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Here's a game that I discovered linked among some Yume Nikki fan videos on the Youtubes. It's a horror/platformer/shooter(?), and very succinct and self-contained; you can beat it within a short amount of time. Pretty fun, very cryptic sounds and odd atmospheres, and interesting enemies.

Check it out, dudes:


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File: 1242592267865.jpg -(68.5 KiB, 1280x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Just finished it, seriously awesome game. Pretty short though, it took like 40 minutes to complete.

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I liked it, it was an interesting game

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Fuck, I'll have to check this shit out!

Thanks, OP. It looks like Load Runner crossed with Eversion and Metroid.

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Umm. The download link sends me to some sponsor sight, but it's not like ROM downloader site how I have to "vote", how the hell do I download this game?

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Hey, i've been searching indie games to play, i've already beaten Cave Story, Yume nikki, and FallOver(That halirious game). I can't seem to find any other games that might intrest me.

No turn-baised RPGs, please. Those make me go nutso.

(Pic unrelated, just some sonicfaggotry my boyfriend drew, mind it because I don't have alot of pictures in my computer right now.)

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Not exactly indie, but Zen Bondage and the Chzo Mythos are great.


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Eversion, there's also heaps of dream-like games to play on emulators.

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My friend showed me this game called Machinarium... there's a short demo online but from what I've seen it looks really awesome visually. You're a robot who wakes up in a junkyard in pieces and has find to find its way back to to a dirty, dystopic city. It's worth checking out.

Last edited 09/11/01(Sun)10:17.

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Finished the whole game in a day~
It's so addicting + the little guy was so adorable when he didn't want to do something.

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File: 1260382423610.jpg -(110.7 KiB, 650x494) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That was the best point-n'-click demo I have ever played.

Thanks Kino

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I have this, also finished it in a day. With a walkthrough! (too many puzzle minigames arrg)
Amazing artwork, music and character designs, the demo doesn't do it justice.

Oddly enough, a Chezh game.

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Has anyone played Chulip? It's a very bizarre game, you have to kiss strangers (most of which seem to be men who live underground due to social anxiety problems) in order to prove to the woman of your dreams that you have dating experience because she doesn't want a loser virgin boyfriend.

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And your girl is very impressed by this and your father is very proud.

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I love that game! XD
I never got to finish it though, 'cause I lost the disk. D:

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I've never played Chulip, but I've watched a let's play of the game, and it was incredibly weird and funny. Here's the first video of that let's play:

...And, geesh, I can't believe that I had just now noticed that the conductor's hat looks like a call bell. I'm usually a lot more observant than that.

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Oh man. xD I always saw this game in the store but I never bothered to look at it. Bought it recently, ridiculously fun for some reason.

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File: 1260963084469.jpg -(238.5 KiB, 900x643) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Bayonetta Hentai

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Goddamn shes such a poorly designed character.

Also not an anime.

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Urgh, well anyway this belongs on /og/ methinks.

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Moved to /og/, not an anime.
Also, tiny head.

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the hell are they sitting on.

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Oh hai, I'm just being here, ruining your day.

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File: 1259618179218.jpg -(67.5 KiB, 177x219) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Seeing that just made me want to vomit.

I'm not joking eaither. :<

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I feel ashamed to be human.

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Let's play some really faggy shitty online games together.

Brawl code: 3136-6239-5762

I also have Modern Warfaggoty for the Wii and the usual Mario Kart Wii and such.

Now hurry up and brawl with me so I can kick your ass.

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I'm still waiting for Yume Nikki online.

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Ever heard of this little gem?


Its like mind control, literally.

The legend behind this one is worth a read as well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polybius_%28game%29

I hear that there are working arcade machine being displayed somewhere in Mexico....

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Definitely sounds like him. What ever happened to Sharkey, anyway?

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I don't know. It's like he up and vanished around 2005 or so.

God, even that year was a while ago.

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I lol'd

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Sharkey is on the 1up staff now

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I'm making a visual novel. It is very kawaii and sugoi and is partially inspired by Yume Nikki and Saya no Uta. Currently only Mumi-chan and Kiwi-chan's paths are completed and playable, and there is no music, voice acting, or sound effects, but it's still omega kawaii. I've been very depressed lately and have a lot of other things I need to be working on right now, so the full game won't come out for a while, if at all.


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File: 1253735009817.jpg -(7354 B, 152x208) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Please continue making this game, I need more kawaii nightmare fuel.

I had alot of fun playing this, just imagining it with voice and sound effects is hilarious. Make Kiwi-chan have a Dr. Girlfriend esque voice.

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Loved every minute of it. Moar, please.

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Gupi-chan said she's definitely not finishing it. I had permission to continue but she refuseded to give me source files :|

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Thats depressing.

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So I'm playing LSD for the Playstation right... and the game is getting really intense, like new shit around every turn. I see this really odd green head thing, I'm all like NO GO AWAY wait what are you?

It spits japanese text out of its mouth, then flies away. I turn around and start running, and who pops up?


First brick shitting moment in the game, and it isn't even part of the damn game.

Also here's a bull pulling around a rick-shaw in edo-japan!

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stfu hoe you are young

...oh wait, that was a pun, wasn't it


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Shut up gay walrus-chan I linked you first

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