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That'SSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSuch a nice building, it would be a SSSSHHHHHHHHHame if anything happened to it.

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That's nice
Now delete the stupid thread, be a good girl.

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So, Uboachan.
It seems all mmorpgs are either pay-to-play, a WOW-copy, or has disgusting graphics (such as korean elephantitis chibis), so...

What MMO games has Uboachan decided to play?

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Yeaaaaah, Neo Steam's graphics were pooey but the game was fun, though more enjoyable if you had friends to play with. I really liked my Strider and her pet spider who I named A RAPE SPIDER. He was more of a meat shield than a rapist though. >_>

Last edited 11/03/10(Thu)05:18.

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OP's picture kinda startled me a bit, but anyways.. Lemmie whip out my list. I play 80% of these on a daily basis because I have no life. Though, i'm not picky with graphics, just usually gameplay!

  • Dragonica (2.5D Maplestory. No. Really.)
  • Cosmic Break (I've yet to log in since beta stopped)
  • Gunbound (I play classic, no pay to win)
  • Lost Saga (very rarely, a fun fighter)
  • Maplestory (Random private servers)
  • Phantasy Star Online (Shthack server)
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File: 1300225933025.jpg -(397.5 KiB, 677x912) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

MMOs I've played before:

Phantasy Star Online (One of my favorite games of all time, unfortunately don't play online anymore; don't care for what Schthack did for their server and can't connect to the GC one)
Dungeons and Dragons Online (Eh, boring)
Phantasy Star Universe (Sad the servers went down, another favorite of mine)
World of Warcraft (Played for a while, got back into it after quitting, more then likely quitting for good now)
Lineage 2 (Probably my favorite MMORPG, very grindy, but I love the world, music, etc)
Champions Online (Very interesting, free to play now, HEAVY customization Superhero MMO)
Dragonica (Got bored of it)
La Tale (Akin to Maple Story, a bit more interesting)
Maple Story (Got heavily bored of it)
Dungeon Fighter Online (Think Final Fight, Turtles in Time, Simpsons Arcade game, but in MMO form)
Vindictus (Grapple kills, other then that, was boring)
Gunbound (Classic, very fun)

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I've played so many it'd be useless to list them

At the moment, some people in IRC play Mabinogi, anyone is welcome to join us. None of us have any idea what we're doing except for one guy.

It's one of the better MMOs, and having an ubuu group to play with helps.

Vindictus is also super fun, it's definitely taking MMOs in the right direction I think.

I also play S4, and plan on getting Final fantasy XIV despite all the bad press.

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LSD Dream Emulator was some Japanese PS1 game nobody heard about. It's quite similar to Yume Nikki, which just makes this even weirder.


Last edited 10/06/14(Mon)18:52.

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File: 1300063454704.png -(203.3 KiB, 804x631) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What format are the games in? If you aren't running them straight from the CD you might need to create a virtual CD drive with DaemonTools and mount them.

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Yeah, i've been mounting games in .cue format using Daemontools since I first used it.

Worked fine before I nuked my comp, (The emulator files and games all being kept on the D:\ drive) so I was wondering if something related to the files got lost or messed up if they where on my C:\ drive.

I might just clear out the folder and download everything again.

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File: 1300125975603.jpg -(40.4 KiB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I was just saying that the Ace Asmik's member who took a diary of his dreams for ten years...maybe just wanted to do the game like he wanted to be...and not as the team did. Afterall the concept was already been published...and by now it was not so original to invest money on it... So he (or she) did it using his preferred tool...RPG m2003. Alright...it's just speculation...but the common things between Yume Nikki and LSD are just too much... Here's another bunch:
-the lamp posts in the dark of the LSD dock are just like the lamp posts in the dark zone of Yume Nikki (which are present also on the yume Nikki Dock)...
-the occupied bed (the one without head) of the last room in the LSD corridor as the occupied bed in Yume Nikki (the beds "inflated" with no one in)...
-the roof in LSD it's like the roof of the shopping center in Yume Nikki
-the same roof in Yume Nikki it's the only place were you can fly away with your broom emulating a witch...in LSD, sometimes, from the roof you can see a flying witch...
-the maya-aztec faces and figures that are practically "everywere" in both games...
-the colorful weird zone in LSD its like the colorful zone of Yume Nikki (the neon one)...
-in LSD there's a moment were you're on a giant grey cube...on a monochrome background...and other grey cubes are flying mid-air over you and over the borders ... well...as you'll know, in Yume Nikki there's exactly the same situation... And more...the cat references...the big head that eat you...the woman in red... A good idea could be do an images comparison to better explain all the similarities...

