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Does anybody know about this game Neftelia that I often see as a YN-related game on youtube? It seems to be in the same nature of YN, and it looks really mindblowing but I can't find a download of it anywhere.

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I don't understand why everyone has so many problems with Neftelia. You get RPG Maker 2003, you set your computer to run non-unicode programmes in Japanese and you run the .exe file. Vista, with all its incompatibility, can run this fine.

Anyone know how the shit MikeNnemonic got the bed to disappear? Pic related
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No good. Even when I do that, the same error pops up.

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It'd be fantastic if some saint of a programmer could just make an English version.

Pretty pleaaaassseee

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Try downloading and running Neftelia from this location; this seems to work:


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