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I thought something terrible was going to happen if I lost all my sanity but eh... the random flashing images didn't help.

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Fuck yeah, that was awesome.

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>My face
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The yume nikki and spin offs got me checkin behind myself twice to. (p.s if you didnt get that i meant i was a bit scared of yume nikki and spinoffs

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Oh ive never cried to a game the entire silent hill series completle tramatized me though and mother 3 made me go aw...

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Just thought you all would like this game if you haven't heard of it already. It's a surreal little puzzle/horror game where you try to find the cure for cancer. You can get it here: http://www.cactus-soft.co.nr/

Also, Mondo Agency is a sequel of sorts.

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Oh hell yes! The Mondo series is awesome!

In fact, everything by cactus is awesome. Check it out.

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... Is the cactus software site dead?

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>but i seriously can't find a good download for this

Neither me.
But I'm not that interested in this game, I posted it only for your awareness.

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Looks pretty cool, sort of like Trauma.


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Haven't tested links, but I think this should be sufficient for you guys.

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i downloaded, installed, but it just won't open :C

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Anyone seen these yet? Very cool semi-realistic Pokemon. The ghosts are actually nightmare fuel now, not to mention the Jigglypuff line and a few others...

Goddamn I love this Lugia though.

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I'm getting me some HeartGold, As soon as it comes out,
we battle, we trade. We be cool with some Pokemon.

Last edited 10/02/12(Fri)21:00.

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I'm getting Soul Silver too. Totally trading friend codes with you guys.

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ouch, my childhood.

Oh, well, a least my favorites got out looking mostly unscathed. Suicune looks even cooler then before. =0

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Holy moly, these are insane.

If I could afford it, I'd buy you an internet, Elise. :')

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So how about that Minecraft game?

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it's more like an #uboachan server so we're a little biased

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Because Yume Nikki is such a shitty game and no one wants that.

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File: 1269557026692.png -(320.5 KiB, 1440x824) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Build your own Uboa

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Nice mods

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anyone a fan of the white chamber?
a freeware point and click horror pretty good, nice twist. could of been better if they did more in the story, put more effort into the voices and did different expressions for the modles, but it's still pretty good. i like the fact that you can die in it a good few times.

why yes im subcribed to OTG on youtube...

recently i've been watching a playthough of darkseed, it might just be the playthough-er but is it me or is Darkseed incredibly boring? it seems to me right now that it's very self driven... :/
oh i'll leave on this note, have you ever played or heard of 'i have no mouth but i must scream'? or something of the same title? im interested in it~

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>'i have no mouth and i must scream'

I.. read the story. Does that count?
Havent played much point and click horror besides clocktower and alone in the dark (the really old ones).. havent been keeping up with point and click much since the 90's, thought it pretty much died out. apparently not. brb checking out all these games.

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>>377 oh dude, which clocktower did you play?
i only really liked the first one...

ja, i have no mouth and i must scream is very sureal but lovely all the same, i haven't gotten far into the game since at times it's just damin hard...

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White Chamber? Are you talking about fasco-cs? That guy's games?

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Uboachan's official Poke-thread.
Post your Friend codes for battle & trade fun-times!!

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Just got SS when I feel up to it maybe we could do some trading or matches. Probably more open on IRC, though.

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I preordered Soul Silver, but it hasn't come yet.
My Pokemon Diamond FC is 3738 1461 9335 though. I can traedz and battulz wif dat, yo.

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HG/SS fucking rules.

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