Last edited 11/03/14(Mon)11:09.

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I suppose it does make sense that, without an entire production team, he could've picked up RPG maker.
But then there's always the chance Kikiyama was/is a big fan of LSD.

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Anybody know any good freeware games that are out there?

Being playing this one. It's called GlowStone and its got secret agent business written all over it. http://www.mediafire.com/?fzogvx6xl9ddkp2

Last edited 11/03/06(Sun)14:15.

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Well if you don't mind shmups, I'd say it's worth checking out Kenta Cho's games. Tumiki Fighters especially.

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Ever wonder what The Ring would've been like if the video had been a game instead? This DS survival-horror game is just that. You must discover the deadly mystery behind the cursed game to save yourself from the same fate as your friends before your 7 days are up. In between the "real life" sections of the game you actually play the cursed game itself, which gets progressively glitchier as more people are killed by it; the graphics corrupt and the music gets horribly out of tone and screechy. It's a cool and creepy touch that I like a lot.

Sadly, Nanashi no Game was never released in the US (thanks for that, Square-Enix) but someone over on SomethingAwful was kind enough to do a subtitled LP of it so others of the non-Japanese persuasion could experience it.


(The LPer had some technical difficulties in the beginning (recording a DS emu while maintaining a decent fps rate is tough apparently) but they were ironed out after the first few videos. I also don't recommend watching it all in one sitting because the split-screen portions will make you go walleyed if you watch too long <_>)

Last edited 11/03/09(Wed)11:14.

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Watched all in one sitting.

But now its 4:30 am. Fuck.

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I warned you about watching it in one sitting!
I told you dog!

So do your eyes hurt now? Mine did >.<

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There are at least 3 people on Uboachan who play GMod. Share your creations.

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I wondered what 4chan's nightmares might be like.

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Digimon Saves The Wrold?


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Play that vid with transcribed audio, lulz ensue.

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Because we need a Pokemon thread.

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Haunter is the best Pokemon.

Thread should have ended at Haunter.

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hard game

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awesome game. sadly, you got to configure some Unicode stuff to play it that leaves some programs unusable, though.

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Oh wow.

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File: 1299284664064.png -(549.9 KiB, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Uuji does not approve of the one year long lack of posts in this thread

Download link http://www.vector.co.jp/soft/win95/game/se463417.html
English patch http://www.mediafire.com/?nlujzb91wjl0bu7
And then applocale if needed

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File: 1299526858742.png -(238.8 KiB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Recently, I have been referring to him as Uuji.

Uuji. Uuji.

Uuji. Uuji. Uuji. Uuji.


Is this fate?

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Is that Madotsuki in reverse?
No, this is the trailer for an upcoming open world horror zombie survival game set in some godforsaken holiday resort.
It will have a layered flesh and muscle damage simulation with a breakable bone structure, and overlays for scarring and rotting. If the trailer's anything to go by this production team seem to have some good skill on their side.

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I heard that game was cancelled.

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I have a minecraft server and would love to play with a few of my uboachan bros. If anyone is interested I will leave my MSN info and give you the server IP. I would just leave it here but this board is quite slow and it would be easier to coordinate a server elsewhere.

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We used to have a semi-official uboachan server, run by pipe.

But he's a whore. Fuck you pipe!

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My secret goal is actually to have enough people in the server (~12) or so to have some sort of team play pretend war kind of a thing with each team building towns in their own "nations" and whatnot.

And I like you uboachan folk.

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I've been wanting to try that for a long time.

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I've been wanting to do that too

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