -(282 KiB, 642x503) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Clicks Bike

Wait a minute...

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Has anyone played 'Glum Buster'?

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Sad digger much?
Also, I did, stuck at the level with the electric wires

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