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Last edited 11/05/11(Wed)14:10.

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reaching out for that hat huh

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Well then /og/, I'm working on certain game titled "Insanity.". It tells a story of one night, when our hero - Gregory - overdosed absinthe (kind of alcohol with halucinogenic effects). He was then trapped in delusional reality created by Green Spirit who took mastership over whole mansion from Gregory.

It's typical rpg with battles, customizations (equipment) etc. Difficulty may be a problem in the beginning, because you may wander around, pondering about how to restore health and magic points. To do so, just search for Save Point doors and sit on throne in the center of mentioned Save Point.

Anyway, game is being made, but it's already quite playable. If anybody would like to play it, here's the link:

Any opinions and perhaps sugestions are welcome.

Also, music is an ear rape, but you better get used to it.

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Is that the way Divinity Fatum went?

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Except one character, there is basically no connection

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i'm a sucker for monochromatic bitmaps. i may have to play this.

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This game looks pretty good this far! Only problem I have with it is that Greg's left and right walking is kinda bumpy. Try moving them back to the center a little bit, just centering it with the standing sprites makes the walking animation look much smoother.

Now to actually play through the game, I'll tell you more stuff when I'm further into it.

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Has anybody heard of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School?

It's a fairly unknown game made in South Korea, back in 2001.
First person, but no weapons or anything. You can talk to NPCs and use items and whatnot.
Basically, you're stuck in a school trying to rescue students while evading numerous antagonists.
But trust me; it's scary shit.

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I actually just found the cd key in the description of a youtube video. But now the game acts weird after I disable the alarm. It freezes, but I can bring out the menus.

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If you want to play without cd key, you can't load saves.

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God, today I finished this game, got "Ebony" ending. Dude, this game scared shit outta me. All the time you feel like you're being watched, and that crawling-on-the-ceiling grudge girl in act 3 was FUCKING CREEPY. Especially when she started to chase me.

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You have no idea how long I've been looking for a working copy of this game. And it's in English!... well, Engrish, but still.

Who translated this game? I must know!

I'm not a translator, or a hacker... but the way the English subtitles cut off on the sides leads me to believe that the subtitles and other menu items are... pictures? If they were formatted properly, maybe the words would fit.

Eh, just a random guess. I could be wrong.

Still, thanks Satch! I could kiss you!

Last edited 11/05/10(Tue)09:54.

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Ao Oni discussion, go.

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Miss the old thread, did you? points down the page

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Fucking hell, I need glasses.

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I'm a very big fan of the eroge Saya no uta, I fell in love with everything about that game and I really want to play/read something similar. I know that one is VERY one of a kind but maybe there is some visual novels out there who has some similarities to it, or just delicious gore. So do you guys happend to know any good titles?

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File: 1301480925107.jpg -(714.9 KiB, 1096x1400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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That isn't even updated.
You could try searching here op: http://vndb.org/
I don't know what are you looking for exactly, maybe you should try something by nitroplus too, perhaps Chaos;Head? I haven't read it but i think it has some gore or violence.

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jeeeeesus christ that is so hard to look at

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Oh hi /og/

I'm working on a kind of surreal/spacey game with a friend, Jones PI (working title), and I'm in charge of the soundtrack and the plot. I'm also co-directing it. It's a bit of an experiment for us, since it's an amalgamation of cyber-noir/platform/puzzler/mystery/stealth sidescrolling adventure/puzzle genres, and we haven't seen any games remotely like this so we don't have much to work off of. The basic plot/idea behind it is that there's a murder, and the main character has 24 hours to figure out who the killer is before he strikes again or does something worse like set off a bunch of bombs or something. We haven't quite decided, since we're still in early dev.

Not really YN related in the slightest, and we don't have much to show for it other than this screenshot and a couple of tracks from the OST, being
http://soundcloud.com/pradius/conductus-fluctuate-pradius and
but I was wondering if maybe /og/ would like to see more of this game, provided that I've caught your attention at least. That or thoughts and suggestions would help us out a lot.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 11/05/15(Sun)23:07.

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File: 1303948429652.png -(34.4 KiB, 720x432) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Extra screenshot for the WIP on the inventory script.

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File: 1303948516679.jpg -(37.4 KiB, 388x420) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It should have a jazzy soundtrack

the main character should be a badass detective who is slightly depressed but he's got a job to do and a murder to solve

ignore that last paragraph just have a jazzy soundtrack (linked music is cool though keep them)

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Yeah it'll definitely have some jazzy tracks, I'm just working out some of the sci-fi end of it right now.

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Finished it...It's so...

Can't describe in words.

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File: 1303815651007.png -(43.9 KiB, 400x325) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Stole it and played it through.

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Just a tip; co-op is working great with hamachi!

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you rage you lose



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File: 1303865898674.jpg -(104.7 KiB, 630x623) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Not mad, but just wondering why someone who evidently has no concept of what a video game is, is making a WALKTHROUGH.


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Sarah Kerrigan waited. The sky was yellow and there were ships in the sky. There were zergs on the planet. She didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. Her warnings to Arctrus Mensk were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
Sarah was a ghost for fourteen years. When she was young she watched the ghosts and she said to dad "I want to be a ghost daddy."
Dad said "No! You will BE KILL BY ZERGS"
There was a time when she believed him. Then as she got oldered she stopped. But now in the planet of Tarsonis she knew there were zergs.
"This is Mensk" the radio crackered. "You must fight the zergs!"
So Sarah gotted her shtogun and blew up a wall.
"SHE GOING TO KILL US" said the zergs
"I will charge at him" said the ultralisk and he charged with his tusks. Sarah shotted at him and tried to blew him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
"No! I must kill the zergs" he shouted
The radio said "No, Sarah. You are the zergs"
And then Sarah was a queen of blades.

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Queen-tan is moƩ~

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I'll go ahead and delete my post out of courtesy once it's answered, also out of shame.

But whatever Kuin-tan is crying over in the bottom frame got its shit so fucked up I can't even recognize it.

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2 months and some change late, but that would be her apron.

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Ghost Trick motherfuckers

Have you played it?

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Nope, but I am thinking about it. I'm not that good at puzzly games tho...

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It's pretty easy if you pay attention to things and read the hints.

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Any SC2 players on here?


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I chortled heartily

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